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Neighbours Episode 3478 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3478
Australian airdate: 01/03/00
UK airdate: 05/04/00
UK Gold: 12/05/05
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tony Gunn: Michael Dyson
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Psychic Cats" by Automatic
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lance telling Toadie that Damien can buy Amy oranges.
Lance looking guiltily at the oranges, then leaving them on the doorstep of Number 32.
Billy telling Anne he won't be leaving for another 3 months.
Billy getting the phonecall and telling Susan he leaves next week, not in 3 months time.
No. 28
Bill is packing, realising how little time he's go to get things organised but he really want the apprenticeship. He then wonders what Anne is going to say at his new departure date. Libby comes out of her bedroom and Susan brings her up to date about Bill leaving next week.
Grease Monkeys
Flick comes round to get her uniform but also keeps up the pretence about Joe being hard on her.
Lou's Place
Drew and Lou are talking about the name of the garage - Drew wants to change it to include his name and of course Lou doesn't, but he does agree to look at possible alternatives that Drew may come up with. Libby enters the pub to speak to Drew. She wants to change the time she meets him as she's got an appointment at some high-rise apartments in the city to help with an article she is doing. Somehow Drew wants to tag along as he thinks it may be a good investment for his parents! Lib ribs him about always looking to the future and he tells her that he might surprise her one of these days!
Grease Monkeys
Harold is reading the Grease Monkey bible, not at all impressed with it, especially the bit saying that he's their boss and not their friend. Harold "orders" Paul into the kitchen, where he accidentally sees Flick trying on her uniform.
No. 32
Bill is trying to delay telling Anne about him leaving, letting her rabbit on, but eventually tells her that something has come up and that they need to talk.
No. 30
Tess calls round to ask what she wears to their date but Toadie says he'll sort it out. He asks how Amy is, just as Lance comes out of his bedroom, she says fine and thanks Lance for the oranges.
No. 32
Anne is stunned at Bill leaving, especially so soon. He doesn't know what to say to make things better.
Flick and Paul are moaning about handing out Grease Monkey leaflets when they notice Susan. They ask her what she thought about the petition but it hasn't worked, so they ask what will.
Drew and Lou are still arguing about names when Steph comes round with a bike that she thought might be of interest to Libby but Drew isn't keen on Libby buying it.
Toadie is making a helmet for his date with Tess while Bill moans about leaving so soon. Toadie tells him to think of the positives - he'll be able to work with no distractions! He then asks Bill how Anne took the news - wrapped! - before offering to help him sort out the workshop.
No. 30
Anne is trying to get a sympathetic ear from her brother, but he reminds her that they've been through worse, offering their mum finding Phil after their dad walked out as an example, but Anne doesn't quite appreciate this.
Grease Monkeys
Paul is trying to ask Flick if Joe has always been tough on her. She replies yes, especially with cleaning.
No. 30
Lance asks Anne how her life is going, but she thinks it is to ask how Amy is. Anne says that they can talk about Amy, then reveals that she isn't very well lately despite the visit to the specialist. She then tells him about Damien proposing and Amy turning him down. This shocks Lance, but he reacts angrily saying that is another life that Amy has ruined now, adding also that it is typical of Amy. Anne seems surprised by his reaction.
No. 28
Susan offers to ask the Design and Technology teacher if he'd be interested in Bill's equipment when he wonders how he'll manage to sell it all in time. Susan reveals that she isn't looking forward to saying goodbye to him. Lou calls round to see if Susan has any info on Lolly's teacher, but she couldn't find anything negative about her, so he is still mystified as to why Lolly won't go to school.
No. 30
Tess and Toadie leave on their date as Steph comes in to see Lance. To cheer him up she's taking him out on her bike and won't take no for an answer, so he goes to get his jacket.
Toadie and Tess are at a medieval tournament and having their own sword duel, but with absolutely no vigour what so ever. He stares at her a bit too long and she wants to know why, but quickly takes him off for a glass of mead instead.
An agent is showing Drew and Libby round the high-rise apartment. Drew answers his questions thinking he is genuinely interested in purchasing the flat, and not another timewaster. Libby joins in too with the deception to make it seem more genuine.
Lou's Place
Lance has cheered up immensely following the bike ride with Steph and even Bill makes a comment about it. He thanks Steph before leaving and Steph comments too, that Anne is holding up well under her circumstances.
Toadie and Tess finish their duel and she thanks him for the great time but tells him that it isn't her scene so she won't be back.
The agent informs them that they've to move quickly if they are interested as demand has been high. Drew wants to see what the view is like at night first and borrows the keys from him.
<<3477 - 3479>>
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