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Neighbours Episode 3596 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3596
Australian airdate: 15/08/00
UK airdate: 05/10/00
UK Gold: 03/08/05
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald - Brett Tucker
Jonny Gilroy - Nathan Bocskay
Maurie Ryan - Neil Fletcher
Lisa Ryan - Tania Lunson
- "This Girl Is Bad" by A Baker And C Marlo
- "Join The Celebration" by A Baker And C Marlo
- "Oh My Baby Blue" by A Baker And C Marlo
- "Satie" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Shona
Dee tells Toadie that she's 'kind of dreading' Joel coming home
Tad defies Madge and Harold, telling them he will go to the club and play his gig, without their permission
Number 24
Harold tells Madge that he said he'd accompany Tad to the gig, but she thinks that while he's behaving like a child he shouldn't be allowed to go at all. Paul comes in, and Tad emerges from his room with a box - he's going to the nightclub. Madge tells him that he isn't legally entitled to walk into that club without a guardian, but Tad doesn't care. He takes his box, and tells them he won't be home until late.
Number 30
Lance and Dee come in to find Toadie in amongst a mess that was a clear precursor to the state of the 'House Of Trouser', five years on. Lance asks Toadie to clean up - he was the one that made the mess after all. His arguments actually get a result - wow - Lance has certainly learned some assertiveness and Dee's impressed.
Number 24
Madge and Harold are worried and Paul tries to assuage their fears. Harold stands up - he's going to go down and bring him home. Paul tries to invite himself along, in case Harold's communicating with Tad fails, but Harold won't have another underage member of his family in that club.
Number 30
Toadie appears, with an army helmet on. He's cleared up the mess. Lance is off to bed as he has some gardening to do first thing in the morning and Dee and Toadie rib him about being so generous with giving discounts to old ladies, even though this one in question is nearly blind and a war widow. He leaves and Dee wonders if they have pushed him too far.
Dee goes to leave and Toadie wonders why she isn't sticking around for Joel, who'll be home soon. 'It's the Max thing,' Toadie realises. Well, she'd better perk up because Joel is home! Toadie greets him with a hug. Joel goes and hugs his girl - Dee makes some sort of face. Might be due to that horrible orange t-shirt and off-green and blue jacket combo he's wearing. Or it'll be the Max thing.
The club
Tad is playing some, quite frankly, bizarre music for a young 'un like him. Perhaps he's leaving the hard house until later. Harold is trying to get in, wearing an equally awful jacket that he must have got at the same sale as Joel. But the bouncer won't let him in - and it's not just due to his attire. Harold protests, but the bouncer repeats that he needs a membership card. Despite this Harold manages to walk in but the bouncer isn't far behind him.
Number 24
Paul helps Madge with a computer problem and tries to defend Tad. Madge tells him not to, but she admires his caring attitude.
The Club
The bouncer finds Harold and Harold tells him that he has to supervise Tad, as he's underage and Harold is his guardian. The bouncer doesn't seem that overly concerned, but Harold manages to get him to go and check the licensing laws. Tad messes up with his records, due to Harold's presence and gets booed a little before he sorts it out.
Number 30
The gang talk about Joel's trip, and Toadie notices that Dee is very quiet. He decides to leave them to it - 'they have a lot to talk about'. Joel missed her and got her a present - a nice rare, fragile shell that he found in a rock pool and made him think of her. She thanks him, and loves it.
The Club
Harold comes up to the DJ box and manages to corner Tad as he walks out. But Tad won't listen to what he says. 'Could you *be* anymore embarrassing?' asks Tad, doing his best Chandler Bing impression (says he, wearing a quite shocking 'cool' glasses and reversed baseball cap combo).
Number 30
Joel is going for a jog and Toadie asks if he had a good catch up with Dione - did she tell him what she got up to when he was away? Joel says no, she was just really quiet. Lance appears, on the phone to a client who hasn't paid him, and he's really giving it welly. 'Go, Nance,' says Toadie. 'Hell hath no fury like a gardener scorned.' Joel asks Toadie what he meant about Dee, but Toadie says he was just asking.
Dee arrives with a gift for Joel - she stayed up all last night to finish it! The gang have a look at the painting, and fall speechless. Joel finally says that he thinks it's amazing!
Number 24
Harold wants a word with Tad. He tells him he had to follow him to the club. If Tad wants to be treated like an adult he has to follow the rules. Tad emphasises that this is his career and it's really important. But Harold says it can't affect his school work - those are the rules. If he continues to ignore them he can't continue to live here. Tad says that Harold doesn't give a stuff about him succeeding - well, whoever did?
Number 30
Dee's gift is revealed to be a beach scene at sunset with a dolphin and lots of fluorescent orange. Once she's left, the boys say how bad it is. Joel insists it has to stay, they can't hurt her feelings. She stayed up all night working on it! 'Yeah, when she could have been doing something useful, like sleeping' says Lance. They ask him to put it in his room but the plaster in his wall is too thin and it might fall off...
Outside Number 24
Tad is raging about Harold threatening to kick him out. Paul thinks that he's being selfish - they look after him, and he should play by the rules. And people do care about him, despite what he said. It's time he was told what a jerk he's being.
Number 30
Joel is readjusting the painting when Dee comes round. She admits she thought he might hate it but Joel says he loves it so much he might put it in his bedroom. But Dee thinks it looks just fine here. Joel asks what she did when she was away and she didn't do much. He mentions Max, but she brushes it off, and she tells him she spent most of her time missing Joel.
Number 24
Harold's worried that he said the wrong thing to Tad but Madge thinks he was right. She's finished the proof of the recipe book and Harold's very impressed. But then he realises that they are all her recipes and she says the contributions she received weren't up to scratch - including Lyn and Susan's.
Tad comes in and tells them he's really sorry - he was out of line. He'll stick to the rules and if they want him to leave, he will. They assure him they don't but scenes like last night are not on. He says it won't happen again.
Number 30
Joel and Dee sit uncomfortably. When Joel's gone Dee asks Toadie if he's said something about Max - but he hasn't. When Joel comes back and Toadie again makes himself scarce, Joel says he has something he really has to tell her. So does she, but Joel is to go first. Joel says that Toadie and Lance don't like her painting and it has to go in the bedroom - she says it's fine.
She tells him that she doesn't know how to say this - she went to a nightclub with Max and Max kissed her and she kissed him back.
Joel stares at her, trying to take it all in before the credits rudely cut him off.
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