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Neighbours Episode 3657 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3657
Australian airdate: 07/11/2000
UK airdate: 08/01/2001
UK Gold: 14/09/2005
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Myles
Guests: Mick Scully - Andy Anderson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lyn tells Joe that Mick can't expect everything to fall in his lap
Steph quits Moco
On the corner of Baranbali Drive
Steph is walking home with a box of her Moco possessions when who should pass but Drew. He gives her a lift as she leant her bike to Stanno. She tells him that she quit her job - she could stand it no more. Drew asks her what she's going to do for work, looking weird wearing his beanie and sheepskin coat without his stubble. Steph is sorted - she applied for one in West Newbury. Drew knows she's moving away because of him, and is sorry about it. They drive on.
The Coffee Shop
Joe comes in and tells Lyn that he's a man down so has to rush off. Mick comes in, just up after having had a big night with the boys. Lyn questions him spending money when he's jobless but Joe thinks he doesn't have to explain. Mick refuses Joe's offer of work on the site - he has some interviews lined up. When Joe has gone Lyn asks when he lined up the interviews but Mick says he did it last night. He'll shout her lunch if she gives him $20! Lyn tells him to get a job, laughing.
Ramsay Street
Drew and Steph pull up and Drew asks if leaving Ramsay Street is the best idea - he thought things were getting better between them. Steph thinks it's getting harder. Drew knows everyone will miss her but Steph think they'll hardly notice. Libby appears, having finished her last exam. Steph announces about her job and her possible new one. Libby's happy to hear she's left Moco. Drew watches his fiancée follow Steph up the stairs of number 26, looking worried.
Number 26
Libby thinks the job sounds great and it would be good for her to have her own place. She and Drew can come and stay with her! Steph doesn't sound too enthusiastic about that idea. Mick comes in - he's listening to the horse racing. Steph tells him about quitting her job and Mick's glad she has - just wait till her parents hear! Steph, contrastingly, doesn't seem to be looking forward to that.
The Garage
Libby comes round to see Drew. Lou disappears. Drew is surprised that Libby sounds happy for Steph but she plans to visit her all the time. She talks about designing their wedding rings. Drew already has an idea. Before she goes she says that they should all get together and celebrate the end of her exams and Steph's new job. Drew agrees.
The Site
Lyn comes down with a sarnie for Joe. She doesn't think that Mick is even looking for a job, but Joe thinks he is - he said so! And it isn't easy to look for one. Maybe he needs to relax a bit. Lyn knows he'll stick up for Mick no matter what, but she thinks he needs a kick up the backside! Joe muses that maybe he should offer him something more permanent at the site and Lynnie thinks that's a good idea.
Number 26
Mick's horse hasn't won. Steph isn't happy to hear he's betting on them. The phone rings and Steph's hopes are suddenly dashed - she didn't get the West Newbury job. Mick thinks she'll get something better - it's their loss.
Number 32
Tess can't get into the house because Dee is preparing a surprise for her - she promises her it'll be ten minutes.
Lou's Place
Drew and Lou talk about the Steph problem. Drew thinks Libby is completely oblivious to it and Lou wishes he was so popular! Drew doesn't want both of them to be upset. Lou thinks it would be best to tell Libby the truth now - sooner rather than later. But Drew doesn't want to destroy her friendship with Steph. He's also worried that Steph won't get over him by moving away. Lou believes absence makes the heart forget. They move onto wedding presents - Drew's going to fix up a car for Libby. Libby comes in and notices the secretiveness - she doesn't like the idea of Drew having secrets from her! Drew promises he won't keep anything from her.
Number 32
Outside Tess tries to look at the living room through the window but Dee catches her and shouts "No peeking!"
Number 26
Mick thinks that Lyn put Joe up to the job offer. Joe assures him that it wasn't - he needs more men as a favour and needs an answer now. Mick agrees. Steph tells Joe that she quit her job - and she didn't get the other one either. Joe tells her that he did warn about waiting until she got it. Steph says she'll get another one and Joe disputes her belief that there are plenty of jobs out there. "Jeez, Dad, I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to study the economic forecast this morning." He asks if she wants her old job back but she doesn't. She yells at him that she'll find something else.
Number 32
Tess really needs to get in to do marking. Dee finally lets her in. The living room has been redecorated - brash, colourful bits of material droop here and there. Candles are lit and some interesting ornaments adorn the surfaces. Tess looks shocked and agrees it's certainly a surprise. Dee reminds her about the 'Beauty Tree' thing. Tess isn't having a good day.
Number 26
Joe and Mick are lounging about the place and Lyn needs some help to get ready for the party. Lyn is glad to hear that Mick is going to work with Joe and discovers that Steph quit her job. Lyn thinks it's all to do with Drew - it's ruining Steph's life!
Number 26
Later on Steph is back and asks Lyn to give her the 'I told you so' speech. Lyn hugs her and says she's sorry she didn't get the job but something will turn up. Lyn forgot the drinks so Steph goes out for some. Mick and Joe decide to head to the pub for dinner. Tess and Dee arrive and promise to hold the fort while Lyn gets changed.
Outside 26
Drew and Libby are walking along and Joe makes a comment about Lyn roping them into the 'Beauty Tree' thing too. Drew at least should come down the pub with them. They have no idea. Joe asks Steph why she didn't invite Libby. Drew thinks she was just looking out for her, but Libby thinks it might have been fun. The boys leave and Steph tells Libby that she's sorry she forgot. Libby might give it a miss - she and Drew have plans. Steph looks like she can't get out of there fast enough. Once Steph has gone Libby asks Drew if Steph seemed odd - she could swear something was wrong.
Number 26
'Beauty Tree' stuff. Dee buys some stuff and Lyn and Steph go to do some drinks. Steph tells Lyn that Libby couldn't come because she and Drew had a prior arrangement.
Number 28
The movie Libby and Drew are watching is pants and they turn it off. Libby is thinking about Steph - something is wrong but she won't talk about it. Drew suggests it could be to do with her job. Libby has the feeling that Drew knows more than he's letting on - it's like he's trying to cover for her. Drew turns it on her - she's so suspicious. "So there's nothing going on?" Drew doesn't say anything but from his face Libby knows there's something "What?" Time for the credits - what a cliffhanger!
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