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Neighbours Episode 3579 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3579
Australian airdate: 20/7/00
UK airdate: 29/8/00
UK Gold: 21/7/05
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
Nick Gill: David Whitely
Max Crawford: Simon Gleeson
- "Mr Big Car" by Stella One Eleven
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Harold telling Lou about Wendy going to the police and telling them about the real robber.
Dione telling Joel that her ex-boyfriend is staying with her until he finds a new place.
No. 30
Joel and Dione finish their meal and she notices he is a bit distant and she wonders if he is still funny about having her ex move in temporarily with her, but he tells her that he is cool with it as he trusts her and loves her.
No. 24
Flick calls round to show Tad and Paul her latest note from Postie Pete - thanking her for being friendly to him. She thinks there is more to the note than what the said and after Tad is sarcastic about it, tells him that he is jealous of Pete.
In the kitchen, Harold bemoans to Madge that he wishes Alfie would get caught so it can be all over. He tells her that he even dreams about him and Madge tells him to think positively, then suggests a holiday to Tasmania!
The Scary House
Damon is telling Michelle where she is going wrong with her book report and how to improve it when she notices the time and he gives her a book for Flick before she leaves.
No. 30
Joel asks Dione if she is staying the night but she turns him down as Toadie and Lance come home. As she is saying her goodbyes, she thanks him for being so cool for allowing her ex to live with her. Once she leaves, Toadie and Lance wonder if he's got his head screwed on right for being cool with her living with her ex, but he tells them that he trusts her.
No. 26
Flick isn't happy with Lyn's attempts on her for the hair competition when Michelle eventually arrives home. She tells them she was doing homework with Bianca and didn't notice the time. Flick escapes from Lyn's brush and moves into the kitchen where she tells Michelle that she knows where she really is. Michelle hands her the book Damon wanted her to have, hoping that she won't tell their parents where she really was. To Michelle's relief, Flick agrees to keep quiet.
No. 30
As Toadie quickly scoffs down his cereal, Dione calls round. She wants to know what Lance and Toadie said after she left last night and he said they just mouthed off. Again, she thanks him for being cool with Max moving in and she's arranged for Max to meet her at No. 30 too!
The Coffee Shop
As Toadie and Lance come in for a coffee, they hear Max on the phone telling someone he's not interested in anywhere else because Dione is letting him stay with her! Once he moves outside, Toadie tells Lance they'll have to tell Joel what they've just heard.
No. 30
Max calls round to No. 30 and thanks Joel for what Dione is doing by letting him stay. He invites Joel to help them move his stuff into Dione's and to her bemusement agrees to lend a hand.
The Coffee Shop
Over their coffees Lance and Toadie wonder how Joel will take the news when they tell him, if they tell him. Toadie says he'd want to know and they head out of TCS.
Harold comes off the phone with Frank - Alfie has been found and taken in for questioning. Cue one very happy Harold and Madge since it is now almost over.
Ramsay Street
Tad, Flick and Paul arrive home from school and she heads straight to the mail box to see if she has a note from Pete. She has but they are making fun of her so she refuses to tell them what he wrote.
No. 26
Flick enters with the mail and hands it over to Joe. He wonders why she is happy and he thinks it's a young boy she is interested in!
Lou's Place
Dione enters and wonders what Joel urgently needed her for. He tells her what Toadie and Lance overheard Max saying in TCS earlier and wonders if Max is still keen on her. She wants to know what else they said and he says a bit more to her and she tells him that she is going to call Max now.
Joe picks up a customer in his taxi and is surprised by the address given as it is far away.
Lou's Place
Max decides to come and tell them face to face what the conversation that occurred really was about - he turned it down as the cost was prohibitive and reaffirms there is nothing now between him and Dione. Dione asks if he is now sure and Joel says he is just as Lance and Toadie enter. Joel excuses himself to go and speak to them and tells them he could kill them because Max told them what the whole conversation was and he now looks like an idiot! Lance and Toadie still think it was suss though.
Road somewhere
Joe is now driving in the middle of nowhere wondering exactly where the address is the customer wants to go to since it's been a while since they passed anywhere but the customer tells Joe to keep driving.
No. 26
Flick is on the phone to a mate bragging about Pete and their relationship when Lyn tells her to get off so Michelle and send an email. Michelle lies over who the email was to as Lyn wonders why they need to communicate with their friends when they'll see them at school the next day. She then asks for their availability for the hair competition but they suddenly have prior commitments that day! They give in when Lyn begs them though.
Road somewhere
Joe is getting fed up driving the customer, as there is obviously no sign of a property. The customer asks him if he's ever been ripped off by people taking him into the middle of nowhere then pulling a knife on him.
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