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Neighbours Episode 3681 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3681 (2001 Season Return)
Australian airdate: 15/01/01
UK airdate: 09/02/01
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Tess telling Dee that she and Darcy have to be friends only; Dee telling Tess she wants everything. Toadie telling Lou that he can't be serious about evicting them, so Lou tells them the eviction notice is on its way.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Toadie he wants a word about the state of the house, but Toadie refuses - he can only talk about the house when other housemates are present. Lance and Allana turn up and decide not to stay when they see Toadie arguing, but arrange to have dinner tomorrow night at hers.
Susan turns up and witnesses the end of the argument. Lou tells her he won't actually evict the boys, he's just trying to scare them...
Number 32
Tess is reading her a paper, but the company she was going travelling with has gone bust, and she doesn't know if she'll be able to get her money back. She's really disappointed, but she can't book twice as she doesn't have the money.
The Kennedys'
Susan gets the tickets to the dinner dance, and Karl tells her to be nice to him or he won't take her!
SUSAN: No-one else could put up with your dancing.
KARL: You love my dancing.
SUSAN: No, I love you. Everything else I take as it comes.
Darcy's tickets have arrived, too, and he thinks he'll ask Alice. He asks if Lassiters is a good hotel, but Karl says Alice will stay with them. Susan says that Lassiters is a good hotel, but Karl insists she stay here. Susan gives him TheLook™ and says that Darcy and Alice will probably want to be alone. Darcy goes off to ring his wife and Susan slaps Karl.
SUSAN: Geez, you can be thick.
Number 30
Allana is stroking Bob at the table, and Lance is getting some cutlery to eat their take out pizza. Allana tells Lance that she would never get thrown out of her place because her flat mate's boyfriend owns the house. Lance asks her how many housemates she has. Two, apparently, but Lance isn't sure. She says she'll cook a lasagne tomorrow for him, and desert will be a surprise.
The Kennedys'
Susan also suggests the B&B down the road for Alice to stay in, and gets very excited about it to Karl...
SUSAN: Ooh - I could book it as a surprise!
KARL: No! No social engineering!
Darcy comes from his room, and Darcy says he left a message on Alice's answerphone. He hopes that absence is making the heart grow fonder. Karl tells Darcy that best way to solve problems is...
KARL: A sensible, mature airing of the issues.
SUSAN: Oh, yeah, right!!
KARL: That's what you and I do!
SUSAN: No, you and I fight. And when all else fails we resort to a vicious game of monopoly.
She tells Darcy to never use her and Karl as a model.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Toadie that he wants to get around the problem and wants an amicable solution. Toadie refuses to discuss it without Joel and Lance. Lou is cross!
Number 30
Toadie and Lance are in the kitchen, laughing that Lou has no idea what to do about the house, not knowing how to manage the guys. Lance thinks that it's getting a bit out of hand, but Toadie makes fun of him. Lance just wants to get on with his life, after all this is Ramsay Street, not a revolution in Cuba.
The Kennedys'
SUSAN: You're taking your time today. Got any plans?
KARL: Just to read the paper uninterrupted.
SUSAN: I thought you might like to sta...
KARL: No, no. I'm not doing the gardening.
SUSAN: I wasn't going to say the gardening.
KARL: The garage can clean itself.
SUSAN: No, for what I've got in mind you don't even have to move.
KARL: What, shelling peas?
SUSAN: No. I thought you might like to make a start on your Father Of The Bride speech.
KARL: What? The wedding's six weeks away.
SUSAN: Yes, I know you Karl - it'll take ages for you to come up with something you're happy with.
KARL: Don't you ever *tire* of being right?
SUSAN: No, I've pretty much got used to it. Um, I'm going to put some washing on then go and get Libby at the airport so if you want coffee...we're out of milk.
Karl does his Cat's Bum Face.
Sheer Kennedy class.
Ramsay Street
Lou arrives at number 30 but Toadie and Lance won't let him in. They tell him he can only come in if he's invited. He wants to know what's going on, and so they tell him that they have rights - if he enters the premises without permission, he's breaking the law. They need 24 hours' notice. Toadie tells him the legal eviction process. Lou is furious.
He tells them he'll forget friendship - this is war!
The Coffee Shop
Tess tells Karl she won't be going to the Barrier Reef. Lou is telling Karl about the problems at number 30, and the little legal knowledge that Toadie has is going to his head. Karl tells Lou he's going to get a start on his wedding speech, but he's got writer's block. Lou's going to call his lawyer.
The Hospital
Darcy asks Dee if she's going to the dance, and she'd like to if she had someone to go with. Darcy is going with Karl and Susan, so she suggests making up a foursome with the Kennedys. He says that actually Alice is now coming, and he has Dee to thank for that. She doesn't look too pleased about it!
The Kennedys'
Lib and Susan arrive home and apparently it's REALLY hot outside, so they are straight to the fridge for something cold! Karl tells them he's started on his speech. Lib says that she plans to have a shower then work - she has an article to do on a prisoner. Karl is worried that it might be dangerous, but it's a minimum security prison. Lib says the whole point is that he's a reformed character.
SUSAN: Hey - he might know who nicked your rings.
Karl gives her a look.
Number 30
Toadie and Lance are complaining it's hot, and they should go to Lou for an air conditioner. Lance asks Toadie if he will help him this afternoon in a garden job he has to do - for $18/hour. Allana comes in from the pool, and apologises to Toadie for snapping at him when he met Clementine. She doesn't get on too well with her sister - they're rivals and she doesn't trust her to tell the truth to others. Allana suggests that she, Lance, Clementine and Toadie all go on a date together.
The Hospital
Darcy's on the phone to Alice who got his flowers but now apparently can't come to the dance. Dee is listening and asks if everything's okay - he says it is and tells her about the dance...Alice's sister is visiting for the weekend. Darcy asks if he can take her up on her suggestion about joining him?
Number 32
Dee asks Tess what she should do - she doesn't know. Tess begins to answer when Dee interrupts - twice. Dee doesn't want to be the other woman, and Tess tells her to zip it, and go to the dance.
DEE: Thank you so much, Tess, you give the *best* advice!
Tess tells her to make sure that there are no hidden agendas.
The Kenendys'
Lib has done her questions for the reformed jewel thief. Darcy comes home and tells Karl that Alice now can't come and so he asked Dee if she'd like to go. Karl and Susan seem unsure, and Lib says that it's a work function, and there are four people going, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Lou's Place
Dee tells Tess she's accepted - after all, it's a work function. Tess has had no luck with that holiday company.
Lou comes off the phone to his lawyer and tells the girls he'll play hardball with the boys at number 30.
Some place with a garden
Lance and Toadie are working and Toadie realises that Allana's place is round the corner - why don't they check it out? Lance disagrees. But Toadie says he'll be going round there in a couple of hours for dinner anyway, so why is he scared?! Lance agrees to go with him. They get into the truck.
Lou's Place
Karl and Susan come in and are relieved to be in the cool. Dee, Susan and Tess talk outfits to wear to the ball. Dee's seen an outfit she wants to wear which will cost three weeks' pay...and Susan says it can't hurt to try it on...! Tess thinks it's too much angst over a work function. But Dee wants to look good. For whom, asks Tess.
Wow. Her one good question.
Outside Allana's house
Lance is concerned because Allana's not expecting him, but Toadie tells him to get over it. They walk up to the front and knock on the door. Allana then turns up on the street behind them and screams at Lance not to go in...
End Credits
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