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Neighbours Episode 3660 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3660
Australian airdate: 10/11/00
UK airdate: 11/01/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Myles
Guests: Dale Hocking : Wade Peterson
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Grooving" by The Hunting Party
- "Free" by Eric Chapus
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Flick telling Joel she needs to relax and getting in the spa at No 22- wearing a bikini.
- Madge telling Harold and Lou that their broker for Grease Monkeys only has an offer on the place for $5000 less than they paid for it.
- Susan finding some paper on the floor under Paul's desk in an exam - with maths formulae on it.
Erinsborough High
Susan asks Paul if the paper is his and Tad confesses that it's his. Paul seems reluctant to tell the truth. Susan tells Tad to go to her office and Paul to go back to the exam.
Cut to Susan's office. She doesn't understand why Tad would risk it - he says he panicked and he hadn't done the right revision in the right areas. He says that he got mixed up with too much on his plate. She picks up the phone to make a call.
Number 30
Joel is reading on the sofa when there's a knock on the door - it's Lou. He got a message from Toadie about the bathroom - the shower stall is leaking, and Lou says he'll get Joe to take a look at it. Lou wonders why it's so quiet - Joel tells him they're all out celebrating exams.
Joel also tells Lou that he's taking Flick to the Deb Ball - so Lou tells him he needs a tux, but Joel hadn't realised how important it was to get a suit. Lou says that's ridiculous - Flick will expect him to look great. Oh, and Lou can provide mates' rates for a limousine service.
Erinsborough High
Susan explains to Madge that the policy is that Tad will fail the exam and it'll go on his record. Madge asks if Tad can make it up in some way, but Susan says that Tad knew the roles - there are no unauthorised aids allowed in the exam room. Madge is really disappointed in Tad and tells him that he wasted his time playing music when he should have been studying. She won't listen to any excuses and tells him that he won't be playing at Hemisfear anymore. (I know the real spelling, now.)
The Kennedys'
Karl comes in looking for some papers. He picks them up and on the way out adjusts the monopoly board - giving himself an extra $500 and pushing himself out of jail...
Ooh, if only Susan could see that! Good things never come to those who cheat, Karl! And you should know better than to try and get one over Susan...
The Coffee Shop
Madge comes in and tells Harold that she had to keep an eye on Tad - he's sulking, apparently! They blame themselves for what happened, but agree that he has to take responsibility for his actions. They think that maybe they have too many things going on and haven't given Tad enough time - maybe they should sell up Grease Monkeys now for the lower price just to get it off their hands. Lou thinks it's a good idea.
Harold says he'll make an appointment with the broker this afternoon.
Number 30
Joel is trying to revise and learn hard words when Flick comes to the door - she wants Toadie to help her with her maths. Joel asks how the exam went, and he explains to her that he's learning different Latin names for coral (he's studying marine biology). He wants a way to make them stay in his head.
They try some mnemonics out, and have some fun making up sentences - he thinks she's good at helping him and she seems dead chuffed about that.
He tells her he's also out to find his deb suit after this - he's actually looking forward to it all. Flick offers him a second opinion on the suit if he needs one.
The Bishops'
Tad's on the phone to his half-brother Tim, telling him to hang in there - it's the chemo that's making him ill as well as better. He tries to reassure his brother who's obviously quite upset on the phone, and tells him he's brave.
Madge and Harold get home from the broker's and interrupt the phonecall; they ask how Tim is and Tad says that he's scared. Harold and Madge want to talk about the exams and Tad says he doesn't know why - he stuffed up, he knows it, and he's sorry. He doesn't understand how making him leave Hemisfear will help him in his maths exam, but they tell him it might help his English - which is apparently the day after he's meant to be doing a gig.
They tell him it's not up for negotiation.
The Scullys'
Flick is studying then looks out the window to see if she can see Joel. She puts a chair by the window to study *and* wait for Joel to appear! Then she sees him walking past her house where he stops and looks. She quickly hides her face and he doesn't see her.
She's damn pleased he looked at her house, though!
The Kennedys'
Susan tells someone on the phone that she'll look forward to something just as Karl comes home. He takes her hotel off...ooh! Mayfair! He removed her Mayfair hotel! Everyone knows that the best way to win Monopoly is to get all the Stations then build up on the Purples, Greens and Blues.
And anyone needing a tip - avoid the Reds and Yellows at all costs. The purchasing costs are high, and the return on your investment isn't as profitable as it could be. Guaranteed, someone will land on Fleet Street at least once, but somehow most people never seem to land on the other Reds and Yellows so you'll ultimately end up out of pocket.
Back to the show...
