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Neighbours Episode 3603 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3603
Australian airdate: 23/08/00
UK airdate: 13/10/00
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Ryan Sampson: Rob Lyon
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Acoustic Aspirin" by Violetine
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold asks Doula when Tad will be getting paid.
Joel asks Dione to marry him.
Dione is stunned by Joel's proposal. She stutters and asks him why - they've never even talked about this. She thinks he's joking, but he assures her he's serious. Dione is speechless.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess is feeding Daniel's lizard when Daniel and Paul come in from jogging. They chat about the football club dinner and Daniel says he's asked Steph to be his date. If Steph says no, he says he'll take Tess instead(!)
Dione is still looking very shocked and Joel is still banging on about getting married. He says she can have time to think about it - she can tell him in the morning(!) She decides to go and makes a sharp exit.
Susan and Libby are enjoying playing a computer game. Libby loves the new computer and Susan is pleased to see Libby looking so happy again.
Karl comes in and looks curiously at what Libby is doing on the computer. He sits down with her. He tells Libby and Susan that he's having dinner with an old friend Ryan tomorrow.
Flick asks Tad if Doula is going to pay him this time(!) Tad says it's not all about the money - he's expressing himself creatively. Flick is not impressed.
Paul comes in from his jog just as Flick is leaving. She tells him he needs a shower(!)
PAUL: Do I smell or something?
TAD: No worse than usual.
Paul asks Tad if he thinks Flick will come to the footy club dinner with him. Tad says he hasn't got a chance(!)
The Pub
Daniel asks Joel what he's smiling about. He tells him quietly that he's proposed to Dione. Daniel is taken aback - he says that explains why she and Tess are having a heart-to-heart back at Tess' place. Joel is oblivious to reality and glows with happiness.
Ramsay Street
Paul is not very talkative and Flick tells him not to turn into a football-type. Paul is not impressed with this. He tells Flick there's nothing wrong with football. Tess and Daniel come up behind them. Daniel gives Paul a surreptitious questioning thumbsup regarding Flick, but Paul gives him a thumbsdown(!) Daniel grimaces.
They wave to Dione on the other side of the road.
Joel opens the door to Dione. She says she hasn't slept well because of what she has to tell him. She tells him that she really loves him, but she doesn't want to get married at this point in her life. Joel says it doesn't matter that they're young, but Dione says they've already had problems and they shouldn't rush things. Dione says she doesn't want to hurt him, but she can't marry him. She wishes he hadn't proposed. Joel looks stricken.
Tad and Paul are laughing over a naughty bit in a book. Tess and Daniel tease them and then Tess says that Tad's marks have been slipping. Daniel says that "Rainbow Alley" is a risky choice and that Tess is a brave woman.
Dione and Joel are still talking. He says that Dione wanted commitment, but Dione says that marriage is too much - Joel's not even out of Uni yet. He says that if he had a million dollars she'd change her tune. Dione is insulted. She apologises for hurting him though.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is still banging on about Doula not paying Tad. Paul says testily that it's got nothing to do with Flick. He goes on to say that Flick is always putting him down - he's annoyed with it. Paul says he was going to ask her to the footy night but he won't bother now. But Flick says she'll come - as his date. Flick starts overanalysing things - she doesn't want to be Paul's girlfriend. Paul tells her to forget it.
Joel tells Libby that maybe he rushed things by proposing to Dione. Libby says that maybe Joel isn't Dione's dream partner.
JOEL: What about you?
LIBBY: What about me?
JOEL: Well, did you get it wrong too? You said yes to your dream partner. What happened?
The Pub
Tess and Daniel are having a friendly chat. Dione comes in and says that things went terribly with Joel. She feels guilty about hurting him.
At the bar, Karl and Susan are talking to Karl's friend, Ryan. Susan is being quite sarcastic. Ryan mentions Martin Chester, much to Karl and Susan's discomfort. Ryan says he's got a new girlfriend himself - Meredith. Susan leaves Ryan and Karl to it.
Ryan says that he didn't think Karl and Susan would make it(!) He tells Karl that he's glad to have thrown in his practice - he's really enjoying life now.
Libby is sitting on a chair reading, but her heart isn't in it.
Cue music: "If I Had Yewwwww...."
Libby pulls a photo of her and Drew out of her bag and looks a bit sad.
The Pub
Ryan is still banging on about how good his life is. He says he needs some help with his new workload and asks Karl to come on board and help him with it. Karl is surprised but Ryan says he's headhunting him.
Dione comes round with a peace offering of some food for Joel. She apologises for hurting him again. Joel tells her she was right - he's 21 and he was crazy to think about marriage. But he still wants to see her, obviously - he loves her. Dione says saying no yesterday doesn't mean no forever. It might happen one day.
Tad is stressing out about his music selection for that evening. Flick is still cross that Tad isn't getting paid by Doula. Tad overhears this and gets cross with Flick. Flick says he has to start standing up for himself.
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