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Neighbours Episode 3713 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3713
Australian airdate: 28/02/01
UK airdate: 27/03/01
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou takes pain medication for his back - he's clearly in agony.
Geri turns up on Libby and Drew's honeymoon - the paper sent her to cover the story.
Drew tells Geri that she can't barge into their honeymoon. She says she's got plenty of other stuff her - she's doing some stories with the local council too. She says they can forget the whole honeymoon thing if they really want to. Drew says it's for the best that they forget it, but Libby relents and asks how much she needs. She says she only needs a few hours with them tomorrow.
Tess and Dee's
Tess asks Dee what she thinks about dating agencies. She tells Dee that Madge thinks they're a good idea since working women find it hard to meet decent guys. Dee says why not - they might not be such a bad idea. But she wouldn't be caught using one! Tess says she's got another option - "Dinner Companions", where you go out in a group of people. Dee agrees to go along with Tess to it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is still lamenting the shooting of the rare bird. Madge says it could have been an accident. Karl and Susan come in. Madge asks where Libby and Drew are going to live. Susan hopes they won't live with them permanently, much as she loves him. Harold tries to get Susan to sign the petition against the agony aunt, but Susan says she quite enjoys her column. He then turns to Karl but he says he's not allowed to form an opinion(!) Madge tells Harold to stop harassing the customers. Karl decides to sign the petition after all, much to Madge's displeasure.
Tess and Dee's
Dee is on the phone to the Dinner Companions people. Tess has got cold feet. Dee is surprised to hear it's quite expensive, but it turns out they'll be going to a very fancy restaurant. They agree to meet up at lunchtime to write their bios.
Karl has come to see Lou. His progress is going well apparently. Lou says that Lolly needs him at home, but Karl tells him to take things slow.
Drew asks Libby if she wants to go snorkelling or parachuting. Geri interrupts them by taking a picture. They all sit down to breakfast. Geri asks them what they're all doing today and invites herself to the beach with them!
Dee is tending to Lou. He asks Dee when she thinks he'll be able to walk without a frame. She doesn't think it will be too long at his rate of progress.
Madge comes to visit. She tells Lou about her, Tad, Paul and Lolly making pancakes. Lolly is having a fun time at Madge's apparently.
The Beach
Drew and Libby are relaxing on the beach. They are chatting amiably but then notice that Geri is taping them. Libby confiscates the tape!
Lance is looking at a job in the paper to dress in a chicken suit and do some advertising. Allana says they're not that desperate! Allana suggests that he goes on Brainbusters a local radio quiz show. Lance is very keen.
Geri is making a nuisance of herself. Then she gets a bit maudlin and starts talking about true love and telling Libby that she's really lucky.
The Coffee Shop
Harold has been to hand his petition in to the paper and says the editor was quite surprised at the level of feeling against the agony aunt. Apparently they're going to conduct a phone poll!
Tess and Dee are writing their bios for Dinner Companions.
Libby is looking at some photos she's had developed. Geri interrupts and tries to look too. Then she invites herself to join them for lunch. Libby and Drew excuse themselves saying they've ordered room service!
Lance is ringing Brainbusters. He finally gets through.
Hotel Suite
Libby is upset that Geri crashed their honeymoon. Drew tells her that she did want a honeymoon they'd never forget. Libby smiles despite herself.
Lou is sitting on the edge of the bed when Harold comes in to visit. He tells Lou that he admires his courage. Lou asks Harold to give him a hand to take a few steps. Harold isn't keen but Lou says it'll be fine. He takes a few steps.
Libby and Drew get on a boat and think they've given Geri the slip. But as the boat pulls off, Geri comes up behind them - she was already aboard!
Lance is answering some sample questions to get on to the show. He answers correctly and gets on to the show. He's overjoyed!
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