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Neighbours Episode 3574 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3574
Australian airdate: 13/07/00
UK airdate: 18/08/00
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
Glenda Ryan: Bronwyn Di Cecco
- "Night On A Bare Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells Susan that his lawyers want to offer more money to settle out of court.
Michelle takes a necklace out of a box at the Scary House. Damon comes back and asks if she often touches things that don't belong to her.
Scary House
Michelle apologises and says she was just looking. Damon says he'd rather she asked him things rather than snooping around behind his back. Michelle asks if the necklace was his wife's and says she knows his wife died. Damon confirms this and adds that his daughter died too. This was three years ago. Then he changes the subject and asks if Michelle has had a look at the comments he made on her essay yet. Then he says that his daughter would have been ten now. He goes to make a cup of tea.
Karl is on the phone to the surgery - he's had another cancellation and the patient wants to move to another doctor because she doesn't trust Karl anymore. Karl says that the word is out.
Scary House
Damon is telling Michelle how his family died - he lost control of his car momentarily when picking up his sunglasses. Michelle is stunned and says she's not surprised he hides away. Damon says he doesn't hide, he just chooses not to go out. But there's no appeal to him outside. Michelle asks if he's seen a psychiatrist. He says he has, but they can't make him go out if he doesn't want to. Michelle suddenly realises that she's late for school and heads off.
Karl comes to complain to Joe that Maurie is badmouthing him all over town. Joe says it's none of his business and Karl will have to take it up with Maurie. Karl is not impressed with Joe.
Lyn rushes in and says school has rung a Michelle hasn't arrived.
A road
Lyn and Joe drive up to Michelle and asks frantically where she's been.
Lance has had some flyers printed for his election campaign - "Give Lance A Chance". Toadie tells Lance that he's come up with his own Card Collection game to make him millions. Lance says he doesn't know how Toadie will pass third year law this year(!)
A road
Michelle says she was working on her English assignment and forgot to look at her watch. Joe and Lyn can't believe this, but tell her not to let it happen again.
The Pub
Toadie and Lance are giving out "Give Lance A Chance" flyers. He asks Lou to put flyers up in the pub. But Lou has already put up a poster for someone called "Sandy Swimmer".
The Coffee Shop
Tess tells Susan that she'll have to miss the staff meeting - she has to see a lawyer about Brendan's will. Susan asks if she'll have enough to buy her own house. Tess doesn't really know, but she'd like to take some time off to travel a bit, maybe.
Hair Salon
Lyn is finishing a haircut for Lou. He tells Lyn he's skint buying the Tikkimoo cards for Lolly. Then he tells Lyn that Karl is facing a malpractice suit and how awful it is. Glenda is in the background and looks worried.
The Pub
Lou and Toadie are observing Lance on the campaign trail. Toadie shows Lou the swap cards he's created and says they are going to make them a fortune. Lou is not impressed - he says new games cost millions to set up. Toadie asks Lou for some money for Research and Development! Lou says you can't just knock up cards between lectures(!)
Tess comes to see Susan. She says things didn't go as expected at the lawyer's.
Scary House
Michelle and Damon are talking about music. He gives her some classical music CDs to try out. Michelle says maybe Damon could teach in a classroom again one day.
Apparently Brendan invested everything in his sister's Internet company - house, business, savings. The company's failed and everything is gone - Tess only has $2000 left. She is a bit shocked and feels hurt that Brendan didn't tell her any of this.
Karl comes in and tells Susan that more patients cancelled today.
Lance is on the phone wondering who Sandy Swimmer is. Lou and Lolly come round. Lou's come to ask them to mow the lawn. Toadie shows Lolly his new card game, but she doesn't like them.
Michelle is listening to Damon's classical music CD, much to Joe's surprise. Lyn says it's nice for a change, but Joe is not convinced(!)
Joe starts moaning on that everyone is sticking up for Karl, but Lyn says he shouldn't be sticking up for Maurie.
Glenda comes to see Karl. She tells him that it wasn't her idea to sue - she thinks Karl did everything for her. But Maurie is railroading her into sueing - if she had her way, there wouldn't be a court case.
<<3573 - 3575>>
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