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Neighbours Episode 3714 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3714
Australian airdate: 01/03/01
UK airdate: 28/03/01
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Allana Tuman: Josephine Clark
Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Glen Goldman: Gerard Cogley
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lance qualifying for 'Brainbusters.'
Paul telling Tad to forget the bet as Jess is nothing but trouble.
The Coffee Shop
Jess and Tad are discussing how to do their presentation of the play. Jess says he's very keen on school, which Tad brushes away. Susan comes in and wonders what Tad and Jess are up to. He tells her they're working on her English assignment and Jess has another shot at criticising the play again to Susan. Jess tells Susan to leave them alone as they aren't in school any more and Susan remind her that whether she is in school or not she expects to be treated with good manners. Jess tells her she doesn't expect to be harassed outside school hours. Susan leaves offering Tad help if he needs it and Jess follows her out too saying her night has been spoilt.
No. 30
Lance and Allana are discussing questions that may be asked in the quiz. They do a mock session to get Lance prepared. Lance tells her she would be better than him on the radio but she says he will be brilliant.
Ramsay Street
Steph comes over and asks Karl and Susan if they've heard from Libby & Drew, but they haven't. Karl asks how Steph and Toadie are coping with Lou being off. Lance and Allana come out and say they are going to be on 'Brainbusters' and Karl, Susan and Steph saying they will tune in.
The School
Someone has written "those who can, can; those that can't, teach" in the corridor. Paul wonders if the teachers have noticed it when Susan comes out and spots it. She isn't very happy. Inside the classroom Tad asks Jess if she did it but she isn't saying. Susan enters the classroom and lectures the class before setting them work.
Radio Station
A very nervous Lance is waiting to get on the radio. Allana gives him a "secret weapon" - a set of antenna's to wear on his head! The host (Glen) starts calling 'Vance' instead of Lance.
Lou's Place
Steph is ringing round trying to get staff to help her out at the pub, as she is short staffed. Lou phones to see how it is going but Steph and Toadie have it under control. Susan and Karl come in and Susan tells him about the graffiti at the school. 'Brainbusters' comes on the radio and they become excited.
Radio Station
Glen (the host) is chit chatting with Lance before asking him his questions. Lance gets his first three questions correct.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is asking Tad if he thinks Jess wrote the graffiti, since the whole school thinks she did. Tad isn't sure, and suggests she gets a break and that people should give her a chance. Paul also reminds him he has a week left to get a date with Jess to win the bet with Flick. Jess comes in and Tad invites her to sit with them.
Radio Station
Lance is wishing Lou a cheeky speedy recovery.
Dee and Lou listen to Lance on the radio.
Radio Station
Lance gets his fourth question right. Whilst the final question is read out the scene cuts between TCS, the hospital and Allana listening outside. He correctly answers the final questions to win $500 and decides to come back to try and double his money. Lance comes out of the studio and Allana congratulates him saying they will have enough money to go on holiday with in no time.
The School
Tad is trying to pluck up the courage to ask Jess out when Susan interrupts wanting to see Jess tomorrow. Thinking it is about the graffiti Jess tells it wasn't her, but Susan says it was to arrange extra tuition and she'll speak to her tomorrow. When Susan leaves Tad just asks her to study instead.
Paul has brought Lolly into see Lou and they have both miss each other. Dee is telling him to take it easy but when he tries to stand up he is still in pain and Dee agrees to accompany Lou to the canteen to buy ice cream.
Lou's Place
Lance and Allana are celebrating their win in the pub and Steph teases him that some of the answers must have been a fluke. Lance reminds Allana that the questions will be harder next week. Whilst they are chatting, Steph receives a phonecall from Moco asking if she wants old job back with a slight promotion, however they want her back yesterday but she doesn't want to leave Lou in the lurch.
Dee is helping Lou get back into bed and he is in considerable pain. Dee leaves him some painkillers if he needs him.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Jess are discussing their assignment but can't agree on a version. Jess wonders why he is spending time with her when no one else will. He plucks up the courage and asks her on a date and she accepts. Paul comes in and when Jess leaves Tad tells him about his forthcoming date with Jess.
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