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Neighbours Episode 3580 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3580
Australian airdate: 21/7/00
UK airdate: 29/8/00
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Nick Gill: David Whitely
Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Pete Redman: Frank Raco
Glenda Ryan: Bronwyn Di Cecco
- "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi
- "Love At Last" by Jebediah
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Generic Teen" by Bluebottle Kiss
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Michelle is late leaving Damon's. A passenger in Joe's car taunts him with not paying and putting a knife to his throat - does Joe really think he's that sort of customer?
Damon asks Michelle if she liked the CD he lent her. She did, even though it was classical 'stuff' and she liked the 'swoopy bit' and the 'tinkly' bit. He laughs at her. She asks about another CD that she sees, but he won't play it because you have to be in the mood for it.
He asks her if it's her dinner time, but she says no, so he tells her he'll make a cup of tea then kick her out.
The Bush somewhere
Joe is driving down the road in the middle of the Bush. His taxi light at the back of the cab is flashing "Driver in danger, call Police."
Michelle and Damon are looking up agoraphobia on the internet, but he gets all antsy and tells her to leave. She tries to push it with him, but he tells her to go home and spend more time with her family and friends. Michelle apologises and says she was just trying to help.
The Bush somewhere
Joe is still driving down an old road and pulls over. He asks his passenger if he actually has any cash and then tells him to get out. Joe leaps out the cab at the same time as his passenger and they stare each other down.
The Bishops'
Harold was on the phone to Lindsay - a friend of his - who is disappointed that they never got to testify at Harold's court case! Paul and Tad joke that they wish they could actually meet the EvilHarold and hope there's an EvilMadge, too!
Harold asks Tad what he's doing - he's completing an application to be a DJ at a club, test his talent. Harold complains that real music and real instruments don't seem to exist anymore. Tad tells Madge and Harold he's pleased they're both so supportive of this, as it's surprisingly cheap...decks, amp and a mixer... Harold is in agreement, much to Tad's surprise, and thinks there are ways to support it. Tad could sell his BMX.
TAD: Oh, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on....sell a kidney, yes. Sell Paul to slavery, yes. But sell the device upon which gravity is a mere plaything? Ah-ah! BIG ah-ah.
The Bush somewhere
Joe has the customer in a death grip over his taxi, and tells Joe he can't hold him all day. Joe agrees, and says it'll be a squeeze in the boot! The customer begs for release and says he'll hitchhike home, and promises he'll never do this again.
Joe pretends to contemplate it, then says that actually he raised the alert twenty minutes ago, slowed down so the police could catch up...and oh, here they are...
The Scullys'
Joe arrives home and Lyn looks worried. Joe tells her he had a dodgy customer and had to hand him to the police. She doesn't want him doing this ever again - the cabbing is too dangerous. Joe reminds her that they need the money, but she doesn't care - their kids need a father more.
Cut to the next day.
Joe and Lyn are having breakfast.
JOE: Will you kindly stop giving me the evils, please?
LYN: I'm not giving you the evils.
Joe tells her he can handle trouble, but Lyn isn't keen...so suggests that he drive the cab half the shift and she drive it the other half. NO WAY, says Joe - he's concerned for her safety. Point proven, says Lyn, and Joe doesn't understand how women can turn things on their heads like that with no warning.
The Bishops'
Paul is reading out prices of second-hand DJing gear and it's frighteningly expensive. Tad suggests a bank job, or selling Harold's car...but Madge isn't keen.
Madge asks again what he needs. Two record players, an amplifier and a mixer. She asks Harold if anything like that ever comes through the Op Shop, but Tad's convinced that wouldn't happen and immediately dismisses it.
Can you see just how this story's going to play out?
The Scullys'
Lyn is doing Michelle's hair and comments on the nice music, which Michelle tells her is Vivaldi. Lyn asks if it's Bianca's CD. Yeah - right! Michelle says that she borrowed it.
MICHELLE: Mum, let's say dad and I were killed in a car crash. Would you ever get over it?
LYN: I'd be sad for a couple of days.
Lyn said that life goes on, but she'd never be the same. She throws Michelle's hair into a volcano of blondeness and Michelle hates it as much as me. Bianca comes to the door and tells Michelle she saw Damon this morning looking really scared - Michelle tells her that it would have been his daughter's birthday this morning.
Bianca suggests finding out how his daughter and wife died, and Michelle agrees.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Paul are telling Flick that they couldn't find any second-hand gear anywhere. Harold asks if they went to the Salvo shop, but Tad says he wouldn't even bother. Harold says he'll go there himself, but Tad and Paul beg him not to.
It's like we're walking into this story, and it's coming at us and there's nothing we can do to stop it.
Flick can't take her eyes off the postman who's just walked into TCS without his uniform. Tad and Paul encourage her to go say hi...
Cut to later on.
Lyn is telling Harold that she's entering a hairdressing competition, and would Madge be interested? Harold says that she could ask her - she might love it! Lyn leaves.
The Scullys'
Glenda, Maurie's wife, comes to the door and has brought Lyn some cake, and Lyn makes tea. Lyn doesn't really know why she's here, and asks Glenda if she wants to tell her what's up?
She needs advice on the court case with Karl.
The Coffee Shop
Flick approaches Pete - the postman - and introduces herself and thanks him for the letters. He says that it's his job but it's always nice to be thanked. She corrects herself, she's talking about the special letters. He doesn't really get it, but nods in agreement.
He says that he's a coach for the under-18s women's soccer team, and Flick tells him she loves soccer. She sits down at his table and says that her brother plays professionally - and yay, he's heard of her brother! Pete can't believe that Jack's her brother, and Flick says that the whole family is soccer mad.
The Bishops'
Tad and Paul collapse on the sofas and can't believe that PostiePete was talking to Flick! They admit that Flick would kill them if she knew they'd written notes to Pete on her behalf. Flick comes in and can't believe they left TCS without her, but she thinks Pete's so cool, and he coaches soccer blah blah blah. Tad pretends to sleep, but Paul reminds him that this is 'interesting information.'
In the kitchen Tad finds decks, a mixer and an amplifier on the table.
And a note from Harold saying "Tad - I rock - Harold."
The Scullys'
Glenda says that the malpractice suit was Maurie's idea, and she never wanted anything to do with it - she doesn't think Karl did anything wrong. Lyn also defends Karl and tells Glenda she mustn't let it go further. Glenda cries and says that Maurie's obsessed. Lyn asks Glenda if she's afraid of Maurie in a physical way, but she says no - he just gets so worked up. She also admitted that she's thought about leaving him.
Joe comes in at this point and asks what's going on. Lyn tells him that Glenda just came for some advice.
The Bishops'
Madge tells Harold that she's not interested in being a model for Lyn...and then sees Flick sitting in her lounge! Flick makes fun of her for agreeing - then tells her that a bit of counselling should get her over it.
Tad thanks Harold for all the equipment - Harold says not to worry, he got a good deal. $10 the lot. Tad says he'll pay him back, and just hopes it plays records. Harold has a record to check - Brass Band Hip-Hop. But the record player doesn't seem to want to work...then sparks, catches on fire, and smokes everywhere.
Cue funny piano music.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle asks Bianca what she found out about Damon's family - and looks at the article. Michelle sees that he was done for drink-driving and charged for the deaths of his family - and jailed.
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