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Neighbours Episode 3532 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3532
Australian airdate: 16/05/00
UK airdate: 21/06/00
UK Gold: 20/06/05
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sean Edwards - Daniel Collopy
Maurie Ryan - Neil Fletcher
Glenda Ryan - Bronwyn Di Cecco
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Joe tells Flick he'd like to meet her boyfriend, Sean.
NO 28
While Karl and Susan wash the dishes and discuss wedding arrangeents, Libby answers the telephone to Grandpa Tom. He's refusing to come to the wedding as it's in a church. It's upset Libby, and Drew is his usual reasonable self. Libby urges Karl to call him back, and he passes the buck to Susan. Drew's family are no better, he says there are a number of fueds there. Susan says they'll all be charming on the day. 'They better be' says Drew. Libby rests a weary head on his shoulder.
Flick meets Sean and tells him he's invited to dinner. He's concerned and asks if it matters if Joe likes him or not. Flick says it matters if he hates him enough not to let her see him again. Sean says he's grown out of this sort of stuff. Flick says she hasn't, as long as she's living under his roof anyway. As she goes to leave (she told Joe she was just getting milk) Sean checks her for bruises. Flick says he's not that bad, and, says Sean, hasn't she forgotten the milk?
NO 26
Joe tells Lyn he might not be able to make it to the dinner with Sean tomorrow night as he has to meet some new potential foremen for work. Flick comes in and says he just has to come since Sean's agreed now, and he relents.
Drew is on the phone trying to organise family for the wedding around the fued. He explains this to Lou when he finishes the call, and Drew asks if Aunt Shirley can stay with them. Lou agrees to think about it. He's got his own problems, he's due for his first driving lesson this morning.
NO 26
Lyn tries to keep a calm atmosphere as Shell practices tap dancing and Flick tries to do her homework while Joe digs her about seeing Sean. Lyn sends Flick off to get ready and tries to talk to Joe about Sean's coming for dinner. She remnds him that he agreed to be there. 'Yes....yes.....Yes'
Susan runs into Lyn who tells her about the Salon and goings on at the house since Joe found out about Sean. Lyn says she can't be mad at Flick for seeing her behind their back, since she did something similair herself at that age. Lyn asks Susan if she knows Sean and Susan says she used to teach him. He was basically a good kid, but he got a few minor detentions. Lyn hopes he's matured since then. 'Joe won't stand for a smart alec'.
NO 26
Joe opens the door to Maurie Ryan, who's come for an interview. Maurie tells him a bit of background and Joe seems impressed with his references. Maurie doesn't reckon he'll find a better bloke for the job.
Drew leaves for lunch. Lou comes with him, but Drew says he thought Lou had a driving lession. Lou says he's going to cancel as he organised it to keep the peace. Drew says he better hurry, as his instructor pulls up.
Libby and Drew have lunch with Karl. Talking over the plans, Susan has yet to phone Grandpa Tom, and Drew explains about Aunt Shirley. Karl digs about the cost again, and Libby bites. Just then Joe comes in with Maurie. Joe brings him over and introduces them and Maurie explains how they've already met.
Flick and Sean come in, and he's obviously nervous about meeting Joe. Flick says she's not looking forward to it, but it's better than sneaking around. Susan comes in and jokes about when he was a pupil. She says that Joe and Sean would get on just fine.
Libby wants to tell Joe about Maurie's history. Drew thinks it's none of their business, and he might have changed. Karl thinks Joe will suss him out. Libby says they can't wait for someone else to have an accident. Drew says he feels another crusade coming on.
Drew wants to knock off early, but notices Lou's in a bad mood. His driving instructor (a woman, naturally) said his driving was erratic. He's going to prove to her he's one of the best darn drivers in the country.
Mrs Ryan is seeing Karl as she has a sore elbow. She is concerned her tumour has come back, which Karl dismisses. Maurie wants a quiet word about Joe. Karl guesses that Maurie doesn't want him to say anything about the accident with Sam. Maurie says he already told Joe everything. Karl says who Joe employs has nothing to do with him.As he leaves, Karl has a look that suggests he doesn't believe him.
While Drew buys bottles of wine, Libby tells Joe about Maurie. Joe says that Maurie already told him everything and he reckon's he's a good judge of character. On the way out, Drew says Aunt Shirley can't sleep with certain colour sheets on the bed.
NO 26
Flick dresses up, but Lyn and Steph are concerned it's too sexy. Joe thinks she looks nice though, as he comes in with a grumpy looking Shell in a dancing outfit. She doesn't want to talk about the competition. Sean comes in and Flick nervously introduces him. He asks Shell how her tap dancing went. She gets upset and says she was never going to be good enough.
Later, everyone sits round the table again. Lyn says what they're having for dinner and Sean jokes with Flick that Tom Cruise must have rung. Joe gets edgy about 'sharing jokes'. Shell refuses to eat anything, saying she isn't hungry. Sean says he is, and Joe jokes 'don't they feed you at home?'.
NO 28
Susan says Grandpa Tom won't budge but she'll work on him. Drew says Aunt Shirley is now fine about the sheets, but not sure about sharing a house with a stranger - Lou. Karl says to look on the bright side, they have a lovely church to get married in and an 'incrrrrrrrrrredibly expensive' reception menu. Libby says the band broke up. Drew suggests cancelling, and Karl says don't dare - think of the cancellation fee! Libby has another go at him about complaining about the costs all the time, and Susan tries to calm things down by suggesting they change the subject.
NO 26
Joe talks to Sean about architects - Sean is studying architecture - he's not impressed with their work. Sean politely leaves before things can get out of hand. Seeing him out, Flick apologises for Joe. Back inside, she says Joe made it obvious he didn't like him. Joe says it doesn't matter what he thinks - she's the one going out with him.
NO 28
Clearing up the plates, Libby says she wishes the wedding was all over. Drew agrees it's a complete nightmare. He feels like running away and finding a desert island to get married on, no hassles. She says he's not wrong. They both decide they couldn't do it to 'them'.
DREW: Why not?
LIBBY: Are you serious? We couldn't elope.......Could we?
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