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Neighbours Episode 3684 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3684
Australian airdate: 18/01/2001
UK airdate: 14/02/2001
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul and Tad buy a scooter for Michelle to give to Tim.
- Steph tells Lyn and Joe that Woody is in jail.
Joe is astounded at this news. Lyn asks how long Woody's been in for and Steph says he's nearly at the end of two years. She says he came up against a really tough magistrate and got two years for receiving stolen goods. Michelle is surprised at the news but Lyn is more concerned that Steph has been to visit Woody in prison - she doesn't like the idea of Steph going to places like that.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is helping Madge and Harold to clean up at the end of the day. Madge asks Tad what Paul would like for his birthday.
Paul comes in at that point and they all fall silent, much to his confusion.
Karl is reading out his wedding speech and Susan is bored out of her mind. She says he should leave out the bit about losing Libby and says the whole speech is a bit formal (meaning dull!!) She suggests that Karl tells a few jokes! Karl agrees to rewrite the speech.
Tad and Paul are visiting Tim who is looking a lot better and sitting up in bed. Tim gives them a present to give to Michelle in return for the scooter.
Karl has rewritten his speech to be funnier but it's still disastrous. Susan tells him to talk fro his heart but in a light-hearted way. Karl is despairing but Susan encourages him to keep going.
The present Tim has done for MIchelle is a drawing of her. Tad is amazed at the likeness and says that Michelle will love it. Tim asks casually if Michelle has a boyfriend.
Joe and Lyn are still boggled at the news about Woody. Steph insists that he made one mistake and it doesn't make him a villain. Michelle insists that Woody is a criminal.
Joe and Lyn try to reason with Steph - Woody may have changed in prison. But Steph says that Woody deserves another chance and she'd like to help him. She tells Joe and Lyn that Woody is up for day release. She says she was going to ask if Woody could come to them.
Later at the Scullys
Joe and Lyn are discussing Woody. Joe thinks that Woody will have been corrupted in prison, but Lyn thinks maybe they should give him the benefit of the doubt. Joe goes out to take the dog for a walk to have a think about it all.
The Coffee Shop
Joe comes in and asks Harold if he can have a bit of a chat. Harold agrees, even though he's just abut to go home. Harold makes Joe a cup of coffee and Joe tells him about the situation with Woody. Joe tells Harold that he thinks Steph is interested in Woody again and he's not sure how he feels about Steph seeing him. Harold thinks if Woody was basically decent before he probably still is. Harold says that if Woody has paid the price for his crime, he shouldn't be made to pay for it for the rest of his life. Joe asks how Harold would feel if it was his own daughter. Harold looks shocked but claims he's still give him the benefit of the doubt.
Scullys, the following morning
Lyn is excited about Beauty Tree again. Paul comes round with the picture for Michelle from Tim. Michelle is surprised to hear that Tim might be interested inher. She's amazed to see the portrait. Paul says if Michelle is going to let Tim down, she should do it gently.
Steph sits down for breakfast with Lyn and Joe. They apologise for judging him, but they have decided to trust Steph's judgement - Woody can come to them for the day release, he's welcome at their house. Steph hugs them both tightly and thanks them, telling them that Woody is going to be really pleased.
Paul and Tad are visiting Tim again. Michelle joins them and Tad and Paul make themselves scarce.
Michelle thanks Tim for the portrait. Tim asks her if she'll go out with him when he gets out of hospital. Michelle agrees, but looks a bit apprehensive.
The Allotments
Paul and Tad are practising BMX, but Tad says he feels weak and tired - he thinks he's coming down with something.
Steph is on the phone to Woody giving him the good news about the day release. Apparently he is rapped. Joe is practising his barbecue technique. Lyn comes in and says that she's got loads of orders for Beauty Tree. Michelle asks Lyn if having something to look forward to can help people get better quicker. Everyone agrees that it can.
Joe is stressing about the barbecue. He goes out to buy some more soy sauce.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Karl are walking up the street. Paul and Tad arrive home on their bikes. Tad feels dizzy and half-falls off his bike. Karl looks at him in concern and says he should go home and rest for the afternoon and to call him later if he's not feeling better.
Joe passes by and goads Karl about the barbecue. Joe says he's got a secret weapon which is a sure-fire winner. He says that simplicity is the key. "Less is more"(!!) Susan says Karl should apply the same mantra to the speech for the wedding(!)
Tad is lying on the sofa feeling dreadful. Madge brings him a cup of medicine. Harold gets a phonecall from Stephen - Tim has started to run a temperature. It seems he's picked up an infection. His immune system is so weakened by the chemotherapy that any infection is serious. Tad is worried that Tim has picked the infection up off him. He starts to panic that Tim will die and it'll be all his fault.
<<3683 - 3685>>
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