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Neighbours Episode 3531 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3531 (First episode broadcast in widescreen format. Tad meets his birth mother, Rachel Bailey)
Australian airdate: 15/5/00
UK airdate: 20/6/00
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rachael Bailey: Carolyn Bock
Jan Moore: Jane Menze
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Paul asking Tad how he's feeling.
Tad waiting to meet his mother, and feeling nervous, excited and scared.
Paul tells Tad that he'll be at home if he needs to chat.
(Note: this was the first episode to be broadcast in wide-screen, so the recap was actually new footage.)
The Scullys' where Flick is Grateful
Flick asks Joe if he'd like coffee, he would, yes please. She asks how work was, and as she goes to leave the kitchen, Joe stops her. He says that he'd like to meet Sean, and Flick thinks it's a great idea. She thanks him, which is kind of nice.
Somewhere that Looks Like a Park
Tad sees a woman and jumps up off the grass. She approaches him and asks if he's Tad. He says yes. Rachel (for that is her name) makes idle and inane conversation about the traffic and which road she came off at, and Tad responds by telling her that she should have taken another road, blah blah... It's so awkward. Tad stares at her as if he doesn't know what to say.
No 30 where Toadie needs help
Toadie is reading a review of his radio show which is raving about how great Geri was as a presenter, and it's a shame that she had to leave. Toadie tells Steph that he has to find a new presenter, and suggests that she would be great at giving advice and changing lives on the radio! Steph isn't convinced and doesn't want anything to do with it. She puts her fingers in her ears and sings - badly - until she gets up and walks out the room.
Some Parkland in Erinsborough
Tad is telling Rachel that he's in Year 11, and he wants to study law afterwards. She looks at her watch and Tad asks her if she needs to go, but she says she isn't, she's just really nervous. Rachel suggests that they go and have a coffee and he likes the idea; he suggests Ansons Corner to avoid Harold, but eventually agrees to The Coffee Shop.
The Scullys' where Flick makes a Toast Thing
Flick is making a toast thing for Paul. But without toasting it. She says it's a Sean concoction, and raves about how great Sean is, but you can see that Paul isn't caring much for him. Flick asks Paul what he thinks of her relationship with Sean, and he tells her what she wants to hear - that she's very mature and grown up for her age. Joe gets home and so Paul quickly goes to leave. But Joe - surprisingly - tells Paul to stay, eat up, and he'll make him a coffee.
Paul looks about as confused as I feel.
No 30 where Toadie won't let Steph Go
Toadie is blocking the door and begging Steph to help him out on the radio, but she wants nothing to do with it! He tries everything to get her to work with him, and eventually she gives in.
The Coffee Shop where Things Seem Awkward
Tad and Rachel are in TCS and Harold spies them. He comes out and Tad introduces him to Rachel. They both order lattes, and seem really awkward with each other.
The Scullys' where Joe is trying to Be Sweet
Joe is trying REALLY hard to make conversation with Paul, asking him his favourite novel and how he is finding English Literature. Paul says he has to go, and Joe says that anytime he wants to come round to eat, he's really welcome. He even gives Paul his own favourite novel to read.
Flick - in a very revealing bikini - thinks that Joe is being really mean! Flick says that Paul isn't her boyfriend and he needs to stop matchmaking, and Joe needs to meet Sean. He says he will - when the time's right.
The Coffee Shop where Tad asks The Question
Toadie and Steph come into TCS and Toadie tells Steph he wants her to work twice a week, but when he spies Tad he suggests going elsewhere. Steph thinks he should say hi, so he goes over and says hello to Tad, and Tad introduces him to Rachel. Toadie and Steph go off to the pub.
Tad says that he heard that Rachel played the guitar, but she said she didn't play in a band, just mucked around with it and played Folk Music. She used to play House of the Rising Sun, but Tad doesn't know that song. She asks Tad if he likes music, and he says he does.
Tad then asks her the question we've all been waiting for.
Why did she do it?
The Scullys' where Joe is Complaining
Joe and Lyn are bantering in the kitchen whilst Flick is on the phone to Sean, and invites him to dinner tonight. Lyn thinks it's a great idea, but Joe has to drive the cab. Flick suggests the following night, but he's not so sure. He goes to watch the football, and Flick tells her mum that she's trying really hard.
The Coffee Shop where Tad is Emotional
Tad says that he understands Rachel was broke, but lots of parents keep their kids when they are poor. Rachel says that money was only a part of it; she was 19, alone and there were a whole pile of reasons. She says she was scared and thought it was the best thing for him. Tad says that other mothers do it. Rachel said that she might do it differently now, but she might not, she doesn't know.
She says that she understands that he's angry, and that she's know about the adoption for 16 years, where he has only just found out, so it's harder for him. He asks why he had to be the one to contact her, and she says she was scared. Tad doesn't look impressed with her answers, and Rachel goes to pay the bill. Tad gives her money for his half and she takes it. As she goes to pay, Harold tells her it's on the house - she can pay next time.
Whilst she talks briefly with Harold, Tad looks inside her wallet, where there are two pictures - her and her husband, and another of two children, obviously hers. He looks upset and angry. Rachel comes back to the table and hands Tad his money. He puts his hand out and says it was nice meeting her. She asks if they should meet again, and he doesn't answer. She suggests they should let things settle, after all, time's a great healer. Tad looks unimpressed by her. She tells him to take care and walks out.
Harold approaches Tad and he says it went okay. Harold thinks she seems pleasant and Tad says she drives a Selica (sp?) and lives in Oakdale - apparently these things are impressive financially. I wouldn't know.
The Bishops' where Harold has some Good Advice
Tad is telling Harold about Rachel and her catering business. Harold asks when he's seeing her again, but he says they haven't set up a meeting yet, but he supposes she'll call.
I have a horrible feeling he won't.
Harold suggests they watch TV together in the evening. There's a pause then Tad confesses that he didn't really like Rachel very much. They had nothing to talk about, and he doesn't know if he wants to see her again. Harold sits him on the sofa and asks what he was expecting. He doesn't know. Harold begs him not to give up on her - give it time, don't expect too much in the first meeting.
The Scullys' where Joe is Being Obstinate
Joe is wolfing his dinner down, and thinks that the dessert is great. Joe makes idle chat about the cricket and Flick asks if Sean can come to dinner tomorrow, but he says he has to drive the cab. She walks out, and Lyn tells Joe that she knows he doesn't have to work tomorrow so he has to give some ground or lose Flick. She says that she doesn't often put her foot down, but Sean is coming to dinner tomorrow, end of story!
Go Lynnie!
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