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Neighbours Episode 3685 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3685
Australian airdate: 19/01/01
UK airdate: 15/02/01
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Alice Jamison: Pip Sallabank
Big Blue: Paul Edwards
- "An Open Letter" by Lo-Tel
- "Thats The Way" by Skunkhour
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Darcy tells Dee that he'd like to take her to the medical ball.
- Tad is worried that he's passed an infection on to Tim.
Tad stands outside Tim's door and coughs. Dee sees him and suggests that he sees a doctor or goes home. Dee says that Tim isn't going to die and Tad should go home to bed. Tad starts ranting and won't listen to reason.
The Pub
Susan and Karl are reading through the menu. Karl says the menu is simple and Karl suddenly says that he should make his barbecue menu simple.
Harold is looking for Tad. Dee says she's seen him and he didn't look well at all, but she doesn't know where he is now.
The Pub
Karl is still ranting about barbecues saying they're just like women - men like simple beauty in women, not make-up and breast implants(!) and barbecues are the same(!). Lou says that he's quite happy with his barbecue entry.
SUSAN: You're both completely mad.
Harold has found Tad and is trying to persuade him to come home. Darcy comes up and says that Tim is doing as well as can be expected. Darcy says that anyone could have passed the infection on to Tim and advises Tad to go home and let them look after Tim. Dee is impressed with Darcy's handling of the situation.
The Pub
Susan suggests that they hire a limo to go to the medical ball - they could share it with Dee and Darcy. Karl isn't very keen on this idea and they start bickering. Lou advises Karl to keep his voice down as he's upsetting his customers. A beefy bloke squares up to Karl and he decides to head off home. Susan mocks him.
Michelle gives Paul the first installment for the scooter and asks when Tim is getting out of hospital. Paul explains about the infection. Madge says that Tim will be fine, but noone can visit at the moment.
The Pub
Darcy and Dee are having a drink. They chat about life in the country - Darcy quite likes living up there and they chat about the Grampians which are near to where Darcy lives up there - he's been abseiling there. Dee says there's a mountain nearby where people go abseiling and says they should go and check it out sometime.
Susan is teasing Karl about making a sharp exit at the pub. Karl gets up and says he's going to shear Cassie - he says, "How hard can it be"(!)
Susan mentions that Darcy is spending a lot of time with Dee. He gets defensive, saying that Alice isn't able to come down to the dance. Susan says he'd better be careful that he doesn't break Dee's heart.
Tad is still sick so Madge rings Karl. Harold offers to call in and see Tim. Tad wants to go to, but Madge sends him to bed. Tad has forgotten about Paul's birthday too and asks Harold to call in to pick up a BMX helmet that he's put a deposit on in a shop in West Waratah.
Garden of the Kennedys
Karl is trying to catch Cassie in order to shear her. Darcy offers to give him a hand. He catches hold of Cassie firmly while Susan takes pictures(!) Karl suggests that Darcy takes over the shearing, but he doesn't know how. Susan says she'll ring a vet(!)
Harold has called in to see how Tim is, apparently he's stable. Harold invites Dee to call in later to wish Paul a happy birthday, but she says she'll be at the Medical Ball.
Michelle comes in and asks how Tim is. Dee says he's much improved overnight, but he's not up to having visitors yet. But Dee bends the rules and says she can go in if she scrubs up first.
Tim's room
Michelle is visiting Tim and he doesn't want to talk about his illness, so Michelle tells him about winning the Boy4 competition.
Tess and Dee's
Dee is trying on some outfits but she isn't pleased with the results.
Paul is ringing around his mates and cancelling his party - he says it's the wrong time to be celebrating. Madge tells him she's sorry but Paul says it's only his 17th - he'll save it up for his 18th. Madge suggests that they have a party next week instead when Tad is better.
Harold staggers in with some bags.
Susan is dressed up in a black dress and a red wrap and look very nice. Darcy opens the door to Dee in a purple dress. He compliments her and she says she threw on the first thing she saw(!)
At that moment, Karl tips something on his shirt, so tells Dee and Darcy to go on ahead.
Paul is very pleased with his new football boots (his present from Harold) and also he's arranged for Lanzini's to deliver a gourmet dinner. He's invited Flick along too. Paul also really likes his new helmet from Tad.
Michelle calls by with a present from Paul and tells Tad that Tim is feeling better. Tad says he was supposed to go to an all-ages nightclub tonight - he's got a double pass and Paul could take Flick.
Susan is impatiently waiting for Karl to be ready to leave. As Susan opens the door, she finds Alice standing there. She asks where Darcy is.
<<3684 - 3686>>
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