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Neighbours Episode 3604 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3604
Australian airdate: 24/08/00
UK airdate: 16/10/00
UK Gold: 09/08/05
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Doula Tsobanopoulos: Katherine Halliday
DJ Knocker: Scott Terrill
- "Passage" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul asks Flick to the football do and she agrees.
Karl's old friend Ryan says he's headhunting Karl.
Flick tells Tad that Doula is ripping him off.
Tad is ringing Doula while Paul and Flick discuss the football do. Paul says the football guys are all good blokes. He tells Flick she's full of herself.
Tad comes off the phone and tells Flick and Paul that Doula will pay him tomorrow.
The Pub
Tess and Daniel are talking about Rainbow Alley - she thinks its very relevant to the kids as teenagers.
At the bar, Lou is telling Madge about the website - it seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Madge is coming round to the idea a bit though. She agrees to come in on the website.
Lyn is reading the back cover of Rainbow Alley rather worriedly. Flick tells her that it's a school book. Lyn is a bit horrified but Flick saysthere's nothing in the book that she doesn't already know.
Tess and Daniel's
Barney the lizard knocks Brendan's photo off the shelf and the frame smashes.
Tad says that Paul obviously wants more than friendship with Flick, but Paul says he's over it. Tad says maybe Paul should be a bit less nice to Flick - she loves it(!)
Tad is looking through vinyl records when Madge comes in - she tells them that she needs some tips about the internet.
Lyn is reading Rainbow Alley and making disapproving noises.
Tess and Daniel are enjoying themselves. Daniel overhears Doula at the bar, arguing with one of her DJs.
Karl isn't pleased that Libby has gone to Grandpa Tom's but admits it's mostly Ryan's job offer that's on his mind. It's with a pharmaceutical company. Susan is not enamoured with the sound of the job.
Ramsay Street
Lyn approaches Tess and asks her for a word about Rainbow Alley. She says she's not sure she wants Felicity to be exposed to such issues. She says it's the responsibility of parents to protect their children for as long as they can. Tess suggests that Lyn comes to the school to discuss it with them properly.
Paul and Tad are telling Flick that they overheard Lyn talking to Tess about Rainbow Alley. Flick is embarrassed.
Tad goes off to meet Doula saying that she's going to pay him today.
When Tad has gone, Paul tells Flick he's sick of her always assuming that he's after her. Flick says that they're friends, but Paul thinks their friendship is one-sided. He does so much for Flick but she never does anything for him in return. Flick says she'll come to the footy do with him and apologises for making Paul feel bad. They hug.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess and Daniel are discussing Rainbow Alley. Tess isn't looking forward to talking to Lyn further about the book.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn approaches Karl and Susan and says she wants a word about Rainbow Alley. She says it's morally bankrupt and glamourises drug-taking, squatting, etc. Susan thinks she should finish the book before she judges. Lyn tells Susan that other parents are planning a formal complaint.
When Lyn has gone, Karl tells Susan not to worry. Susan says she was expecting a backlash - she thinks she's in for a rocky time.
Lou comes to see Madge about the website. She agrees to come to a meeting.
The Coffee Shop
Tad meets Doula. She flatters him saying he's got a bright future. She gives him a baseball cap.
Flick is ranting at Lyn for complaining about the book. She tells Lyn that she's living in the last century. But Lyn is unmoved, she doesn't think the book is suitable.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is trying to talk to Doula about his pay. She evades him and says he's got a great opportunity at the nightclub. She insinuates that if he continues to moan about money, she'll have to find someone else to take his place.
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