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Neighbours Episode 3605 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3605
Australian airdate: 25/08/00
UK airdate: 17/10/00
UK Gold: 09/08/05
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Lisa Ryan: Tania Lunson
Ian Curtis: Ben Fuller
Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Dorothy Rivers: Marita Wilcox
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Daniel explains the charity date idea to Tess.
Lance tells Toadie that he's pulled a girl.
Doula tells Tad that she's given him a good opportunity and if he keeps moaning about his pay, she'll find someone else to take his place.
Toadie and Lance have dressed Scobie up in Hawaiian clothes so they can take a photo of him and send him to Lou(!)
Lisa calls for Lance. He speaks to her in a "cool" voice(!) She asks him to the pub and she says he'll think about it. Toadie mocks him, but Lance says "treat them mean, keep them keen". He says he's got his new persona down pat!
Tad tells Harold that Doula has his best interests at heart and she'll introduce him to top DJs. Paul tells Tad that he's getting ripped off, but Tad says he can't push Doula any further in case he loses his job.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle is eyeing up some chocolate bars. She tells Flick she needs one more bar and she'll win the Boy4 competition. Flick says it's a ploy by the manufacturers to sell chocolate and the odds are stacked against Michelle.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess answers the door to Susan who has come to borrow a copy of Rainbow Alley. Daniel is reading it, but he playfully hands it over. Susan is worried about the parent backlash about the book that might be coming.
When Susan has gone and Daniel has gone to start dinner, Tess sees that her picture of Brendan is in a new frame. Apparently Daniel replaced the frame that he broke. Tess looks thoughtful and says that she's going to put the photo somewhere less public.
Michelle is fussing around with chocolate bar wrappers, much to Flick's disgust.
Drew comes round and invites Steph to the football formal. She's not keen, telling him that she said no to Daniel and she can't turn up now. She eventually relects though, as long as Drew explains the situation to Daniel. Drew agrees.
Tad is waiting for Doula to talk about his pay. Another DJ tells him that Doula is big on promises and small on delivery.
The Pub
Lance is teaching Lisa to play pool using his "cool" persona. Lisa is totally taken in by it. Lance takes her off to Hemisfear.
Tad is DJing to about 5 extras(!). Lance and Lisa sit at a table with a drink. Lisa complains that she was short-changed at the bar so Lance goes over to sort him out. As Lisa watches out of earshot, Lance asks the guy what time the nightclub closes while making strong body language (pointing at the bloke's chest etc) Then he takes $10 from his pocket and gives it back to Lisa who is chuffed. She is even more impressed when she finds out that Lance knows Tad!
Paul is nervous about the football match ahead. Harold is going along to watch. When Harold has left the room, Paul glowers at Tad for not getting paid again. Tad says he's sorting it out and asks Paul not to tell Harold.
Football field
Daniel is giving the team a pep talk as the Scullys, the Kennedys, Tess and Harold watch from the sidelines. The game begins.
Lance is cleaning the barbecue in the living room (like you do). Lance tells Toadie that Lisa is smitten with him. Toadie says it's not Lance she likes - it's the pretend Lance! Lance says that's a minor detail!
Football field
Our Heroes are playing well (although Drew looks a bit girlie in his socks and long hair) Some girls ogle Paul as he plays. Michelle sees that one of the girls is eating a Boy4 chocolate bar and inches up to her. When the girl throws the wrapper away, Michelle retrieves it from the bin. As the crowd screams at the match, Michelle screams too - she's found the last card she needed.
Football formal
Drew has told Daniel about the Steph situation and he has taken it good-naturedly. Lance tells Toadie that things are going great with Lisa but Toadie is unconvinced. They comment on how well Steph is getting on with Drew. Lance thinks that Steph likes Drew. Toadie looks surprised.
Michelle is on the phone to her field enthusing about the Boy4 competition.
Football formal
The girls have been talking to Paul all night. Flick feels a bit left out. When Paul has gone to the bar, a girl comes up and tells Flick how lucky she is to be Paul's boyfriend. Flick tells her that they're just friends.
The charity auction starts with Daniel being bid for. Steph starts the bidding at 20c and gets into a bidding war with Flick.
FLICK: $35!
STEPH: $40!
LANCE: $42.75!
TOADIE: What are you doing?
LANCE: I hear he can cook!
TOADIE: $43!
Finally Tess bids $50 and wins the auction.
Susan is on the phone to Libby while Karl reads Rainbow Alley. Susan says Libby sounds perfectly happy. Karl groans - Tom treats her with comtempt and she loves it(!)
Karl says that some parts of Rainbow Alley are a bit racy - he can see the parents' point of view. But he's not advocating withdrawing the book. Susan just has to convince the parents that it makes kids think in a constructive way.
Football Formal
One of the girls, Cheyenne wins the auction for Paul. Flick is not impressed, she says the auction is tasteless. Apparently Steph has bid for Drew, but she plays it down saying she was helping the fundraiser. Drew tells Steph he's going fishing for a few days. He suggests that she goes with him and Steph agrees. Toadie overhears this and looks very seriously at Steph.
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