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Neighbours Episode 3533 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3533
Australian airdate: 17/05/00
UK airdate: 22/06/00
UK Gold: 20/06/05
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dione Bliss - Madeleine West
Dr Marcus Andrews - Martin Johns
- "Generic Teen" by Bluebottle Kiss
Summary/Images by: Pete
Family feuds threaten Libby and Drew's wedding
Toadie convinces Steph to work at Uni FM
Libby and Drew consider eloping
NO 28
Libby and Drew weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of eloping. They can't make their minds up whether they're both serious or not.
DREW: Where I get married and who I get married by isn't important Lib, what I want is to be married to you.
Steph explains to Toadie, Lance and Drew that Flick brought her boyfriend to dinner and Joe 'decided to be someone else'.She says she thought Sean seemed like a nice guy and was probably shaking all the way home. Lance says it's 'one of the pitfalls of dating 16 year olds'. Toadie asks Steph what she's going to call her radio persona. He thought of 'counsellor Lucy Love' Everyone hates it and ribs Toadie. Joel goes over to the bar to talk to Dee, while the others rib him, and he offers to buy her a drink.
NO 28
Libby and Drew discuss where they could get married if they eloped. They decide that it would upset their family members Karl comes out of the bedroom with another idea to save money, which causes Libby more stress. Her and Drew look on the net for wedding ideas.
Toadie quizzes Steph on handling callers' love problems. He sells her answer as 'not letting people wallow in their misery'. Lance says there's not many listener points to be won in crushing people's self confidence. Steph agrees.
Over on the tables, Joel invites Dee back to the house for a 'nightcap' She is worried about leaving her friends behind, but Joel talks her into it.
NO 30
Dee sits down in a room full of candles. Joel says they're relaxing, and Dee says you can't see the mess. She is impressed with his Milo making skills.
NO 26
Toadie, Steph and Lance play poker. Steph is beating the boys who are useless. She remarks on their sensitivity, leaving Joel and Dee alone. Lance raids the fridge and asks what Toadie's next plan for meeting women is. He says he doesn't have one, which no-one believes. Steph hints they should go home, but it's too early so they play another hand.
NO 30
Joel sees Dee out and she gives him a peck on the cheek. There's a moment before it turns into a full on pash. He invites her to stay a bit longer, but she turns him down. She says she'll give him a call.
Later, Toadie and Lance arrive home to find Joel playing guitar. They are impressed with his ability to turn round the situation with Dee. He calls them sad and single. They go off to bed chanting 'go Joely, go Joely'
NO 28
Next morning, Susan has to show Karl how to open the milk. When Libby comes out, they tell her they have found the stuff she was downloading, but think it's for the honeymoon. Karl tells her to be careful about planning and costs. Karl has other cost cutting measures, which Libby gets sick of. Susan gets him to change the subject and leave, telling Libby that he means well.
NO 30
Because Joel is in a good mood, Lance wants to borrow his bike, and he lets him. Steph comes in and says she can't do the radio show. Toadie tries to reassure her and leaves with Joel. Steph tells Lance she's still nervous, and asks him to call in with a problem.
Outside Lance tells Steph he has a plan to keep fit. She waves him off and he rides down the street a little way shaking, before finally falling off. Steph comes to his aid, but he's holding his crotch and says he has an 'issue' and denies he needs a doctor, but he's obviously in pain.
Karl finishes checking Lance, and says there's nothing to worry about, although it's clearly still painful. He should expect some swelling and 'quite possibly it could turn black' which makes lance wince. Lance asks him to say he 'corped' a muscle if anyone asks. Karl says it's unlikely to come up in everyday conversation, but he can see how it could be embarrasing. Lance says 'in the normal world it's embarrasing but I live with Toadie'. 'point well taken' acknowledges Karl. Outisde, they nervously tell Steph what happened, and she takes him home.
NO 30
Joel is furious and points out the cost of repairing the bike. Lance is resting on the couch and says he shouldn't have let him ride it, so let's just admit they were both wrong. Joel isn't impressed with Lance's dying swan act, but Lance manages to get him to run after him.
Steph is very nervous as Toadie introduces her. Lance calls in and gets straight through as 'Roger Wilko'. He says girls won't leave him alone. He was born a love machine and he can't help it. He gets into role and as he goes to sit up, he yelps in pain and is forced to hang up.
Joel comes round the corner with a bunch of flowers and spots Dee, kissing another man and getting into his car.
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