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Neighbours Episode 3680 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3680 (2000 Season Finale)
Australian airdate: 08/12/00
UK airdate: 08/02/01
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Jonathon Foster: Alistair Reid
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Dee saying goodnight to Darcy.
- Joe telling Michelle there's a kid on the phone from Eden Hills who wants to pick the scooter up.
- Harold telling Lou that Tom Foster's family are not happy about the exhibition.
Wow, I love these intro credits.
Community Hall
Dee turns up at the exhibition then Harold introduces Tom Foster's son, Jonathon, to him. Jon is livid that he wasn't invited and Lou explains that he tried to get in touch. Lou says that this exhibition will help the family and be good for publicity - until Jon tells him that all these paintings are fake...
The Hospital
Darcy runs into Dee and they talk hospital stuff for a while. They agree to meet for a tea break in 15 minutes.
Community Hall
Lou is trying to validate who Tom Foster is, and whether or not these are his paintings. Jon tells him that his father never painted urban landscapes, he only lived in the Northern Territory and painted the outback! Lou explains that these paintings were done before Jon was born, found in his father's studio. Jon tells Lou that he's never heard of the agent that Lou spoke to - Lou's been conned into purchasing these paintings.
Tad and Paul are bored and Paul decides to go to the coffee shop.
Lou apologises and Jon realises that Lou is actually out of pocket.
The Scullys'
Michelle is talking to the owner of the scooter, and he wants to collect it now, but Michelle says now isn't a good time - he can pick it up tomorrow. She puts the phone down and looks upset.
The Hospital
Darcy apologises to Dee and says he can't make the tea break now - he has to go downstairs. Darcy leans over Dee to correct something on her patient notes and Karl interrupts.
Community Hall
Lou is on the phone to the police, reporting the con. Joel comes in and asks Tad what's going on. Jon chats to Lou, who apologises once again - just as the con artist agent 'Dave' calls on Lou's mobile. Lou lies, telling him it's all going really well, and that he has been a great source of help. He tells him he'll deposit all the money in Dave's account once it comes in.
Flick arrives and talks to Tad, who says he doesn't know what's going on - everyone's talking in whispers. Flick wanders over to talk to Joel, who says he didn't know she was keen on art. Madge and Tad discuss that everything seems a bit suspicious at the exhibition...
The Hospital
Darcy and Dee run into each other and Darcy's papers fall the floor. She asks him out for a drink and he agrees, but then she remembers she has to do the shopping. Darcy says if she has half an hour just to help him get to know who all the staff are, that would be great - but please can she help him after work?!
The Bishops'
Tad tells Paul that he's being blind over Flick - something seems to be going on with her, and Paul needs to realise that she doesn't want him. Michelle comes over and says that the owner of the scooter called her and wants it back, but she's given it away to Tim - what's she going to do?
She wants Tad to speak to his half-brother and get the scooter back for her. She doesn't want to look like a loser - Tad tells her if she got herself into this, she needs to get herself out.
Just after Michelle leaves, Paul thinks there might be a way round all this.
Community Hall
The exhibition is over and Lou tells Jon he made a foolish mistake and he'd like to set it right. He'll make sure Conman Dave never does this again. Jon gives him his number and leaves. Madge sympathises - Lou and Madge were only trying to do the right thing.
The Hospital
Michelle turns up to see Tim, and he tells her that he can't wait to ride the scooter, it's just so cool. Michelle then confesses that something's happened. She tells him that the scooter isn't hers, she found it and then gave it away to him. She says she needs it back and he's fine with it - it shows she likes him!
Lou's Place
Dee is telling Darcy about all the different people at the hospital and what they're like. He tells her that his old hospital has closed down - apparently it wasn't cost effective. He does still have a practice in town, though - owned by himself and Alice. Dee thinks it must be rewarding, working with your partner - at least they understand all the pressures of work.
Darcy confides in her that it's not that easy working with a live-in partner.
The Scullys'
Michelle and Flick are chatting in the kitchen and Flick has made Toadie a cake to thank him for the maths help. The phone rings and Michelle gets it - she tells whoever it is that she's got the scooter back, then runs next door...
Lou's Place
Darcy tells Dee all about the paperwork outside of hours, and how they won't have kids because of that - there's no time. Dee suggests they're going through the seven year itch, but he doesn't know. It feels like things aren't going according to plan. Dee reassures him that all relationships have their ups and downs - she's had loads!
Tess turns up and Darcy leaves, saying he has to get some wine and get back to Karl.
The Bishops'
Michelle turns up to see Tad and Paul - they have a new scooter to give to Michelle to give to Tim. But it's only a loan - she'll have to pay it back. Paul used the money his father gave to him. Harold also thinks it's very thoughtful.
Number 30
Flick turns up with a cake for Toadie just as Joel has come out of the shower. She invites herself in and sits on the sofa, and Joel sits next to her. He gets the feeling she's following him around. He's not happy about it.
Lou's Place
Jon comes into the pub and Lou offers him a drink on the house. Jon refuses, but has brought round a Tom Foster original as a no-hard-feelings thing. Jon says that if the paintings at the exhibition had been originals, that would have been great exposure, so how about he ask the family if Lou can do a full exhibition properly this time?
The Kennedys' / Backyard of No 32
Karl is cooking dinner and explaining to Susan that this is an art; she wants to know how he's planning to clean up the mess. Karl says to Darcy that he seems to be getting on well with Dee. Susan says Karl's nosy.
Cut to Dee telling Tess she really likes Darcy and doesn't want him to go back to Alice.
Cut to Darcy telling Karl and Susan that he likes Dee's company, too, and doesn't want to stop seeing her just because she might get the wrong idea.
Cut to Dee asking Tess her advice. Tess tells her they have to work together, and can only be friends. Dee says she wants everything.
Ramsay Street
Tad sees Flick and Joel coming out of number 30, and kiss each other in front of a tree. He is shocked, and confronts Flick: "what's the story?" He tells her it's a waste of time, it's never going to happen. She says that's not true, then poses for the camera as the episode ends.
Oh, please. Cut the sultry, sexy teenage thing - this isn't Home & Away.
End Credits
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