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Neighbours Episode 3682 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3682
Australian airdate: 16/01/2001
UK airdate: 12/02/2001
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Jeannie Truman: Libby Stone
Richie Hampson: Michael O'Malley
- "What Now My Friend" by Chris Pettifer
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Hudson N.Y." by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Tad asks Flick what's going on with her and Joel. Flick says she's going to "have him."
- Lance meets Allana at her house, it's all decked out in tin foil.
- Lance and Toadie go back to Allana's house. Allana comes up and shouts at them not to go in.
Allana's house
The door opens and it's Allana's mother, who invites them in. It seems that Allana is called Dorothy at home. It's all a bit confusing, but Allana's mother introduces herself as Jeannie and Lance and Toadie introduces themselves too.
Allana doesn't want Lance and Toadie to come in, she says the house is messy. But Allana's mother says it's nonsense - Allana is always nervous about introducing her friends. They go in and it's a normal house - no foil and weird sci-fi stuff like the night that Lance visited before. Lance is surprised.
The Coffee Shop
The Grease Monkeys contract has been completed and Madge and Harold are pleased. Harold opens a letter from the Salvation Army and sees that there is a fashion parade coming up. He wonders how to find suitable younger models. Joel comes in at that moment and Harold asks him to help out. Joel says he's over his modelling days after the calendar(!)
Flick comes in and Harold tries to recruit her too. Flick agrees but Joel says he'll have to get back to her.
Allana's house
Lance is chatting to Allana's mum about horticulture and tells him that she's got a collection of African violets in the greenhouse in the back(!) She accidentally refers to Toadie as "Froggie" and says she can't believe Allana hasn't talked about Lance and Toadie before. Jeannie says that Allana is her rock since her husband died.
Lance can't bear it anymore and asks where the silver stuff and flashing lights are. Jeannie says that once a month she goes to see her sister so Allana can express herself. Lance is surprised to hear that Allana's mum lives in the house too. He's now completely confused.
Joe is working on his marinade for the barbecue. Lyn is stressing about Beauty Tree saying she's not cut out for it, but Joe says that she's had some success and shouldn't give up because of her failure with the Grey Growlers.
Flick comes in and says she's going to be a model for the Salvation Army fashion parade. Joe is surprised and laughs his head off when Flick says that it's to put something back into the community. She goes straight out to take Harvey for a walk.
Ramsay Street
It's clear that Flick had an ulterior motive for walking Harvey because when she comes out of the Scully house, Joel is just jogging up the street. She lets Harvey off the lead and starts training him to roll over and stuff. Lou walks across and gives Joel a Breach of Duty notice to give to Toadie. He says they can come to an arrangement if the boys make the repairs, but just then Flick throws a ball which hits Lou. Joel laughs and Lou stalks off.
Allana's house
Jeannie is just off to her sister's place and says goodbye to everyone. Toadie helps Jeannie out to the car with her bag.
ALLANA:(to Lance) How dare you do this to me. You've wrecked everything.
Lance says that Allana owes it to him to talk to him. He can't understand why she felt she had to lie to him. She says she wants him to go and not come back.
Outside Allana's house
Lance and Toadie are sitting in Lance's ute. Lance can't believe Allana's been lying to him - like she wanted to keep him separate from the rest of her life.
TOADIE: Mate, there's something I've got to tell you.
Flick asks Joe if he knew he wanted to get together with Lyn as soon as he met her. Joe said he personally did but he thought she liked Uncle Mick! Flick says that boys do play hard to get, but Joe says that never would have worked for him. Joe says that back then Lyn's father Henry was fierce. once he caught Joe and Lyn together and nearly killed him. Joe said he didn't understand back then, but now he has daughters of his own he does(!) Joe perceptively tells Flick that she can tell him the name of her bloke when she's ready.
Toadie has told Lance about what Clementine told him - that there was an incident in Allana's past. But Toadie doesn't know any details.
Toadie picks up the Breach of Duty letter and fans himself with it.
The Pub
Lance is telling Lou about the situation with Allana but Lou thinks he's talking about the house! Lou says they have 14 days to make repairs or he'll have them in front of a tribunal.
LOU: Now I'm closing up. You'd better be off home. While you still have one to go to!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Joel and Flick start to walk to the pool together. Joe looks slightly suspicious but is distracted by a bloke called Richie Hampson who draws up. It turns out he's from Beauty Tree and tells Joe that Lyn is very talented.
Harold approaches Joel and Flick to talk about the fashion show. Flick embarrasses Joel into taking part in the show. Harold is delighted! Flick smiles in triumph.
Richie wants to have a chat with Lyn about handing in her notice.
Madge had come to talk to Toadie about this "nonsense" with Lou. She says that Lou is upset because he's not only their landlord but their friend and neighbour too. She says Lou is all bark and all they had to do was talk to him. She says that Toadie is going about things wrong. He admits that she might be right.
MADGE: Lance?
TOADIE: Oh, don't ask him. He lives on another planet anyway!
When Madge has gone, Toadie says that maybe they were a bit hardline about the house. But then he opens the Breach of Duty notice from Lou. He says it changes everything - Rebecchi vs. Carpenter is on.
Richie tells Lyn that she has low self-esteem, but she has the power within her to change all that - she can choose to be a loser or a winner in life. He did it himself and all Lyn needs is a belief in herself.
THe Coffee Shop
Lance comes in with a large bunch of gerberas. Allana comes in and Lance says that he just wants to talk to her - he doesn't care who she lives with or why.
LANCE: In fact, Allana, I...
LANCE: I love you.
Allana walks out.
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