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Neighbours Episode 3595 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3595
Australian airdate: 11/08/00
UK airdate: 03/10/00
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Doula Tsobanopoulos:Katherine Halliday
Gino Esposito: Claude Stevens
Trina Vinten: Jan Thompson
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Corfu Honeymoon" by Unknown
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "The Light" by Bexta
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe tells Lyn to go for it with the hairdressing competition.
Lance is sad that Dione's friends didn't like him.
Dione insists that she and Lance can have a good time without her friends. Dione says they thought Lance was a nice guy, but her friends don't go for guys who are nice - they think it's old-fashioned. Lance can't understand this mentality at all.
Kennedys, the following morning
Lyn calls round and says it looks like it's going to be a nice day and hopes they're looking forward to tonight. Susan and Karl don't look very enthusiastic (they've clearly forgotten!!). When Lyn has gone, Susan explains about the hair competition.
KARL: Why must you torment me, woman?!
SUSAN: Well, that's my job!
Flick calls roun and Tad tells her excitedly that Doula is coming around that afternoon. Flick is fed up about the hairdressing competition. They each talk across each other about their different preoccupations(!)
Lyn comes in and tells Flick that Corena has got food poisoning - she won't be able to make the competition and begs Flick to step in.
The Coffee Shop
Dione is telling Lance that Joel has a bit of an edge. That's why he gets girls - he hasn't got Lance's aura of niceness.
LANCE: I went out with Amy for ages.
DIONE: Yeah, but she was weird.
Dione thinks Lance is halfway there with his ute and his job - girls will look at him when he's all sweaty in the ute with a suntanned arm hanging out of the window(!) Dione reckons that girls love that(!) They suddenly turn round and find Harold eavesdropping. Harold says there's nothing wrong with being nice and the cliche about "nice guys finish last" couldn't be further from the truth. Harold says they only have to look at him and Madge(!)
Harold confides in Lance that Lou always had his eye on Madge, so nice people don't always finish last.
LANCE: I'm going to end up marrying Madge, aren't I?
Flick is moaning about the hairdressing competition and Lyn sits down in frustration.
Joe suddenly gives her a very good pair of scissors and Lyn is chuffed to bits. Flick reluctantly agrees to be in the competition, as long as she can get the negatives of the photos(!)
Tad is making moussaka for Doula, much to Madge's amusement. She leaves Tad to it.
Tad answers the door to Doula who is a bit surprised by the Greek music he's playing!
Susan asks Karl what he's done with Drew's cheque. She finds it and rips it up. Karl agrees with her decision.
Doula says she's off Greek food after a lifetime of eating it. Tad closes the oven sadly. Doula goes on to say that she likes Malaysian stuff now. Tad is disappointed. He asks Doula about the sets she wants him to do next week. Doula gets up and eats some of the food Tad's prepared after all. She tells him he's going to be interviewed in Street Press. Tad is chuffed to bits.
Flick is getting ready for the hairdressing competition. She's not sure what to wear. Lyn is very nervous about the competition.
Joe comes out wearing a leather jacket and tells her not to say anything about Starsky and Hutch(!) He goes to phone the neighbours to see if they'll come down and give Lyn a bit of support.
Diona and Lance are hanging out. He's looking forward to watching Star Trek tonight(!) Lance answers the phone to Joe. Lance says he can't make the hairdressing competition because he's "a bit busy".
JOE: (sarcastically) I'm sorry to hear that Lance. I know that Lynnie's been a great friend to you boys ever since we've been here, and er...pretty much kept your stomachs full. I'm very sorry that you can't reciprocate.
LANCE: OK, what time's it on?
Lance breaks the news to Dione who isn't impressed. She says she's going to have to teach Lance how to say no!
Hairdressing competition
The neighbours are watching the hairdressers doing their stuff. Susan is chuffed with her hairstyle and parades it with some others in front of a suspiciously small audience(!) Karl is annoying Joe by suggesting that hairspray might affect people's lungs(!)
Flick sits down for the next round and Lyn starts styling. She tells Flick that she's changed her mind from what she'd planned. She's going to beat Gino.
Madge and Harold are eating the moussaka. Tad asks Madge for some Malaysian recipes(!) Tad answers the phone to Doula. The DJ hasn't turned up and asks Tad to step in. Tad begs Madge and Harold to let him go and Harold agrees on the condition that Harold goes along too (because he's underage).
Hairdressing competition
The models are parading very nice styles. Flick's style gets a large round of applause.
The results of the professional women's section are announced. Gino wins the section and Lyn is upset that she didn't even get a placement. She gets up to leave. But then the glamour section results are announced and Lyn gets second place! Gino gets first place again. Lyn is delighted though and accepts her trophy happily.
Tad is trying to put Harold off coming to the club with him. But Madge says they're not being unreasonable - he's not going without Harold. Tad says petulantly that he's not a kid.
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