Karl sits at the table, all ready for the contest. He wants to finish it before he goes away to that conference. It's amazing how in Ramsay Street everyone either has family in Queensland or a job that requires conference attendance as an excuse for the actor to have a break from the show...but no-one ever just 'goes on holiday.' Why don't Karl and Susan just go on holiday together? Thailand? Paris (aww!)? London? New Zealand? No - instead, Karl will attend a conference and Susan will be going to Billy's in a few weeks' time in - guess where? Queensland!
Karl says that whilst he's away Susan can paint the spare room for him. She tells him that in order for that to happen he'll have to win first, and that's looking highly unlikely. She reminds him that she owns all the stations (See! What did I say?!) and has just put hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane...wait, Mayfair's hotel is missing! She tells him he's a naughty cheat, but he denies knowledge and says it must have fallen just as he drops it on the floor...!!! How does he think she won't notice these things?!
Susan tells Karl that he's the most dishonest person she's ever played Monopoly with...before cheating with the dice herself!! Wow - I never thought I'd see the day that Susan would cheat.
Susan tells Karl that Darcy was on the phone and wants to stay for a few weeks - he's doing a stint at A&E at the hospital...just as Susan lands on one more station and buys it.
KARL: How do you do that?
SUSAN: Because I'm better at this than you are.
She suggests that Darcy look after Karl's surgery whilst he's at the conference and Karl thinks it's a good idea, but is still miffed at the station.
The Scullys'
Joel comes round and wants Flick's help to get a suit. Then Paul comes to the door - Tad will be reported for cheating in the exam, and he can't find him. He asks Flick if she wants to go see a movie, but she can't, she has to help Joel get a suit.
The Coffee Shop
Lou asks about the sale of Grease Monkeys, and Harold says he's met the broker and accepted the offer - and they'll exchange contracts next week. They tell Lou that Tad is being angry and wilful, and they don't really know what's going on. He'll probably have to repeat Year 11. Lou tells them to go easy on themselves. Madge just wants Grease Monkeys sold so that she doesn't have that extra work.
The Kennedys'
Susan is upgrading Leicester Square from houses to a hotel. Ah - the Yellows.
KARL: You're a glutton. Haven't you got enough already?
SUSAN: Always room for more - providing the demolition men don't move in behind my back and start knocking things down.
She shows him the Yellows and tell him that the rent there is astronomical - she wouldn't land on there if she were him! But as I said, no-one lands on Yellows. It's Fleet Street you need to look out for.
Karl says he has a strategy - his time will come!
SUSAN: You just can't admit you're losing, can you?
KARL: I am not losing, darling. I am strategically developing the infrastructure of my budget properties.
SUSAN: They're not budget properties, they're the cheapies! And it's not property developing it's slum-lording! Honestly, Karl, whenever men feel threatened they start to intellectualise. Why can't you just admit that you're losing, and you're scared.
KARL: Why do women feel they've got a monopoly on emotion? I can't wait til there's another man around here, like when Darcy comes.
Karl tells Susan she can mock, but look out - she'll end up feeling outnumbered!
He lands on Mayfair.
A Deb Ball shop selling Deb Ball things
Flick and Joel are in the shop looking at outfits - Joel looks at outfits. There's a sort of montage thing here - a Music Video if you will - with Joel and Flick trying on different outfits. He ends up in a nice tux.
The Kennedys'
Darcy will come a week earlier and look after the surgery.
Karl lands on a Susan property. $200. He says he has a cash flow problem, so Susan suggests on selling a property. He refuses.
Karl chats inanely about how Darcy has always adored him and followed in his shadow, becoming a doctor, that sort of thing. Yeah, right! Susan suggests that Karl sell Waterworks, but Karl re-mortgages Old Kent Road instead.
SUSAN: Ooh, there goes the empire.
Karl then reminds Susan that he used to take Darcy fishing and how much he Darcy loved that. Susan comments that all Karl caught was seaweed. Now, I love Susan to pieces, but I thought that was a bit vicious - she's does nothing all day but put the poor man down. There's banter, but don't take it too far, Suse...
She also correctly reminds Karl that Darcy isn't twelve years' old anymore, and Karl knows that, but it doesn't change their relationship. Susan goes all quiet and says "you're missing the boys, aren't you?" He tells her she's not just a pretty face.
SUSAN: Attractive, perceptive, and most of all - disgustingly wealthy.
She kisses the money he's paid her - then Karl leans in a kisses her hard on the lips. Aw. Gotta love the Ks.
That Deb Ball shop again
Still in the middle of a Music Video.
Joel signs for his tux, and then Flick picks out a dress. Joel tells the shop guy that she isn't interested in buying anything, and ShopGuy says it's a shame - she'd look great in that blue one that she's holding up to herself. And then this weird soft screen effect thing happens and where Flick was holding the dress up, she's now in it.
Like a surreal scene from Mr Ben.
End Credits
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