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Neighbours Episode 3715 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3715
Australian airdate: 02/03/01
UK airdate: 29/03/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Colin Rogers: John Tarle
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Harold asking Michelle if she's heard anyone shooting at cans.
Tad talking to Paul about getting a date with Jess.
The Coffee Shop
Flick comes into the shop and is accosted by the school geek. Tad calls her over and tells her he's got a date with Jess and reminds her of the bet. Flick asks Harold if he's found out who killed the bird but he hasn't and Michelle says perhaps it was an accident.
No. 28
Susan is talking to Madge about the boys' schoolwork whilst picking up Lolly. Madge mentions that Tad seems keen on Jess and asks Susan on what she is like.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle confesses to Harold that she shot he bird, and it was an accident, and she feels guilty. He wants to know where the gun came from and did she know it was loaded. Michelle tells him the gun was in the garage and she didn't know it was loaded.
No. 30
Flick comes over wanting help from Joel with her homework. He wonders why she is there but she does need help with her biology homework.
Lou's Place
Steph is run off her feet when Harold comes in to tell Joe and Lyn about Michelle shooting the bird. They wonder why Jack didn't hand in the gun before he left for the UK. Joe is trying to sweep it under the carpet but Harold says a life has been taken needlessly and Lolly could have been hit. Lyn and Joe finish their meal to go home to see Michelle.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn come home and tell Michelle that they know about the shooting. They want to know why she didn't tell them earlier, she says she tried to but they didn't listen.
Flick, Paul and Tad are heading to TCS and they seen Jess and Flick wants confirmation from her that she is going on a date with Tad. Jess tells Tad her sister had a baby during the night so had a disrupted nights sleep. When he asks if it was a boy or a girl she tells him to keep out of her private life.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn has dragged Steph over to TCS for a break and some food, for which Steph is grateful. Lyn asks her how she is feeling about Woody now. She says she isn't sure how she feels about him so not getting to see him is a blessing.
The School
Susan is asking the class how they are getting on with their assessment for 'Cat on a hot tin roof'. Tad and Jess say they are going to do a video presentation and Susan reminds them they haven't got long to finish it and it is important they do it well. Jess tells Susan that Tennessee Williams sucks and Susan tells her so does her attitude. When Susan walks away from her she quietly says, "You suck." Susan wants a word with her after class and Tad too.
Outside Lou's Place
Joel comes over to lend Steph a hand and says Toadie should be helping. He asks how she is and Steph says there is tension at home with Joe and Lyn and Flick is happy because she is still seeing him. Joel confirms it but says it was for studying. Steph asks what they possibly could have in common.
The School
The rest of the class have left and Susan asks Tad to got outside so she can speak to Jess first. Susan asks if there is anything bothering her - problems at home, the work, settling in - and she is there to help. Jess says she doesn't need her help. Susan reminds her if she doesn't get help she will fall further behind and have problems catching up. Jess isn't listening so she leaves and Susan asks her to send Tad in. She thanks him for helping Jess but he should stop being led by Jess. Tad says he's trying to help Jess but Susan tells him he's selling himself short for doing so.
Jess has waited for Tad outside in the corridor and when he comes out asks how it went. He says fine and tells her Susan is one of the good guys but Jess says he is an idiot.
No. 26
Lyn is searching for an earring as her Beauty Tree boss is taking Joe and her out for supper to Lanzini's. They bid farewell and Flick asks Steph if she is working but she isn't but is going there socially. Steph notices Flick with recipe books and tells her to have beans on toast instead as she will be the only one home. Tad calls round as Steph leaves. Flick tells him Joel is coming round for a meal so she can fulfil her part of the bet. Tad wants proof that it has been fulfilled. When he leaves she phones Joel and invites him over and that Lyn and Joe are out but doesn't mention that it is for a meal.
No. 28
Tad has called round to see Susan and wonders what why he has called round. Tad is trying to explain that he thinks Jess has problems at home, with her sister, and can she let up on her a bit. Susan thanks him for the info but she can't stand by when Jess is insubordinate. Karl and Paul come in after footy training and Karl is showing Paul an article on nutrition.
No. 26
Joel wonders what is going on when he sees a table set up in the livingroom. She tells him she wanted to invite him over for a meal but he is reluctant to stay in case Joe and Lyn come home early. He eventually agrees to stay for one hour. She leaves him on the pretence of doing some last minute things but quickly comes back into the living room with a camera saying she wants a photo of them both since she doesn't have one already. Joel says if Joe sees the photos he'll kill him, but she says she won't let Joe find them. Joel tells her he has a sinking feeling and it doesn't feel good.
Joe and Lyn are driving back because he forgot his wallet. They approach home and park the car.
No. 26
Inside Flick and Joel are setting the camera up ready to take the photo.
Outside No. 26
Joe and Lyn start heading up the outside stairs towards the house.
Inside No. 26
Just as the camera takes the photo of Flick and Joel, they hear a noise outside.
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