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Neighbours Episode 3594 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3594
Australian airdate: 10/08/00
UK airdate: 02/10/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
Jenni Portman: Tess Masters
Const. Ralph Walker: Paul Collins
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Red" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew leaves Karl's car with the key on the tyre.
Karl suggests to Daniel that he asks Drew and Paul to play football.
The dodgy guy approaches Karl's car.
Paul is watching TV when Harold comes up and tries to interest him in a documentary about Antarctica. Harold wonders where Tad has got to.
Paul answers the door to Daniel. He asks Paul if he wants to play football - his PE teacher says he's quite good. Paul is chuffed to be asked to play with the seniors and agrees. Harold offers to umpire, but Daniel says they're OK at the moment(!)
Paul runs off to get his football kit and Harold thanks Daniel profusely - he thinks it's just what Paul needs.
Ramsay Street
Drew bumps into Daniel and Paul. He says he's not in the mood for football because he's just had a bad meeting with his bank manager. But Daniel and Paul wear him down and he agrees to meet them in twenty minutes.
The Garage
Susan and Karl are confused that Karl's car is not outside the garage. Karl rings Drew, but he doesn't answer. Instead he goes off to football training.
Karl is very worried about his car and says that Drew is losing it. Susan tells him off.
Dione asks Lance what sort of woman would tempt him out of "retirement"(!) Lance says it's none of her business but finally relents and says that he would have to say it would be a woman that was feisty. He says he likes outgoing and vivacious girls, with energy and ideas. He likes girls with opinions, but he doesn't like being bossed around. Dione grins knowingly and tells Lance to keep tonight free(!)
Karl and Susan come in and Karl is in a right mood. Libby tells them that the police have called.
Football training
Daniel is coaching the football team and introduces Paul and Drew to the rest of the team. They start to practise some skills. Paul is tackled quite heavily and is a bit winded.
A road
The police have found Karl's car abandoned. There doesn't seem to be any damage, but the laptop is missing from the back of the car. Susan tells Karl to calm down. But Karl says they're not insured for thefts from the car and says he'll murder Drew for this.
Football training
Harold has turned up to watch. Paul doing well and Daniel congratulates him.
Karl is still ranting about Drew leaving the key. Libby takes Karl's side saying that Drew was irresponsible. Susan tells her off for being hard-hearted. But Libby says she's more concerned about the work she's lost that was on the computer.
Tess and Daniel's
The guys are having a post-footy drink. Drew has cheered up a bit although he's also knackered after the footy! Harold thinks that Paul did very well indeed and Daniel agrees, he's definitely got talent. Paul is a bit unsure, but they encourage him to carry on.
Paul asks Drew quietly how he is. Drew admits that he's had better times.
Dee comes in and says she's taking Lance out. Lance is worried that she's going to matchmake him, but Dione tells him off for being suspicious. She says he needs to start playing the field again. Dione admits that there will be a couple of friends of hers from the hospital. Lance finally agrees when he hears that they're both nurses(!)
Lou's (Drew's pit)
The mess remains when Drew answers the door to Susan. She is takenaback by the mess but doesn't say anything.
Drew is gutted to hear about the car being stolen and even more gutted to hear about Libby's work being on the computer. Drew says that Karl shouldn't have left the computer in the car. They argue a bit about the key on the tyre arrangement, but then Susan says it's pointless to go in circles.
The Pub
Lance is having a good time with Dione's mates.
Harold and Paul are chatting about football and Tad. Harold starts talking about how he had to learn about softball when he started going out with Madge because she was captain of the team. Madge is frustrated with the software that Lou's put on the computer. Paul can't make head or tail of it either, saying that there should be a manual included. He says with some envy that Tad will be able to fix it. Harold says that Paul has talents of his own - he did really well with the football today. Paul is buoyed by this.
The Pub
The girls and Lance are discussing going to a nightclub. Sheena thinks that Lance is cute and Jenni thinks he's funny.
Karl is working on his model ship. Libby says she's going to Uni tomorrow to work on the computer. When Libby has gone to bed, Karl and Susan discuss getting another computer.
Karl answers the door to Drew. He's come to give them a cheque for the computer. Susan says they can't take his money, but Drew insists it's definitely his responsibility. He leaves the cheque on the table.
Sheena and Jenni have not joined Dee and Lance at the club. Dee looks very cross and tries to make the excuse that they've got an early start tomorrow. But Lance knows this is a lie. He looks a bit sad.
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