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Neighbours Episode 3577 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3577
Australian airdate: 18/07/00
UK airdate: 23/08/00
UK Gold: 20/07/05
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: None
- "If I Had You" by Dave Loader
Summary/Images by: Shona
Libby telling Susan she can't marry Drew
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Susan asks why and Libby tells her that there are lots of reasons: the wedding, family, the things they talked over in counselling and all the time to think. Everything, really. When asked if she still loves him Libby says nothing. Susan hits the nail on the head: it's about not being able to have kids. If it is, not marrying Drew might not be the answer. It's not the end of the world - she has to try and look past it. There's no reason they can't have a happy marriage. There are other options - adoption and fostering. But Libby doesn't think that's what Drew has in mind - he wants kids of his own and she can't give them to him. She has to set him free to do that - at least she owes him that.
Number 30
Tess comes in to see Toadie. Lance is home and needs her feedback for the Student Union election and his policies. She thinks that keg parties might not be practical enough - how about raising money to help students with their rent, for instance? Lance thinks it's brilliant and asks for more ideas. Tess admits she was pretty caught up in student politics when she was at uni, to Lance's surprise.
The Garage
Susan comes in to see a rather exhausted Drew, who's been juggling his work at the garage with visits to the hospital. She tells him to take it easy and Lou thinks it's great Drew is working hard. Susan didn't think Lou knew much about hard work. Lou tells Drew to give him notice about the date of his honeymoon - Drew says that when he sweeps the woman he loves off on the best honeymoon ever he doesn't think he'll even bother telling Lou. Lou does a little laugh and leaves. Susan looks terribly uncomfortable.
Erinsborough and District Hospital / The Garage
'If I Had You' plays as Libby picks up the phone and dials the garage. Lou picks up and she asks for Drew. Susan looks worried as Drew goes over and grabs the phone. Libby tells him she's tired and would rather he doesn't come in tonight. Drew thinks he can get on with the work and she tells him not to work too hard - take some time for himself, go out and enjoy himself. He tells her he'll go down the pub or something. Libby almost starts to cry and he notices that she sounds weird but she brushes it off as tiredness. He hangs up, and whistles happily, saying to Susan what a woman her daughter is - he might marry her! Susan looks very troubled.
Number 26
Lyn is doing Steph's hair as a practice for the hairdressing awards. The Kennedys are coming over for dinner and Lyn has a big meal planned for them. Lyn tells Joe that Steph'll be wearing the bridal outfit that Lyn used last year for the awards and Joe thinks she'll look great in it, to Steph's surprise. He wonders what she'll be like when she's walking up the aisle for real, on his arm. Steph tells him he'll be waiting a long time - she's only being Libby's bridesmaid and hoping the memories of that will last a long time. Lyn hopes so much that the Kennedys will be impressed as she starts to organise the food. Joe is annoyed that he'll have to spend a whole evening with Karl - it was bad enough he had to apologise to him. He tells Steph to keep her 'do' in, thinking that it might mean Lyn'll be hired to do the bridal party's hair.
Number 28
Karl thinks Susan looks exhausted and wants to cancel on the Scullys. She tells him not to. She's really worried about Libby - she can't believe she's willing to sacrifice everything. Karl thinks there's more to marriage than children but Susan says look at their relationship - would they have survived the rocky times if they hadn't had kids? Karl says, on the contrary, to look at all the couples that had kids to try to stay together. The phone rings and Karl picks up - it's Lyn and Karl tells her they'll be over soon. He hangs up and Susan sighs.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Libby picks up the Bride to Be magazine that Dee gave her and then puts it away, sighing.
Number 26
Susan is surprised by how much trouble Lyn has gone too (and she's done the whole shebang - candles, best crockery etc). Joe asks Susan about the school, making mega polite conversation. They have to move the flower decoration from the centre of the table to make way for more food and Joe ends up stuffing it under the table. Karl and Susan don't look in the mood for socialising or eating and everyone tries to start up a conversation at the same time. Karl eventually is given permission to talk and says Steph's hair is nice. Lyn explains she's in for the hairdressing awards and is trying out some ideas. Karl asks if she does male hair too and Lyn wonders if he's volunteering but Karl says he was just wondering if they might be seeing a new look Joe soon. 'Well, at least you'd have a full head of hair to work on, eh, darling?' Joe laughs before realising what he's just said. To cover up Lyn asks Susan about volunteering but she's got too much on her mind. Maybe it would cheer her up, Lyn says brightly, but Susan says maybe next year. Then Lyn starts on Libby - if anyone needed a cheer up, it'd be her! They could try some ideas for the wedding. Susan says she won't feel up to it and Karl says they're putting the wedding to the side - just concentrating on Libby's recovery. Susan adds they're not sure when the wedding will be.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Libby pulls off her engagement ring to the strains of 'If I Had You'.
Lou's Place
Steph comes in to see Drew, Lou, Tess and Lance, telling them that she escaped the dinner party as soon as she could. Steph thinks Karl and Joe will never get on, and she isn't impressed by Lou's ideas for wind-up toys. Tess and Lance return from the bar and Tess starts to play pool. Drew notices that she and Lance are getting on well and Lance admits that they are.
Number 26
After some silence, Lyn asks if anyone wants coffee but there are no takers. Susan goes to help Lyn with the washing up. She apologises for being rotten company. Joe and Karl are at the table, and Joe thinks it's a shame Karl won't have coffee, with all the trouble Lyn's gone to. Karl says over to Lyn that it was a great meal and Joe is surprised he noticed. Lyn scolds him. Joe had thought that they could have been friends but it must have been a one-sided thing - after he sacked Maurie for what he did to Karl and Karl won't let bygones be bygones! Susan says they'd better be going. Lyn sees them out. Susan thanks her again and Karl apologises about Joe. Lyn says Joe's like a bear with a sore head and not to say sorry.
Once they've gone she goes to Joe and tells him 'Well done, champ - you ruined the whole evening.' She tells him to think of other people's feelings apart from his own.
Number 28
Karl isn't sure how much more of this he can take. Susan hugs him. He knows he was so rude to the Scullys but he couldn't make the effort to be cheerful - couldn't muster enough energy. Susan thinks it's time they sat back and took stock - they have to leave Libby and Drew to work things out for themselves. That's not just it for Karl though - it's the Ryan case too. He's lost confidence in himself, as a person and as a doctor. Susan tells him not to give Maurie that much power.
Number 26
Joe is helping with the clean up and Lyn doesn't want to talk about the dinner. He's angry Karl didn't acknowledge his effort. He threw his friendship back in his face. Lyn blasts that he didn't even stop to think about what they're going through. They're so worried about Libby and the Ryan case. How would he feel, in their posistion? Would he be the life of the party?
Outside Number 28
The next morning Karl goes to his car and sees Joe collecting his newspaper. He gets out and goes over to talk to him. He tells him he's sorry about his behaviour the previous evening. Joe accepts his apology and doesn't blame him. Joe also owes him one - he wasn't thinking about what he and Susan were going through. He tells Karl to take care and Karl adds that he appreciates what he did for him in relation to Maurie.
A cheery Drew is off to the hospital and stops to ask Karl whether he has any messages for Libby - Karl says he'll see her later.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Drew comes into Libby's room, where Libby's asleep and kisses her, waking her up. Libby groans that it's too early and she hasn't got herself presentable yet. He tells her that she looks just fine - he was just thinking how much he loves her. She starts to cry then faces him. She tells him that she can't marry him. He tells her not to say things like that - he knows she's upset. She tells him again that she can't marry him and this time he realises that she means it. He stares at her, trying to take it in.
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