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Neighbours Episode 3712 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3712
Australian airdate: 27/2/01
UK airdate: 26/3/01
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Richie Hampson: Michael O'Malley
Const. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Richie keeps ringing and asking Lyn to do things for Beauty Tree, annoying Joe.Libby thanks Drew for not giving up on her.Michelle finds a gun.
Lyn is telling Joe that Richie wants her to talk at a meeting for new recruits. Joe is annoyed - they're in the middle of breakfast. He says Beauty Tree is taking over their lives and it's not good for the kids. He insists that Beauty Tree is one giant con.
Lyn tells Joe to come with her to the meeting and meet Richie and see what it's like.
Libby and Drew are coming down a water slide and then splashing about in the sea. They are having a wonderful time.
The Coffee Shop
Tess is reading the dating section of the newspaper much to Madge's interest. Tess wonders if it's a bit desperate, but Madge doesn't think so. She tells Tess she should put an advert in herself!
Michelle is trying to talk to her parents, but they are just leaving for the Beauty Tree meeting.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is trying to get Tess to sign the petition about the agony aunt. Madge tells him off. Tess thinks it's a bit much to ask the paper to ask the agony aunt - she's quite harmless really. Madge is very pleased!
Tree house
Michelle has got the gun and accidentally shoots a bird.
Libby and Drew are feeding parrots.
Beauty Tree meeting
Richie is giving a motivational talk. Joe rolls his eyes.
Libby and Drew are watching some kangaroos and koalas. Someone is taking pictures of them from a distance.
Beauty Tree meeting
Richie introduces Lyn to the meeting. He sings her praises to the audience.
Scullys Garage
Michelle hids the gun in the garage.
Beauty Tree meeting
Lyn is telling the audience that Beauty Tree has given her the courage to do things. But she also says that her husband Joe has worked hard all his life and she has a lot to thank him for.
When the talk is over, Richie talks to Joe and tells him that Lyn is doing well. Joe asks him if he gets involved in a lot of these get-rich-quick schemes. He wants to know what happens if Lyn has a rough couple of months. Richie says that Beauty Tree expects performance.
Lyn comes over and Joe hugs her.
Libby and Drew watch animals from a train and feed some kangaroos. Someone is still taking photos.
Lou's garden
Harold is looking after Louise. He finds a dead bird in the garden and sees it's been shot.
Harold is talking to his friend about the bird - apparently it was a rare species. Michelle peeps through the fence. Harold's friend thinks it must have been a neighbour who did the shooting.
Libby and Drew are messing about on the beach. They sit down and Drew asks her where she wants to live when they get back. Libby says they could stay with her parents for a week or two while they're flathunting.
Libby hears a camera and sees the flash. She realises someone is taking photos of them and gives chase. The person gets away though.
Garden of Lou's
Harold and Lolly are having a memorial service for the bird(!) and singing "All Things Bright and Beautiful". Michelle peeps through the fence again. Harold sees her eye and calls out to her. He tells her that someone shot a bird. He asks her if she's heard any shots but she says that she hasn't.
Lyn calls to Michelle and she goes in.
Lyn asks Michelle is everything is alright. She tells her that both she and Joe have been busy recently but they've got time to listen to her. Michelle complains that they've been arguing a bit. Lyn says they'll work it out. Michelle asks Lyn if she's going to quit Beauty Tree - she hardly ever sees her.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is lamenting the death of the bird to Joe. Joe tells Harold that he thinks Beauty Tree is a con and it's affecting the family. Madge says Lyn didn't sell much stuff at the party they had. Joe looks worried.
Drew and Libby are drinking juice cocktails. They tell each other how relaxed they are. A woman on a lounger takes off her hat and sunglasses and tells them that it's true - they do look very relaxed. It's Geri! The paper has sent her to follow the wedding column through to the honeymoon!
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