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Neighbours Episode 3479 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3479
Australian airdate: 02/03/00
UK airdate: 06/04/00
UK Gold: 12/05/05
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Carrie Clark: Vanessa Rossini
Lee Pursell: Pauline Coutts
- "Falling Back To You" by Lisa Maxwell
- "Up To Our Necks In It" by Skunkhour
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Libby telling Drew about looking round the high-rise apartment and Drew wanting to tag along.
Drew borrowing the keys from the agent, so he can appreciate the views at night.
No. 26
Joe realises that it is Lyn's payday but his joy is short-lived when she tells him that she only got half her wages due to the start up costs. Joe wants to talk to the owners but she stops him, as she wants to keep in with the bosses. Michelle interrupts them; to tell them about he party she has been invited to and wants money for a new dress. Lyn changes the subject by asking how Joe got on at the Land Titles Office. He tells her that it is expensive to do a full survey, but that there might be another way round it, but Lyn asks him to drop it.
Lou's Place
Drew wants Libby to have another look at the apartment with him later on and she wonders what he is up to.
Joel isn't looking forward to going to Dionne's parents for a meal, citing that he is nervous as her best friend, Carrie, comes in and he suddenly develops hand and feet disease when he offers to buy her a drink.
No. 26
Joe is showing the family the plans for the house and land but Lyn firmly tells him no. Karl calls round to see why Joe hasn't been for his blood test results yet when the land dispute gets brought up and Joe tells him that he's contacted the Land Titles Office for them to sort it out. Karl isn't pleased at this news and Lyn has a go at Joe when Karl leaves.
No. 28
Karl is telling Susan about Joe's news, so she tells him to sell the land to Joe to settle it once and for all.
Drew takes Libby back to the apartment and they share a feast he has prepared, having a romantic time in the process.
No. 30
Dione and Joel come back from their meal, and Dione thinks that he didn't like the meal despite him saying that he did, so she wants to know why he spent so much time in the kitchen with her dad. Joel says they were talking about cricket, besides that is where the beer was! Dione wonders how long he'll be able to keep up the "whole truth" routine, when she points out that he lied - her dad doesn't like cricket!
Lib thanks Drew for being spontaneous and that he can do so again!
No. 30
Dione still wants to know why he hasn't said much about dinner, especially as he keeps changing the subject. Eventually he tells her that he didn't click with her Dad, as he did the heavy father routine, which surprises her but she points out that he was just being overprotective. She also adds that the "whole truth" routine with him is good, as she can spot him lying a mile off now. Dione asks if the cricket is still on tomorrow, and no she isn't going to bring her dad but can Carrie come along instead since she is her best friend.
No. 28
Karl is now moaning to Lou about Joe and Susan tells them that they are worse than Year 8 students and when do they want the detention! As they leave, Susan asks Lou if Libby is at his place. He says no, and likewise thought that Drew was at her place.
Drew and Libby are hastily tidying up as they've overslept. Unfortunately, just as they are about to leave, another agent brings clients in to view the place, so they hide in one of the rooms and just as they think it is safe to leave, she catches them so Drew quickly hands her the keys and tells her to thank Tony! When they get outside they both collapse with a fit of the giggles.
No. 26
Michelle is being hassled by Tanya on the phone wanting her date with Joel. When she comes off the phone, Lyn shows her some outfits to wear to the party but Michelle reject them all, demanding the new dress Joe promised her until Lyn tells her no, they can't afford it so she puts on a tantrum.
No. 28
A very happy Libby comes home and Susan wants details, so she tells her about Drew and the surprise at the apartment.
Lou's Place
It's drinks all round at he cricket team have won again. Karl wants to know why Drew was late, but he refuses to tell! Carrie and Joe are talking cricket too but Dione is humouring them.
No. 28
Libby leaves to see Drew as Lyn comes in. She tells Susan that she is fed up with the land wars. Susan tells Lyn her solution - they sell the land to them, but Lyn rejects it on the grounds that it is too simple!
Lou's Place
Carrie says goodbye to Joel and Dione, as she doesn't want to intrude any longer, despite Joel telling her to stay. When she does leave, he tells Dione that Carrie is nice. Dione wants to know if he's attracted to her or not and reminds him of the "whole truth" routine and that she can spot if he is lying or not.
<<3478 - 3480>>
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