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Neighbours Episode 3683 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3683
Australian airdate: 17/01/2001
UK airdate: 13/02/2001
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Kevin Kelly: Frank Kennedy
Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Andre: Donni Frizzel
- "Grooving" by The Hunting Party
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Richie from Beauty Tree tells Lyn that all she needs to do is believe in herself.
- Woody begs Steph to help him get a day release from jail.
- Joe tells Flick that she can tell him the name of the bloke she likes when she's ready(!)
Swimming Pool
Joel is instructing the divers. Flick hasn't got a buddy so she tells Joel she'd better be his partner!
The Coffee Shop
Lyn tells Joe that Richie was fantastic - he's really inspired her about Beauty Tree. Joe thinks Richie is a bit of a ponce, but Lyn says she feels a lot better about herself - she's going to give Beauty Tree another go. Lyn asks Joe to hand around her leaflets, but he doesn't seem too keen, he doesn't like hassling people.
Swimming Pool
Joel is instructing the divers. Flick doesn't look too comfortable but is making the best of it.
Woody is on the phone to Lyn(!) She invites him round for tea, but he says he's a bit busy at the moment(!) Steph comes in and Lyn hands the phone to her. Steph tells Woody quietly that she hasn't asked her parents about the day release yet. He says that cool, but he'll need an answer soon. Woody plays it down but he looks a bit agitated. She says she'll visit him again soon.
Tess and Dee's
Dee is appalled at the cost of dresses these days. Libby tells Dee and Tess about Kev Kelly the jewellery store robber. She's going to Warrinor to interview him, apparently he's a reformed character. Libby asks Tess and Dee to drive out to Warrinor Prison with her and they agree. Dee tells Tess that she has a surprise for her later - she's sending her on holiday.
Swimming Pool
Joel is demonstrating rescue techniques and Flick is impersonating a diver that is totally worn out. She can't stop giggling though and making smart comments about needing mouth-to-mouth. Joel is not happy.
Warrinor Prison
Steph is visiting Woody and tells him that she can't ask her parents about the day release. Woody is quite insistent and asks her what the big deal is. They start to argue. In the background, Libby is let into the prison. Steph tells Woody to ease up. He apologises, saying he just gets freaked out in jail. Steph tells him not to use her parents to get what he wants.
Flick comes to see Joel and he's still angry about her smart comments at the pool. She apologises but Joel says that she's just proving how childish she is. Flick says she's fed up of Joel ignoring her - she can't help the way she feels. Joel admits that he likes her too, but won't act on it because of stuff like what happened today.
Warrinor Prison
Woody is telling Steph that he's going mental in prison. He tells her to forget about the day release. Steph is sorry, but says that Joe will never go for it. She says she'll see if she can think of something else.
In the background, Libby is let out from visiting Kev Kelly. Kev and Woody exchange looks (so it seems Kev is not quite so reformed after all!).
The bell rings to signal the end of visiting time, so Steph and Woody hug goodbye.
Steph goes to the exit and is extremely surprised to bump into Libby. Libby asks what she's doing there and Steph says she's just visiting a friend. Steph asks Libby not to tell anyone she saw her there. Libby agrees, but then says that Dee and Tess are waiting for her in the car. Libby says she'll try to get them away before they see Steph.
Tess and Dee's
Tess is surprised how many people there were in the prison car park. Libby says that there might be a good story in interviewing the wives and girlfriends of prisoners.
Dee looks at her watch. She gives Tess a list and tells her to buy everything on it - including a coconut and a Spanish phrase book.
Joel is telling Flick that she has to study and there's difficulty with Joe too. Joel says if he and Flick got together, Joe would go nuts. He doesn't want to go through that. Joel says he likes Flick, but it's really bad timing. Flick kisses him anyway! Joel thinks they should wait a year and sends her home. He looks conflicted though.
Tess and Dee's
Tess has arrived home and Dee gets her to close her eyes. Dee has decked out the living room with a sunlounger and holiday stuff. She's also got a Spanish bloke in to give Tess a massage(!)
Libby and Steph are talking about Warrinor Prison and Kev Kelly. Libby still can't get over that Steph was at the prison. Steph admits that she was visiting her ex, Woody - he made one dumb mistake. She tells Libby about the day release request, but Steph doesn't think she can talk her parents into it. Libby asks if Steph still likes Woody and she admits that she does. Libby jokes that they'll be the next Bonnie and Clyde.
Tess and Dee's
Andre (the Spanish massager) is just leaving. Tess thanks Dee for what she's done for her tonight. She says Dee can borrow anything she wants to go to the medical ball from her.
Tess looks closer at Andre's card and it says "Please give me a call very soon, I would like to see you on it."
The Pub
Joel tells Libby that something has happened and he's made the right decision but he's a bit cut up about it. Libby listens patiently.
Joe is ranting about the thieves who stole his tools. He says that some blokes he's known went to jail and came out even worse. Steph starts ranting about Joe's prejudice - saying that people can go straight when they come out of jail. She snaps that maybe she knows someone in jail. Lyn twigs immediately that it's Woody.
<<3682 - 3684>>
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