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Neighbours Episode 3695 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3695
Australian airdate: 02/02/01
UK airdate: 01/03/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Alice Jamison: Pip Sallabank
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Tad is asking Joe in the coffee shop if he has what it takes to be a labourer based on his work today. Joe looks uncomfortable about the question answering inconclusively, 'Maybe.'
Dee telling Darcy in Lou's Pub that if he wants to discuss a work matter, can they do it at the hospital in working hours.
No 30
Dee arrives home angry and upset, she slams the front door. Tess asks her if she has had a hard day. Dee replies she doesn't want to talk about it then starts ranting that she was right about doctors 'They are the most arrogant, pigheaded...' Tess asks her if it is all doctors. Dee replies, 'especially Darcy Tyler'. Tess nods knowingly. Dee carries on ranting about how she has seen Darcy's true colours. Tess asks what happened but Dee doesn't want to talk about it again. Instead she just wants a quiet evening at home in front of the television. Tess then informs Dee she has an English student Andre coming. Dee is not pleased at the prospect. .
No 26 - Scully House
Harold is concerned about Tad's job with Joe and goes to see him. Joe tells Harold that Tad is a great little worker and has him even doing overtime. Harold agrees but says the purpose of the exercise was to show Tad how hard it is in the real world. Joe admits he is surprised at Tad turning the tables on the both of them. He loves being a builder and that there is nothing wrong with it. Harold gets all defensive and says it is just that he would prefer for Tad to finish school. Reluctantly Harold finally agrees with Joe to give it some more time to see how it pans out.
No 28 - Kennedy House
Libby and Drew arrive giggling about some incident. Karl wonders if Drew has managed to see Harold. Drew replies he will see him on his way home. Libby is then curious to what is going on but Drew brushes it off. Meanwhile Darcy is on the phone trying to get hold of Allie (Alice) he leaves another message and tells her to call him back.
No 24 - Bishop House
Paul is moaning to Madge about Harold teaching him to drive. Harold keeps telling him he has his hands in the wrong place and they never get out of first gear. Madge listens sympathetically to his complaints. Paul asks if he can use his savings for professional driving lessons, but Madge wants him to use that money for his future. She does however agree to sit in the car at the next driving lesson.
Tad arrives home and says how wonderful it is to be working and about how much money he earned today. He has been working with the brickies and he is chuffed because they said he was the best 'Hod Man' they had had. Paul teases Tad about his left shoulder being 6 inches lower than his right. Tad admits it feels a bit stiff.
Tad goes off to wash up for tea, while Harold tells Madge how happy Joe is with his work. Madge sarcastically says, 'Oh goodie, just the outcome we were looking for!'Harold says there is plenty of time for him to get bored with it. Paul however feels they are dreaming - Tad is rapped with it! He wishes he could have left school. Madge and Harold forbid him to even think about it.
No 28 - Kennedy House
The phone is ringing and Libby and Karl are sitting listening to it. Darcy rushes in and answers it. It is Allie (Alice) on the phone. Libby and Karl give Darcy some privacy and leave. Allie tells Darcy she is rushed off her feet and urges Darcy to come home. Darcy is reluctant and wants to talk about their relationship. Allie says they can do that when he comes home. Darcy is reluctantly agrees to see what he can do.
No 30
Libby arrives at No.30 to see Tess and Dee, to tell them that she is escaping a bit of drama at home. Dee asks if Libby is fighting with Drew but Libby tells them that Darcy is having problems with his partner - Alice. Tess mentions that Darcy was in a foul mood at work, Dee looks embarrassed and says that she told Tess that in confidence.
Tess makes at diplomatic exit to the kitchen to make coffee and Dee explains about the incident at work. Libby says that Darcy is normally such a great guy and that she thinks that things between him and Alice are pretty hopeless.
No 24 - Bishop House
Drew knocks on the Bishop's front door and asks to see Harold on a wedding matter in private. They go into the kitchen to talk alone. Madge is curious but can't hear because Tad has the television on.
