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Neighbours Episode 3693 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3693
Australian airdate: 31/1/01
UK airdate: BBC: 27/2/01
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance tells Allana that it doesn't care how long it takes to convince her mother - they're going to America.
Susan and Karl come across Joel and Flick kissing in a maze.
A maze
Karl, Susan, Joel and Flick make inane conversation about hedges. Joel says he's reseraching for Lance(!) Karl and Susan excuse themselves.
The countdown to Libby's wedding continues in the Erinsborough News. Libby asks Drew if he wants to continue the column on their honeymoon. Drew isn't very keen. Libby tells Drew not to stuff up the famous Kirk wedding ritual. Drew has found out what it was, but is not allowed to tell her, it's a secret.
A maze
Joel is cringing about what he said to Susan and Karl about hedges. He thinks he and Flick are busted. Flick says they will ask Susan and Karl not to say anything. They run off to try to find them.
Lance is raving about Allana. She says that Allana was fantastic with her comic book stall. Lance shows Toadie a copy of "Kosmosis" - a rare first edition comic. Toadie is unimpressed! He tells Lance that they are going to a tribunal about Lou.
Lance offers to make dinner for Allana, but her mother is expecting her home.
The Pub
Libby is still probing Drew for information about the wedding ritual. He refuses to say anything. Drew is wondering about hiring a kilt. Libby teases him about it.
A maze
Joel and Flick are at the exit to the maze. They haven't found Karl and Susan. Just then they see them driving off. Joel says that they'll just have to tell the truth. Flick suggests that they chase Karl and Susan down instead! They run to their car, but it won't start.
Lance is chopping carrots. Allana is still there, but she feels guilty about letting her mum down. Lance suggests that she just call her mum, but Allana isn't keen. She gets up and says she'd better go home. Lance tells her to stand up for herself.
The Pub
Libby and Drew are playing pool. Drew has told her that he'll tell her what the wedding ritual if she wins. However, she loses, despite trying to put Drew off his shots(!) Drew says he's not looking forward to the ritual, but he won't tell her anything else about it.
Allana is on the phone to her mother. Her mother is stressed and has a migraine. However, she did say that Allana could stay for dinner. Toadie wonders where Joel is.
Joel is insisting to Karl and Susan that he and Flick are just friends. Karl asks about the kiss, and Joel said it might have looked like a kiss but it wasn't. Susan says that it was the pressing of the lips that threw them(!). Joel concedes that and asks them not to tell Joe. Karl and Susan says that it's obvious that they're an item - they should just front up to Joe. Joel says that Joe would kill them because Flick's still at school. He asks what they'd do if it was Libby in that situation. They discuss Libby's history of disastrous boyfriends among themselves. Susan tells Joel that if he's serious about Flick, he'd better start acting seriously.
Flick rings up. Toadie answers, so she is silent. Toadie puts the phone down in exasperation. Toadie asks Joel to come to the tribunal, but Joel isn't keen. Joel isn't sure that Lou is the prowler.
The phone rings again and Joel rushes to answer it. Flick tells him that she's left her bikini top in Toadie's car. Joel answers carefully then hangs up, saying it was a wrong number(!). He asks Toadie if he can get something from his car, but Toadie says he's going down the shops anyway(!)
Ramsay Street
Joel races Toadie to his car. He retrieves the bikini top but Toadie sees it. He asks if Joel has been wearing it to go diving. Joel tells Toadie that a few girls from Uni came along on his trip. Toadie says that he hopes nothing unsavoury went on in his car(!) Joel tells him to mind his own business. Toadie says that the bikini top looks familiar. Joel snatches it and walks off.
Libby and Drew are telling Susan and Karl about a band that was rubbish. Apparently Drew was singing along and Lib says that he is a terrible singer - even worse than Karl(!). Karl is highly insulted. He goes off to get his guitar, but Susan and Libby sit on him to stop him! Drew asks Karl for a private word and they go off to the pub.
Lance is clearing up dinner. Allana says she'd better go home to see her mum. Lance is disappointed - he'd hoped she'd spend the evening with him.
Toadie comes in with "neapolitan icecream for the chronically indecisive". He chats with Joel and Lance about their love lives.
The Pub
Drew has told Karl about the wedding ritual. We don't hear what it is, but Karl looks worried. He suggests asking Harold for help.
Scullys, the following morning
Joel brings back the bikini top. He tells her that Toadie saw the bikinis. Also he said that the Kennedys won't say anything. However, he thinks the Kennedys are right - they should stop sneaking around. Joel offers to tell Joe, but Flick says that she will.
Lance doesn't know what to do about Allana - he's hardly her top priority. Toadie says that he doesn't want to be second to her mother forever. At that moment, Allana's mum calls and tells Lance that she's on her way over to discuss "an important matter". Toadie tells Lance that he's dead, but Lance can't think of anything he's done to merit being killed.
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