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Neighbours Episode 3576 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3576
Australian airdate: 17/07/00
UK airdate: 22/08/00
UK Gold: 20/07/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Wendy Baker: Patsy Martin
Pippa Layton: Natalie Shostak
Const. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Const. Ralph Walker: Paul Collins
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Shona
Harold tells Madge that Wendy wants to meet him
Drew tells Libby that they should reschedule the wedding and she agrees but seems like she's holding something back
Flick tells Paul she likes Pete the postman and he likes her too!
Lou's Place
Karl and Susan are having dinner. Drew comes in and tells them that Libby was a bit tearful at his visit to her but they did agree to reschedule the wedding. He's starting to see a speck of light at the end of the tunnel. Susan agrees that the wedding plans will be good for Libby - something to look forward to. Drew walks over to Steph and tells her that she was right about Libby needing space. She is much more positive now. Steph looks a bit shifty when he tells her that all he needs now is a new date for the wedding. He doesn't notice and gets onto the subject of the bike - it isn't in such a bad state as was thought and he suggests that she comes to the garage and takes a look.
Lassiters' Lake
Harold gets out his car and looks at his watch, waiting.
Number 26
Flick is miles away as Steph tries to ask whether Dione called or not (not, as it turns out). Steph gets onto the subject of Pete, who was at the pub, knowing that Flick has a crush on him. Flick asks whether he was alone and Steph says she thinks so - he's so muscular, hasn't she noticed? Flick tells her she hasn't and she's trying to read.
Lassiters' Lake
A police car passes a nervous Harold. Lou appears a moment later and asks what's going on. Harold says it's nothing. Lou asks for a lift - he's tired after his shift. Harold tells him that he can't - he isn't going home. Lou is very confused, but knows he isn't getting anything out of him. He just hopes Madge knows what Harold's up to. He leaves.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Dione comes in and sees Libby, telling her she's on a double shift. Libby isn't in too much pain now and agrees that she can't wait to get out. Dee mentions the wedding, but Libby says she wants to get better first. Dee says she can't wait to see Libby walk down the aisle - be warned though that she will cry! She says goodnight and leaves. Libby heaves a sigh.
Lassiters' Lake
Harold hears a noise and asks if it's Wendy. She appears with a pink hat on and Harold pleads for her to talk to him.
Lassiters' Lake
A second later we're back. Harold tells Wendy he's very grateful. Wendy's been thinking about the unfairness of what's happening and warns she's only doing this if it doesn't come back on her. She tells him that she'll go to the cops in the morning and tell them about Alfie. Harold thanks her so much. She tells him there's one condition - that he keeps quiet about her trying to extort money from him and he promises her he will. She says goodbye - 'You're a good bloke - it's just a shame about your face.'
Number 24
Madge worries about Harold but Tad and Paul reassure her. He arrives back and tells them that Wendy's going to the police. Madge is really happy and asks when she's going. But when she discovers it's in the morning she asks if he believes her. The penny drops and Harold says 'oh dear'.
Susan pulls up to find Drew has gone to the pub and will be back in 40 minutes.
Lou's Place
Drew sees Susan and Karl come in - he's fixing the fridge yet again. Susan thanks him for squeezing in her car's service. She's going to see Libby after school. Drew is already phoning around celebrants - he wants to take care of all the wedding stuff. Karl offers his help too and Drew says 'Thanks, dad' , which they all have a good chuckle about.
Lou comes out the back, raging to someone on the other end of his mobile, who doesn't want his octopuses. He's through with them anyway - the future is in wind-up toys. Karl and Susan bid him farewell.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Madge that he didn't get a wink of sleep - he kept dreaming that Wendy was laughing at him, telling him she had no intention of going to the police. Madge is sorry that she put doubt in his mind - she now thinks Wendy will go to the cops to get back at Alfie.
Karl and Susan come in. Karl says to his wife that the appointment books have been quiet at work and he's worried about the effect of the lawsuit. Susan reassures him and has worries of her own, specifically that Drew might be rushing all the wedding stuff - Libby has a lot of healing to do. A police officer comes in and asks Harold to come with him to the station - it's about Wendy Baker.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Dione comes in to see Libby is free of her drip and playing cards. She mentions that a MVA came in last night and starts to explain it, then realises Libby knows what that is. She hands her a Bride magazine - full of skinny models who are about 12, according to Dee, but the photos are good. Dee tells her she's going house hunting with Max, but she knows Joel won't be too stoked about it. Libby is so lucky - she doesn't have to worry about jealous boyfriends. It must be nice to have found *the one* - some people are never that lucky. She tells her to have a good one and leaves Libby looking sad and thoughtful.
Karl's Surgery
Karl comes out with a patient and Pippa makes a new appointment for the patient as he looks for his next patient. She tells Karl that one of his patients has cancelled but not to worry, as it's nothing to do with the lawsuit. Karl shoots a look at her while his patient exchanges a look with him. He keeps doing the stern doctor thing in Pippa's direction as he asks the next patient in and Pippa looks like she knows she's well and truly put her foot in it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Madge that Wendy told them everything and it feels wonderful to be an innocent man! Madge says he always was innocent. But they still need to catch Alfie to confirm his story. Harold is adamant that the worm has turned - 'I can feel it in me bones!' - and promptly cracks his neck.
Steph arrives to have a look at the bike. Drew whips off the tarpaulin and Steph looks at it. He tells her it was a really nice bike to work on and she'll ride it again, despite her doubts. She and Libby are made of tough stuff. He holds her shoulders and tells her he's sure of it. Once he's gone she sneaks a look in his direction.
Number 26
Paul and Tad are composing a poem for Pete the postman from Flick - Tad is not that romantic but Paul has a better idea of what's required. Flick comes in and nearly catches them at it, but Tad tells her it's just BMX stuff and even offers her a look but she decides against it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold seems to have recovered from his neck thingy and Lou comes in, telling him that he spied him talking to Wendy - he was worried about Harold and his edginess. He's very pleased to hear Harold may be off the hook.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Susan comes in and thinks Libby looks better. She tells her about Drew making more phone calls about the wedding. Libby goes quiet and Susan notices something is wrong. Libby looks at her and says 'Mum, I can't marry Drew.'
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