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Neighbours Episode 3694 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3694
Australian airdate: 1/2/01
UK airdate: BBC: 28/2/01
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Jeannie Truman: Libby Stone
Mr. Forbes: George Burgess
Summary/Images by: Sayaka & Alice
Toadie tells Lou that he's taking him to a tribunal for prowling around his house.
Darcy tells Dione that he saw her and Alice talking and asks what it was about.
Allana's mother calls Lance to say she's coming round to see him. Toadie tells Lance he's dead.
Lance is looking for biscuits so he can entertain Allana's mother. Toadie says they've all been eaten and Lance is cross. Toadie says to offer her some gin instead(!) Lance is not impressed - he's nervous about meeting Allana's mother. Toadie finally finds some biscuits in a drawer.
Lance wonders if he pushed things by asking Allana to stay for dinner last night. Toadie says inviting a girl to dinner is pretty harmless and it shouldn't be an issue.
Darcy and Susan chat. Susan tells Darcy that she thinks he's lost weight. Darcy says he's sick to his stomach about things - Alice, mainly. He wishes they could tell each other what they're feeling. He doesn't really know what he's feeling though.
Tess's (No.32)
Dee is rostering herself on to different shifts from Darcy. Dee tells Tess that she couldn't manage to change today's shift, so she'll keep a low profile and hang out with someone that Darcy doesn't like(!)
Toadie tells Lance that if he really wants to go overseas he should go on his own - Allana seems difficult. Lance says he has fought for Allana and he's not giving up on her. He asks Toadie to leave the house while Allana's mum visits(!)
The Coffee Shop
Harold has been trying to teach Paul to drive but apparently he was useless. Lou and Madge laugh at him. Paul has gone off in a huff because Harold critiscised him! Madge tells him to send Paul to a driving school - it's cheaper than a nervous breakdown(!). Harold feels he should persevere though.
Toadie comes in and goads Lou about being the neighbourhood prowler. Lou gets up and leaves. Madge tells Toadie that Lou has his faults but he doesn't make things up - he may really have seen something. She thinks Toadie is taking things much too far. She tells Toadie he's getting too big for his boots.
Lance is psyching himself up and laying out biscuits. There's a knock at the door. He answers it to Allana's mother. He invites her into the kitchen and offers Mrs Truman a cup of tea.
Mrs Truman wants to tell Lance something and feels uncomfortable about it. She tells Lance that Allana hasn't been entirely honest with him. Mrs Truman says that Allana isn't ready to travel. Lance says that it's Allana's decision. Mrs Truman says that Allana would never cope. Lance protests that Allana is quite capable from what he's seen of her. Mrs Truman says that things are more complicated than Lance realises. She says the Allana he knows is not the real one.
Mrs Truman says that Allana found it hard when her father died because she had to look after her mother who had fallen ill. She still has headaches and the doctors don't know what causes them. Mrs Truman says that Allana is very fragile and shouldn't be forming relationships or going overseas. Mrs Truman needs Allana in Australia and she wants Lance to help her to convince her.
The Hospital
Darcy asks Dee if she has been avoiding him(!) He asks her to go for a bite to eat with him but she makes an excuse.
The Coffee Shop
Madge can't believe that Tad likes the labouring job. Harold says that the novelty will wear off soon enough. Madge doesn't think so - he loves it. She thinks the plan will backfire. Harold still thinks that Tad will get sick of it.
Allana comes in and sees Toadie. Toadie mentions that her mother is at No.30. Allana is surprised then looks cross and runs out.
The Hospital
Dee and Darcy chat about a patient. There is confusion over surnames of patients - one man hasn't been admitted yet. Darcy admonishes her severely and Dee apologises sulkily - she thinks Darcy is making too much of it.
The Pub
Susan asks Tess how she's getting on with Dee. Tess says that she's settled in well. Susan asks what Dee thinks of Darcy. Tess says that Dee doesn't want to be a third wheel - Darcy is taken. Susan says that Darcy likes Dee too.
Toadie comes in and looks at the roster - his shifts have been cut. He is not pleased but Lou laughs.
Lance can't understand Allana's mother's request. He can't see why Allana's sister can't help look after Allana's mother- Allana has to do everything. Allana's mother says that her sister can't help because she has a career. Lance says that Allana must be allowed to have a life too. Allana's mother gets unreasonably cross and gets up to leave. Just then Allana arrives. Her mother says that Lance has upset her terribly(!) and she wants to go home. Lance tells Allana that he wants her to come back and talk to him - the situation is tearing him apart.
When they've gone, Lance sits at the kitchen table. Toadie comes in. Lance laments the complexity of Allana's family. Lance tells Toadie that Jeanie Truman has got him all confused. The bottom line is that Allana's mother wants her to leave Lance. Lance says that Allana chose her mother over him that afternoon, but Toadie says Allana will be back in contact.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is reading the new Agony Aunt column and says it's uncannily like what Madge told him(!). Harold says that he should talk to Toadie. Lou says he's started to communicate with Toadie by cutting his shifts(!)
The Pub
Dee is at the pub when Darcy comes in. She goes to leave, but he stops her and she turns to face him.
DEE: Yes?
DARCY (sighs): Listen, I was in a shocking mood this afternoon, I think I went a bit... over the top.
DEE: You could say that (she rolls her eyes).
DARCY: Maybe we could have a drink, and talk about it.
DEE: Why?
DARCY: I - don't want you to hold a grudge - or anything.
DEE: I don't! Do you?
DARCY: No, I don't!
DEE: Well, that's okay then (she smiles dismissively).
DARCY: I'd still like to talk about it.
DEE (lets out a breath as her face hardens): If you want to discuss a work matter, could you do it at the hospital? In working hours?
With that she turns away, finally managing to leave the pub. Darcy just stands there, looking quite thoughtful.
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Jeannie Truman in Neighbours Episode 3694
Jeannie Truman

Allana Truman, Jeannie Truman in Neighbours Episode 3694
Allana Truman, Jeannie Truman

 in Neighbours Episode 3694

Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3694
Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3694
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

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