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Neighbours Episode 3543 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3543
Australian airdate: 31/5/00
UK airdate: 6/7/00
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Simone King: Denise Briskin
George Baker: Doug Dew
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Susan and Karl talk to Drew and Libby about their wedding plans - Karl tells them they wanted to save a bit of money here and there so that they could use it, with a bit more, to help them buy a house. Simone tells Paul that he's been really great to her. He tells her that it hasn't been hard to be nice to her.
Paul and Simone kiss - which leaves you wondering why they didn't put this scene at the end of the last episode instead of the sickly close-up's of them smiling at each other! They stop and she says she has to go, but at that point Tad gets back and goes on about how much he can trust them both and how they're his family. Ouch! Tad gets romantic with Simone, but Paul breaks them up to tell Tad his Dad's on the phone.
The next day, Simone meets Paul and tells him that he should tell Tad about what happened between them. When Paul gets back to Number 24, Tad asks where he's gone and Paul isn't forthcoming. Tad jumps to the conclusion that he has a secret girlfriend.
Lyn and Joe talk about Stephanie's birthday - Lyn says she's bought her some gloves she wanted and Joe is concerned that they haven't got enough for her. Lyn says it's all they can afford and it's all Stephanie wants. Joe's still upset that they can't do more for her 21st.
Karl, Drew and Libby chat about the wedding. Karl asks about their ongoing plans. Drew says they should open a joint bank account, but Libby is not over-joyed about the idea. Later, Karl talks to Libby and suggests that she and Drew get pre-nuptial counseling. Drew isn't particularly impressed with that idea when he hears about it later. He says his parents never had to do anything like that. Libby tells him that she's not going to be as perfect as his Mum.
While out in his taxi, Joe picks up someone who's won a lot of money playing black jack at a casino. They talk about Joe's life at the moment, his money troubles and Steph's birthday. When the guy gets to where he wants to go, he gives Joe a $500 tip. Joe is over the moon and shows it to Lyn when he gets home, she's a bit unsure about whether they should keep it but Joe reassures her that the guy was more than happy to give it to him. She accepts this and after thinking about spending it on bills, she comes around to the idea of spending it on Stephanie's party and some more presents.
Felicity gets a call from Sean.
Joe asks Felicity later what Sean wanted. She says he wants to see her again. Joe asks if she wants to see him. She says she does, more than anything, and she'd like his permission.
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Paul McClain, Simone King in Neighbours Episode 3543
Paul McClain, Simone King

Joe Scully, George Baker in Neighbours Episode 3543
Joe Scully, George Baker

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