The next morning Tad is sitting having a cup of coffee and Harold mentions what a shock in must be for Tad to be up so early. Tad comments on how wonderful it is to actually be up early then Joe arrives to pick up his 'workforce' for Work. Harold nods knowingly at Joe saying that he shouldn't work him too hard.
Building site
At the building site Tad and Joe are unpacking the Ute. Tad has bought his stereo to work so he can listen to the music. Joe says that Tad can teach him the names of the bands so he will be able to tell Felicity what music to turn down. Tad calls Joe a 'wowser.' Joe reminds Tad firmly who is the boss, work isn't all about music. Then tells Tad he wants a pile of sand moved from Point A to point B. Tad asks why he hadn't put the sand put in the right place first time. Joe replies that truckers are a rule unto themselves - first they find out where you want something and then put it somewhere else.
No 30
Dee is still feeling down over the previous days events at the hospital. As she is about to go out Darcy arrives and apologises for his actions. The atmosphere is rather strained but Dee accepts his apology.
No 28 Kennedy House
There is a knock at the door and Alice arrives to see Darcy. She has got the day off work and wants to see him to straighten out the words they had had on the phone. Karl says he has gone to the surgery, but Alice comments that his car is still in the drive. Libby thinks that maybe Darcy has gone to ask Dee if she wants a lift. Karl suggests that they ring her, but Alice says it doesn't matter she will go and see for her self. As she leaves Karl rushes to the phone to ring Dee.
No 30
The phone is ringing at No 30, Dee answers it just as Tess answers the door to Allie(Alice) who asks if Darcy is there. At that moment Darcy returns from the kitchen. After hasty introductions Darcy asks why she is there. Allie says she was feeling guilty and could she drag him away. Darcy says there is no dragging required and they leave.
No 24 Bishop House
Harold is teaching Drew how to sing the scales. Drew says he is awful, but Harold encourages him with his singing. Paul comes in and teases them that this is the big secret saying that it is not as if Drew has to unicycle around the church with his eyebrows on fire. Paul reminds Harold it is time for his driving lesson. Drew appears relieved and reminds Paul that if he tells a soul he will break both of his legs. Harold is horrified by this. Paul calls out for Madge to join them on the driving lesson.
In Ramsay Street
Karl and Libby are outside in the street, commenting about the relationship of Darcy and Allie. Libby says her didn't realise how bad things were and asks whether Karl thinks Dee has anything to do with the break-up. The both wonder when they can go back into the house. As Dee comes out of No 30 she waves to them. Darcy runs down the path after a very upset Allie. Darcy says that they need to talk some more but Allie replies that he doesn't know how much this is all hurting her. She then gives Dee a daggers look and drives off.
No 28 Kennedy house
Karl follows Darcy back into the house and asks what the prognosis on things is. Darcy says he doesn't know but he just needs to get home and sort things out. He is very upset and hopes that the hospital board understands.
Building site
Paul is on his driving lesson and arrives with Harold and Madge in the car. Tad greets Paul and they go off to see the building site. Joe breaks the bad news to Harold and Madge that Tad is one of the best workers he has had. Madge isn't pleased at all, commenting that the master plan hasn't worked then.
Harold insists that this just won't do, there must be something Joe could do. Joe has tried everything he can think of. Harold shakes he head and insists that Tad can't spend the rest of his days on the building site. Joe takes offence at this and points out there is nothing wrong with builders, they have kept the economy alive. Harold back-tracks hastily but argues that they had talked about this last night. Tad must go back to school. Joe says that he can't make Tad hate his job. Madge shakes her head and asks 'I knew this would happen - what do we do now?!'
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Drew Kirk, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3695
Drew Kirk, Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Harold Bishop, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3695
Drew Kirk, Harold Bishop, Paul McClain

Alice Jamison, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3695
Alice Jamison, Darcy Tyler

Joe Scully, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3695
Joe Scully, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3695
Tad Reeves

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