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Neighbours Episode 3578 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3578
Australian airdate: 19/07/00
UK airdate: 24/08/00
UK Gold: 21/7/05
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: None
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Hallways" by Something For Kate
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Libby telling Drew that she can't marry him.
Drew wants an explanation but Libby tries to explain that everything is up in the air now and she isn't sure about anything any more. Drew doesn't think this is much of an explanation and wants to know what has changed. Libby gets teary as again she tells tries to tell him but he gets angry at her, and again she says that she doesn't love him. After a few seconds he walks out of the room telling her "well I'm glad it is for a good enough reason".
No. 30
Lance is trying to show Joel and Toadie a flyer but they aren't interested and so he walks out before coming back in and they pay attention this time, with Joel adding, "Sandy Swimmer strikes again". Lance wants to know who this person is as they've copied an idea of his that he told nobody about. Toadie tells him to get over it and Lance hands them badges saying, "Wilko is the man" for them to wear with pride! Joel says he doesn't wear badges when running and Lance tells Toadie he's done a deal with Lou too for the wearer to get discount at the pub as he hands them both a big bag of badges to hand out.
Dione comes into give Libby her medication and notices she is upset although Libby covers this up by saying she got teary reading a book.
No. 30
Joel comes home from running and Lance asks if he's given the badges out yet! Lance asks for his help putting up posters but Joel says no as he's got too much Uni work to do. Dione comes home and reluctantly accepts a badge before asking Joel if he wants to go out for breakfast and he says yes after he's had a shower. While Joel goes into the shower, Lance comes back and asks what she knows about stick tape dispensers!
Drew arrives late for work and isn't impressed with Lou and his gadgets taking up space in the garage.
Lance is putting up posters when Tess comes to his aid. But as soon as they leave to put up more someone comes in and sabotages his poster changing Lance to Nance and adding altering his picture too.
Susan brings in their lunch and tells Karl she is finishing early so they can go to the hospital early. He then brings her up to speed on the latest developments about the court case - Glenda is going through with it whether she wants to or not because she doesn't want to stand up to Maurie. Karl then says that he's been giving serious consideration about moving to another practice because he is fed up struggling along when patients aren't coming to him. Susan is aghast at this telling him that is like admitting Maurie is right but Karl says he is just being realistic. Libby's name is mentioned and Susan wonders if she has told Drew yet.
No. 30
Toadie asks Joel how he is coping having Dione's ex on the scene and Joel says he isn't really coping but is reluctant to say anything to her. Lance comes home from putting up his posters and they depart to the pub to celebrate.
Libby tells Susan that Drew took the news fine, which surprises her, so she elaborates and says he went silent then angry. Susan tells her it feels wrong what she is doing and Libby tells her mum that she doesn't love Drew any more.
The Coffee Shop
Lance notices another of his posters has been defaced and rips it down moaning about what Sandy Swimmer is doing to his posters. He then spots another poster in TCS defaced and rips it down too and wonders what she has against him. Toadie tries to get him to calm down but Lance is too angry for that and wonders what other thing she is going to copy from him next - the drinks deal he has got with Lou? Joel asks if he has asked the Student Council about who Sandy Swimmer is but they won't tell him citing privacy and adds that he won't rest until he has found out who she is and promises to go berserk if he finds another of his posters defaced.
Tess calls in and wonders if the surgery is open since Karl is playing receptionist. He tells her he was thinking of closing early as he was quiet before asking what she is in for. Tess says she is in for a tetanus booster as it came up during a conversation in the staff room, so Karl naturally asks if she's spoken to Susan and Tess replies no.
Susan calls round to see Drew who is sitting despondently and she hugs him.
Lou's Place
Lance is still going on about Sandy Swimmer and has come to the conclusion that it is a fake name and that is why nobody can track her down. Tess comes in and Lance moans to her about what Sandy Swimmer is doing to his posters and campaign before telling him to fight back harder and better saying his campaign has substance unlike her's and not to lose his nerve. Dione comes in fresh from house hunting with Max.
Steph tells Libby that she can't believe what she told Drew or that it is what she really wants but Libby tells her nothing is going to change it whether she believes her or not. Steph wonders if Susan knows and Libby says she does before handing Steph her engagement ring to give to Drew. Lib gets teary as Steph laments over how excited Drew was picking the ring, so Steph suggests that means she doesn't really want to carry it through then but Libby tells her that she hates having to hurt him but she has to do this. Reluctantly Steph agrees to do it.
Steph arrives and tells him she's been to see Libby. He wants to know if she's said why she is doing this and Steph says no, just to give him this and hands over the ring apologising for doing it.
No. 26
Giving up watching the TV, Steph phones Stanno to get him to cheer her up as she is miserable.
No. 28
The Kennedys are trying to sort out the bills and Susan wonders if she should go back to the hospital so Libby doesn't think they are taking Drew's side. A knock at the door interrupts them and Karl answers it to reveal Drew. Susan offers him food and Karl a beer but he turns down both options before saying he is round to sort out things out the wedding like returning gifts. Susan agrees to send the stuff back but Drew wants to help and also contribute to money Karl put out but he tells him it isn't necessary.
No. 30
Joel asks how house hunting with Max went and she says they didn't find anything and Joel asks where he is currently living. Dione replies that he is staying with her, so Joel demands to know what the story is. She again says he's staying with her until he finds somewhere, which could be tomorrow.
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