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Neighbours Episode 3658 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3658
Australian airdate: 08/11/00
UK airdate: 10/01/01
UK Gold: 15/9/05
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: David Myles
Guests: Mick Scully: Andy Anderson
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
- "Sharma Sharma" by Automatic
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Lance getting a message from Allana telling him she'll see him when she returns from a Star Trek convention.
- Libby wanting Drew to confirm there is nothing going on between him and Steph.
No. 28
Drew tries to tell Lib there is nothing going on but finally admits that there was an awkwardness between him and Steph because... Drew can't finish the sentence but Libby correctly finishes it by saying Steph is in love with him. Lib is in shock but Drew tells her she was in love with him and he didn't give her any reason to think otherwise. A still shocked Lib says she's been just an idiot.
Lou's Place
It's party time at the pub as Toadie and Lance celebrate finishing their exams with Toadie even buying the Kennedys a drink before suggesting they carry on partying at No. 30. The Scully boy's come in and Mick takes great delight in trying to chat Susan up. At the bar, Joe tells Karl he's just about finished the quote and will give him it later and Karl asks him not to give him it in front of Susan.
No. 28
Lib wonders if Drew knew about Steph being in love with him because people know when someone is in love but Drew obviously doesn't as he didn't pick up any vibes and reassures Libby he wasn't looking either. Lib asks if anyone else knows and Drew reluctantly says Toadie, which surprises Libby for not just him failing to tell her but the fact that he fancied Steph too. She now wishes that Drew had told her earlier but he explains that he didn't want to ruin her friendship with Steph and that Steph didn't want him to know anyway. Drew hopes that it doesn't affect the three of him but Libby points out the obvious ie of course it will!
Ramsay Street
In almost pitch black darkness, Michelle tries to finish delivering her leaflets when she runs into her dad and uncle on the way home from the pub, surprised to see her still out. Chelle explains that she has to finish them or she'll lose her job. Mick decides to give his niece some advice - better conditions, shorter route and a complimentary torch and if Toadie doesn't listen/agree to them then get together with some mates to form a union and threaten to quit to help the process along! Joe is a bit annoyed to say the least as he can see it from the other side ie the employers when they spot Toadie and his mates heading home.
No. 26
Steph and Lyn finish clearing up after a success first Beauty Tree party night and Lyn suggests to Steph she joins forces but Steph doesn't see selling cosmetics as her new career even if she is unemployed. Steph is still a bit down about not getting the job and Lyn gives her some comforting words and Steph admits that she'd still like to move out at some point just as the men and Michelle enter asking how the party went.
No. 28
Lib is still down about the revelation of Steph liking Drew but he reassures her he didn't make any advances and wishes he'd kept quiet but Libby admits she isn't or she'd feel like there was a something he was keeping from her. Susan and Karl arrive to interrupt the chat and Drew decides this would be a good moment to leave but not before Libby tells him that she believes him. Karl and Susan have a look of panic on their face, wondering what is up and even a change of topic (Karl asking Libby if the satellite has crashed yet - it hasn't) fails to lighten the mood and as Libby heads to her room they begin to panic, Karl especially over money paid out for this wedding.
No. 26
Steph finishes clearing up as Michelle asks her questions about the satellite before plucking up the courage to ask if Steph is going to move out. Steph gives her the positives for when she moves out - a room to herself and a place to crash whenever she needs it.
Ramsay Street
Steph wheels out the wheelie bin and notices Drew sitting on a wall thinking, so she goes over and joins him. They talk about how the Beauty Tree party went before he tells her about Libby finding out how she feels about him. Steph is upset to say the least about how it has come out as she feels Libby is going to hate her.
No. 28
Lib comes back out of her room and tells Susan about Steph being in love with Drew and Susan is shocked like Libby was earlier. Lib adds that Drew has said nothing has happened and that she believes him before going on to say that she feels betrayed as Steph was her friend. Susan says she feels sorry for Steph but Libby can't feel that at this moment, so Susan replies that will happen eventually and reminds her that she is the one in love. Libby is having trouble knowing how to act in front of Steph, given this news, so Susan suggests they just be friends, which sounds right to Libby.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Oh no, triple trouble for Steph as first she sees Libby and Susan exit Number 28 then Drew from Number 22. As they chat beside Susan's car, the triple blow happens to Steph - she can't get her bike to start since she doesn't exactly want to be hanging around. Drew can hear the bike not starting and tells Libby it is a dirty spark plug, so she sends him over to help Steph out.
No. 30
It's the morning after the night before and there are bodies all over the shop as Lance comes through to the living room after commenting to Toadie that the door was open. Toadie spots some crisps on the table and starts to eat them but Lance has noticed something about them - they are spelling Allana's name, which proves she has been round. He eventually spots a note from her telling him to be at TCS at 9am.
Ramsay Street
Steph's bike is now fixed and she gets ready to leave but as she does, Libby stops her and invites her into Number 28 for a chat, which Steph reluctantly agrees to.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is patiently waiting for Allana when Joe hands Karl his quote for the renovations he wants done. Karl is happy with it and will get back to Joe. Just as Mick and Joe are about to leave TCS, they run into Susan and Mick tells Susan that Joe has her quote for her! Oops! While this was going on, Allana has slipped in unobserved by Lance and has left him a sign with his name and a video tape which he grabs before running out of the shop to see if he can spot her.
No. 28
Steph isn't exactly thrilled to be talking to Libby because as far as Steph is concerned, they are talking about a non-event, so she tries to leave to get to the job agency. Lib stops her and tells her that she isn't trying to make her feel bad, which is how Steph feels before Steph lets slip about talking to Drew the previous night. Lib thinks he went round to Number 26 but Steph explains that she met him accidentally while putting the rubbish out and feels that Libby is going to be looking out for any secret signs. Lib replies that isn't the case, but Steph explains that is how it feels like.
STEPH: Look the whole world knows how much he loves you and if you don't believe it then you are crazy. (Pause) Lib, you have got him to yourself now, no competition. Please just be happy about it and don't let things get messed up now.
No. 30
Lance rushes home with the tape Allana left for him and wants to put the tape into the VCR but Toadie wants to watch cartoons.
Building site
Lyn stops by to tout trade for Beauty Tree from Joe's workers other halves. She wonders how Mick is getting on and he announces his presence by telling Joe they made $50 from betting on the horses. Lyn isn't impressed.
The Coffee Shop
Drew calls in and notices Libby there. Libby tells him about her talk with Steph and wants to know why he didn't tell her about his conversation he had with Steph the previous night. Drew explains it was an innocent chance meeting and didn't intend for any secrets to be kept from her.
No. 30
Lance and Toadie watch the video message from Allana - he's to collect a part of the doomed satellite.
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