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Neighbours Episode 3544 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3544
Australian airdate: 01/06/00
UK airdate: 07/07/00
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Merridy Jackson: Suzy Kato
Sean Edwards: Daniel Collopy
Roy "Stanno" Stanley: Cameron Douglas
- "Generic Teen" by Bluebottle Kiss
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Toadie asks Lou about his love life - Lou tells him that there is no love life and the lady he's thinking of is moving interstate. Felicity asks for Joe's permission to see Sean again.
Felicity says that Sean wants to see her now at the Coffee Shop - Joe lets her go. Stephanie and Michelle come back with lots of supplies for her 21st party, she's warmed more to the idea now.
Lance is still unsure about whether he should stand for student council. He's worried about the amount of time it's going to take up. Lance ponders asking Stephanie for some help, but Toadie does his best to try to discourage him. Lance isn't put off, in fact, he's determined to ask her.
Sean and Felicity meet at the Coffee Shop and discuss how they can continue their relationship. Sean drops her off at home and Lyn invites him in to have dinner with them. Sean apologises to Joe for pressuring Flick into going out with him, he says that they do care for each other and would like him to let him keep seeing her. Joe says the apology is accepted and they'll see about the rest. They have an enjoyable dinner and Felicity invites him to Steph's party the following day.
Merridy runs into Lou at the Coffee Shop and asks if he get her messages. He said he did and has been meaning to call her. He acts uncomfortably around her but she's determined to see him properly. She follows him back to the pub and helps him tidy up when it closes. Lou goes to tell her something but changes his mind, they arrange to meet again the following afternoon.
Drew and Libby start to look at their money situation. They decide to play a game where each of them gets $10,000 and they have to decide what they'd spend it on. Libby goes for a big holiday and a flash bike. Drew opts for saving money and fixing the car. He surprises Libby by adding a scuba diving course, a lovely dress for her and dinner at a posh restaurant.
Stephanie opens her presents and is really impressed with them. She says they've spent way too much. Over the road, Lance and Toadie wrap their presents. For some reason, they go through the 'what did you get her?' conversation when they'd already done that a couple of episodes ago. At Steph's party, they give her the presents and she tries to act like she's pleased with them! Michelle watches, smiling, in the background!
Teresa turns up at the party to give Steph a present and Libby encourages her to stay a bit. Sean arrives and Joe actually talks to him and tries his best to be nice to him. Steph's biker mates turn up and turn a few heads - not least Lance and Toadie's! Later, Toadie warns Steph that Lance is going to try to get her to be his assistant - Lance comes over and she says she doesn't think she'd be able to do it. Lance tries to change her mind and eventually she comes around and says she coud do a few bits. Lance says it him and her all the way! Toadie says she must have other commitments, like Lucy Love for example. Steph says she's been meaning to say she'll have to give that up, her boss has pulled the plug on it because she has to be on call over her lunch break. Lance says that's great, she can dedicate all her spare time to the elction campaign!
Merridy turns up at Number 22 to see Lou and Louise.
Lou tells Merridy that he needs to talk about her leaving. He tells her not to go because he thinks he's fallen in love with her.
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 in Neighbours Episode 3544

Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3544
Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully

Steph Scully, Roy
Steph Scully, Roy 'Stanno' Stanley

Sean Edwards, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3544
Sean Edwards, Joe Scully

Merridy Jackson in Neighbours Episode 3544
Merridy Jackson

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3544
Lou Carpenter

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