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Neighbours Episode 3661 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3661
Australian airdate: 13/11/00
UK airdate: 12/01/01
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Allana leaves a surreal sci-fi video message for Lance's next Labour of Love.
- Joel watches Flick holding a dress to herself at the Deb Ball shop.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is looking at a car magazine - Drew is trying to find a Beatle for Libby and Lou has offered to help. Madge joins in the conversation - she saw one for sale around Erinsborough somewhere. Lou sets up to leave and find the car - and Harold says he will help if Lou can wait til tomorrow.
Joel and Flick come in - she asks him if he can do dance lessons tomorrow for the Ball. Joel says the problem is that he promised to help Lance with something. Flick can show him the dances later on.
The Garage
Lou comments that Lance is going out of his way to impress Allana - in his day chocolates used to work. Lou finds what Lance needs - a metal detector! Lou also asks Lance to take drink with him - Pear Passion! He obviously needs to get rid of it...
Number 30
Toadie is looking at a Swiss Knife - Lance tells him he needs to take the camping trip seriously, but Toadie isn't very serious. Lance can't wait for the adventure, and tells him that Lou has given them drink to take.
The Scullys'
Flick says that no-one's home, and Joel is going to teach her how to dance. She can't believe he knows ballroom dancing. He holds her and tells her to follow his lead. She steps on his feet - he hasn't even shown her how a waltz works - where the feet go. Surely that's the first step? It's not like it's hard!
The Bishops'
Madge is towel drying her hair, although it doesn't even look wet. Harold is cooking. Madge finds a newspaper ad that Harold has picked up asking for people to enter a Best BBQ Dish competition. He wants to enter a veggie option, but Madge doesn't think that's what the judges are expecting. He tells her not to tell anyone else about it.
The Scullys'
Flick and Joel are still practising the waltz and fall onto the sofa just as Chelle comes in. She asks for another lesson soon, and Joel apologises again that he can't make the proper rehearsals tomorrow.
Chelle comments that Joel's too old for her after he's gone, and tells Harvey the Dog that Flick's in love.
Cut to later, Flick and Chelle are in the kitchen and Flick is insisting that there's nothing going on between her and Joel. Chelle carries on teasing her and says she won't tell their dad or Joel about the crush, but she thought maybe Flick wanted to talk about it.
Flick tells her that even if there was something to talk about, she wouldn't talk about it with her. Chelle is *so* irritating.
Number 30
Toadie and Lance are watching the news to see where the satellite will land (Lance has to collect a piece for Allana) and therefore where they need to camp. Toadie thought the camping trip was going to be fun - he didn't realise they'd be working to retrieve satellite pieces.
Joel comes in and says he won't be able to help hunt for satellite pieces - he has to go and practice dancing with Flick for the ball.
The Bishops'
Madge tells Harold that the dish he's cooked needs meat and barbecue sauce to make it edible! She thinks maybe she'll enter the competition herself. Lou comes in and asks what smells so nice - Tofu Steak!
Lou tells them about the BBQ competition - he also wants to enter. They all agree they'll all enter, and Harold makes them promise that they won't use Tofu. No chance of that!
The Scullys'
Chelle is ironing and Flick tells her it was her turn to do it. Michelle tells Flick that she wants to talk to her and promises not to tell their parents about Joel. Flick gives in and says she's liked Joel a while, and Michelle confesses she likes him, too! Flick tells her that he's not interested in either of them.
Number 30 / The Scullys'
The boys want Joel to camp with them, not practice dancing with a 17 year old floozy!!! Woohoo! Go boys!
Joel calls Flick and tells her he can practice dancing tomorrow. She's thrilled that he isn't UFO hunting and tells him he won't regret it. She'll make it fun! Joel is pleased with his decision, and Chelle thinks it's great that he changed his plans for her!
The Coffee Shop
Lou is trying to convince others to enter the competition, and wants Harold to come and help him hunt for cars in Eden Hills.
Ramsay Street
Flick and Chelle come over and wish the boys good luck on their trip. Lance and Toadie try and make Flick feel bad that Joel isn't going, so she tells him to go - they can have another private dance lesson when he gets back. The boys are thrilled! So easily pleased.
Michelle demands the money that Toadie owes her for the work she's been doing, and he pays up.
The Scullys'
Flick thought Chelle was going to buy their mum a present with the money, but she wants to get a scooter! Flick wishes she had some money to get something for the deb - not a dress, but something special, and she's looking at a magazine of lingerie as she says it. Chelle makes an excuse that she has to go shopping and dashes off.
Driving somewhere
The boys are driving somewhere, and Toadie and Lance say that Flick obviously wants to be Joel's girlfriend - why can't he see it?
The Bishops'
Harold and Lou arrive home and Harold got a ticket going through a red light! Harold blames Lou for being a really bad navigator and confusing him. Madge thinks it's hilarious! He was fined and has points on his license. Lou found a car so he'll make a call later.
Lou goes and Harold complains that he can never say no to Lou - Madge says it's because he has a big heart. Harold says he really wants to win the BBQ competition, and Madge understands that he wants to do something where others aren't stealing the limelight, so she offers to back out.
Harold is grateful and says that BBQing is a guy thing anyway...and Madge thinks that he's being very sexist...so she'll enter anyway, and now she's going to win.
The Scullys'
Chelle has bought Flick a present for the Deb - it's some lingerie for the ball to going under the dress. Flick is really touched that she's done this.
Driving somewhere
There's a radio announcement that the area near the satellite has been closed off by police, so people won't be able to find pieces of it when it crashes to Earth. Lance wants to get there somehow - using smaller roads and other routes.
He'll do it alone if he has to - so the boys can help him or not!
End Credits
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