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Neighbours Episode 3659 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3659
Australian airdate: 09/11/00
UK airdate: 10/01/01
UK Gold: 15/09/05
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: David Myles
Guests: Young Activist: Benjamin Schmideg
- "Mr Big Car" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Mick telling Michelle to organise a union to get better conditions from her boss.
Susan and Karl discovering they've both got quotes for Billy's bedroom.
No. 30
Lance is trying to organise a map of where he thinks the satellite will land. Flick wonders what Lance is going on about, so Toadie explains it to her but she would rather get help from Toadie for her exams. Toadie sends him packing just as Joel comes home. Lance turns on the charm to Joel to try and get his help but he dismisses him too because he's been studying all day and wants to relax. Upon hearing this, Flick decides she wants a break from studying.
The Coffee Shop
Susan and Karl still can't agree on who gets to redesign Billy's room, so they eventually agree on a challenge to decide - Susan to make no jokes at Karl's expense and Karl not to make a condescending remark for 24 hours.
Lou comes in and discusses the progress of the exhibition with Madge and Harold and confirms that he is only taking 5-10% commission to cover expenses when Madge gets a bit snarky. Madge leaves and Harold explains to Lou why Madge is a bit touchy - the broker friend Lou recommended hasn't turned up any buyers yet and they are getting nervous. Harold then comes up with an idea - bringing John Foster's widow to the exhibition and Lou likes this idea. Madge reappears back and her mood hasn't improved, so she decides to go home.
No. 24
And when she does get home her mood isn't improved much due to Tad's music blaring out (even Paul is complaining), so she bellows him to the living room to get the music turned down and to remind him that he should be studying too. He assures her he has studied and will continue after he's finished doing the tape he is making.
No. 30 spa
So the reason Flick wanted a break is so she can get into the spa with Joel! They talk about each other's previous relationships (Dione for him and Sean for her) and Joel wishes he could go out with someone and have fun and not have baggage around them. Flick suggests that is because he hasn't found the right girl yet which Joel agrees with. Flick now decides the jet beside her isn't strong enough and goes over to Joel's one instead but looks like it was just an excuse so she could sit near him.
No. 30
Lance decides to have a little rant about friendship to get Toadie to help him in his quest but it isn't working. A knock on the door brings Toadie some relief...until he answers it to find Michelle and all the other kids who deliver his leaflets holding a protest on his doorstep demanding better conditions! Michelle hands him a list of their demands when he wonders what is going on.
No. 30 spa
Flick and Joel are still sitting quite close to each other as they talk about her exams and then about the ball, which she is looking forward too because it gives her a chance to dress up for the night. As Joel gets out of the spa, she reminds him about the dancing lessons, which he isn't exactly thrilled to hear about.
No. 30
Toadie tries to explain to the workers that the problems they are experiencing are just due to teething problems, which they don't believe for one second. He then tells them that he is saying no to their demands, so Michelle announces they are on strike! Toadie's solution - doing nothing because he can find other's to replace them quite easily. Michelle reminds Toadie that some of the leaflets are advertising sales which begin tomorrow and suggests he'll be in trouble if they aren't delivered tonight...and all the leaflets they are holding are promptly dropped onto the sofa. As they leave, Toadie calls out to them that they can't break an agreement but Michelle has been having lessons from her Uncle Mick and tells the lawyer to be that since their contract was verbal; it isn't worth the paper it is written on! Lance has been watching all this happen and sniggers to Toadie that it serves him right.
Lou's Place
Susan and Karl talk about Lou's forthcoming exhibition, sniping away at each other. Each thinks they have won the bet and Lou who has been standing there listening to all this wants an explanation. Karl explains it and Lou thinks it is childish, but suggests a way to settle the argument - building a house of cards!
No. 28
Susan has built her house of cards and it is Karl's turn but the phone starts to ring. He wants her to answer but she refuses, so he eventually goes to answer it. While he is on the phone, Dahl decides to visit the table... With Susan offering encouraging words (one small step for Gullah's and a giant leap for the good buy) Karl's house is eventually demolished. Susan is claiming victory but Karl declares the contest null and void!
No. 24
Tad decides to open a math's text book wondering when he'll ever use the formula stuff again in real life. Paul replies never but it is a major part of the test. Oh no, Tad realises he hasn't paid attention in class and is having a major panic as he thought there would just be a couple of questions. To Madge and Harold's surprise, he decides to have an early night...to study in his room.
No. 28
Karl has decided on a new contest - playing Monopoly! - and so they set the game up with Karl demanding to be the boot!
No. 26
Michelle is still on a high over what happened with Toadie but Flick is in a world of her own (probably dreaming about Joel). Michelle recognises the look she has on her face and suggests that she is in love with Joel which Flick denies.
No. 30
Lance talks to Joel about going to the ball and the reception Joe and Lyn are going to give him when Toadie arrives home annoyed at delivering the leaflets. Lance offers Toadie a deal - he'll help deliver the leaflets if Toadie will help him look for the satellite and realising he hasn't got a lot of options, Toadie reluctantly accepts. Lance now turns his attention to Joel and with Toadie's help; badger him into coming with him.
School (next day)
The day of the math's exam has arrived and Paul is doing some last minute revision, surprised that Tad isn't doing likewise given his lack of preparation. Tad assures them that he has studied and everything is under control.
The Coffee Shop
Madge's mood still hasn't improved as the broker has found them a buyer but it is for $5,000 less than they paid for Grease Monkey's. Harold is surprised as the business has great potential if someone is willing to commit to it unlike them trying to run two businesses. Lou puts his tuppenceworth in - the market is down and they are lucky it is only $5,000 down and not something like $20,000, which Madge is so thrilled to hear!
Susan tells the pupils to turn the papers over as the exam has commenced. Paul begins reading the paper as Tad quietly removes a piece of paper with what looks like formula written on it from his pocket. Paul sees this and shakes his head to try and tell Tad not to use it. After thinking for a few seconds, Tad scrunches the paper up and goes to put it into his pocket but misses and it falls onto the floor. Tad looks worried.
No. 30
Toadie comes off the phone still annoyed at Michelle for calling a strike and Joel comments that Toadie has been beaten by a little kid. Toadie replies that Michelle isn't a kid but a hybrid and a dangerous entity! Joel adds that she also drives Flick crazy and Toadie wants to know what else Flick says before he starts ribbing him about her. Joel bails for the library leaving Toadie and Lance to wonder if something will happen between Flick and Joel...once they get past angry Joe Scully!
Susan wonders round the room as the pupils complete the paper but hears Paul trying to get the bit of paper Tad dropped under his foot. She just thinks it is a random bit of paper he has dropped until she retrieves it and after looking at it, wants Paul to explain it to her.
<<3658 - 3660>>
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