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Neighbours Episode 3575 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3575
Australian airdate: 14/7/00
UK airdate: 21/8/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Dave Newland: Scott Gooding
- "Burning Plant Smell" by Ammonia
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul and Tad tell Flick that they're not riding in the BMX competition because Harold doesn't want them to.
Glenda tells Karl that if she had her way, she and Maurie wouldn't be suing him.
BMX Range
Tad and Paul are practising their BMX jumps. They are fed up of practising in secret behind Harold's back though. They chat about the competition and how it's sad Harold won't be there because he doesn't know they're competing. Tad says he was thinking of asking Rachel, but he isn't sure. Paul says that he should do it.
The Pub
Lyn is pleased that Michelle's marks at school are improving. Maurie joins them at their table and says Glenda is still ill, but Lyn says she saw her earlier and she seemed fine. Maurie says it's Glenda's positive attitude(!)
Flick is telling Paul about the postman she likes. Tad comes off the phone - Rachel has apparently turned him down because she's watching her other son play football.
Harold comes in and tells them to stop arguing. They've been to see their lawyer and want some peace and quiet.
The Pub
Maurie is chatting about investing money when Karl comes in. Maurie greets them, much to their displeasure. Then Maurie asks them to join him for a drink(!) Maurie starts goading Karl about his surgery and losing patients. Karl simply tells him to tell Glenda that he looks forward to continuing the discussion they had earlier today.
Libby's Hospital Room
Drew comes in and Libby apologises for snapping at him yesterday.
The Pub
Maurie is mystified by Karl's comment about Glenda. Lyn says that Glenda told her that she doesn't blame Karl - if the radiologist couldn't see anything, there's no way Karl could have seen it. But Maurie insists they need compensation for the stress Karl put them through. Lyn and Joe get up and leave.
The Salon
Lyn has called in to pick up the books for the Salon. She says she quite enjoys it because it's part of a job she really loves. They start talking about Karl again and Lyn tries to persuade Joe to talk to Maurie. She says Maurie has no case - he's trying to take advantage of Karl. She thinks that Joe should do the right thing. But Joe says he has no reason to believe that Maurie is lying.
Tad and Paul are getting ready for the BMX competition when Harold comes in. They admit where they are going but Harold says it's OK because their hearts are set on it - they're old enough.
BMX Competition
Paul, Tad and Flick are enjoying watching some people ride. Tad is still stroppy about his mum not coming. Suddenly some blokes start whistling at Flick and she realises that she's on the cover of Tad's video which is being sold! Flick is not pleased and starts hitting Tad with the video(!)
The Pub
Joe talks to Maurie about Karl - he thinks Maurie is trying to make some easy money and he doesn't have a lot of respect for that. Maurie says maybe they're not mates anymore. Joe says it's about fairness, not mates. Then he tells Maurie not to bother coming in to work on Monday. Maurie says he'll sue Joe as well but Joe tells him to take his best shot(!)
BMX Competition
Harold has turned up to watch with his camera. Tad is pleased to see him there. Harold looks worried when the competitor before Tad falls. But Tad's ride and jumps go off without a hitch. Harold is pleased.
Lyn and Joe have come to see Karl. Joe tells Karl rather reluctantly that he's sacked Maurie. He apologises for his previous behaviour and Karl accepts rather ungraciously. He says there's no hard feelings though. Lyn invites them to dinner next week and Susan accepts firmly over Karl's refusal. When they've gone Susan tells Karl off for his social ineptitude(!)
BMX Competition
Paul's ride goes well also but doesn't do the 360 turn. Tad is announced as the winner! It's clear that Paul has thrown his chance away so that Tad would win and be cheered up. Flick tells Paul quietly that she's impressed.
Tad is showing Madge and Harold his trophy. Tad suspects what Paul did, bu Paul successfully diverts him.
A Mrs Smith rings for Harold - it turns out to be .. Madge says she'll call the police, but Harold says they can't risk it.
Libby's Hospital Room
Drew is still with Libby who is dozing quietly. He tells Libby she's very strong and thinks things are already starting to get back to normal. He wonders if they should get the wedding back on some time soon. Libby starts to cry (for no specific reason) and Drew comforts her.
<<3574 - 3576>>
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