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Neighbours Episode 3460 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3460
Australian airdate: 04/02/00
UK airdate: 10/03/00
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Amy telling Anne that she might be pregnant. Stephanie hitting the wicket in the cricket, causing the Erinsborough team to lose.
Lou's Place
Joe and Bill reassure Steph about the game - it wasn't her fault and this is the first game of many. Karl appears, very bouncy, and says that he was busy at the surgery - how did the team do? Joe says it's not the winning that counts and Steph just about loses it - please will her father stop defending her? - she stuffed up and lost the match for the whole team.
The Bishops'
Paul is making a chocolate milk drink, and Harold thinks he's putting too much chocolate powder in. Personally, I'm with Paul on this one - the whole fun of chocolate milk isn't the drink itself, it's mixing it all up and trying to get the right blend of powder and milk. A bit like making concrete, I guess. Except without the milk and chocolate powder.
Harold asks where Tad is - Paul says that he's walking, and didn't want company. Harold reassures Paul that Tad will get over this, and they just need to be there for him, then leaves to go and talk to some people about the possible purchase of Grease Monkeys.
Just as he's leaving Flick arrives and asks if Tad's alright. Paul says that Tad's gone for a walk, and then asks her if she'd like to stay and hang out; he offers her some chocolate milk. Flick seems pleased to be invited.
Number 32
Bill and Anne are on the sofa together, and he's playing with her hair. Seriously - they are the sweetest teenage lovebirds ever to appear on this show! He's telling her about losing the cricket and teases her about not turning up to support him. She says she had to work - she never realised how much living costs and how much her parents used to pay for her.
Bill offers to help her out, should she ever need it.
BILL: Seriously, if you need it, I'm happy to help out.
ANNE: Oh, you're a sweet thing.
BILL: Well it's either that or I catch you selling kisses on the corner for a dollar.
(Knock at the door)
BILL: See?! The word's spread already!
It's Lyn who wants to ask Anne if she'll copy a painting for her for a mural for the salon. Anne isn't sure - she's never had to copy a painting before. Lyn says she'll pay her, and Billy backs up Anne and says that she'll do it in a week...Anne doesn't really have a choice now, and after Lyn leaves is pleased that Bill made her.
The Kennedys'o
Lyn's come over now to the Kennedys', where Susan has left her ironing to answer the door. The iron steams ominously in the corner. What's going to happen? Will some poor unsuspecting child pull it over onto him or herself? Will Dahl get a burnt beak? Or will Karl have a hole in the back of his shirt tomorrow?
Lyn apologises for coming round out of school time, but apparently this really can't wait. Susan invites her in. Lyn says that seeing as Madge's position on the school council is vacant, she thought she herself could do it:
LYN: I was thinking to myself, 'Lyn! This is a job that's right up your alley!' You know how you *know* that sort of thing sometimes?!
SUSAN: (very uncomfortable) Oh, yes...
LYN: Well?! I thought I'd approach you first, get the ball rolling, so to speak?
Susan really doesn't look enamoured with this idea. I never realised she was such a snob! Not that I mind. I'm a snob, too, so I sympathise with her. Susan goes back to her ironing. Not a child, bird or shirt in sight. Damn. That could have been such a great storyline.
Susan says that the decision isn't really hers to make, as the elections aren't for some months. But Lyn thinks that all Susan has to do is put in a good word for her and she's definitely got the job! Lyn tries a bit more persuasion and eventually Susan says she'll bring it up at the next meeting. And Lynnie is thrilled!
As Lyn leaves she says that she has so many plans, and the first one involves Susan - she knows that the school won't be the same without Susan as principal. Suse now looks really concerned as says that there are lots of reasons for her wanting to step down, but Lyn shushes her - "this is not the time or place! This is a school council matter! We'll discuss it in formal school council hours. See?! I'm a natural at this kind of thing!" And she falls about laughing as she leaves.
Susan just looks horrified.
The Bishops'
Paul has made Flick some chocolate milk - she likes it, but it took five goes to get to this. They sit down at the kitchen table and Paul confesses that he likes her, and does she like him? Flick says she likes him, but just as friends - she usually looks for an older boyfriend. But she says that it's great having friends like Tad in Erinsborough - and Paul will still be her friend, won't he? Of course, he says. Really good friends. Thank goodness. Maybe now he'll stop moping.
The Surgery
This time it's Amy at the surgery and Karl's telling her that all her blood tests seem to be fine. Amy says that's good because she feels great (very unconvincingly) and it must have been the flu or something.
Karl broaches the subject of being pregnant again. She says there's no need for a pregnancy test because she's fine.
Number 32
Anne and Billy are bantering about going out when there's a knock at the door - it's Amy who asks what they're up to. She's obviously distressed and Anne tells Bill she'll take a rain check on going out and he gets the message and leaves. Aw. Such a good boy. Clearly brought up by two wonderful parents who should really, really, really, really be together.
Anne asks Amy what's happened, and she says she needs Anne's help to do a pregnancy test. Uck. What does that involve? But I get the idea.
The Bishops'
Flick wonders where Tad is, and Paul says he has a lot to think about, but can't really tell her what it is. Flick seems a little more concerned for Tad than she should do for a friend - it's the gazing out of the window waiting for him to return that does it.
The 'phone rings and Paul tells Flick that it was Michelle who was supposed to be giving a guitar lesson this afternoon, and that Lyn wants to come and watch Paul teach her. Flick says that it shouldn't be a problem - Paul can teach, can't he? Of course, Paul says. Yeah - right.
Number 32
Amy says that she feels sick, and Anne asks her if she's said anything to Lance. Amy says that she hasn't and doesn't want anyone else to know - it's bad enough that Karl's already suspicious. Anne tells her that she feels stuck in the middle - but she promises not to say anything. Aw. She's such a good girl.
The Scullys'
Paul is supposedly teaching Michelle the guitar, but seems to just be playing it himself whilst Michelle watches. Lyn tells him not to mind her and Flick - just continue as if it's a normal lesson. Paul passes the guitar to Michelle and asks her if she can play the song they learnt last week. She sort of remembers it, but she'd like him to play it again. She passes the guitar back to him, and he plays some chords which don't in all honesty sound anything like a song.
We cut to the kitchen where Steph sits, looking deafened, and Joe comes in. Steph says that she's heading out, and Joe says he'll join her in a walk.
The Kennedys'
Bill's trying to convince someone to join him on a trip out (I haven't managed to figure out what it is, but it seems like it's a film to do with ice and psychic powers which the reviewer has given three and a half stars). KarlandSusan™ (see - my agenda) are sitting at the table, making fun of Billy for being dateless. Bill says that Anne's with Amy, hoping she can sort her out - Amy's been a nightmare lately.
Bill shows his mum a leaflet from a guy called Greg Mast who is apparently amazing at woodwork, and he's holding a seminar. Karl teases Billy about being a frustrated artist, not being able to do his own designs and work at the moment, and Susan reprimands him. She thinks it's great that Bill has a dream, but Karl thinks that his priority should be making ends meet.
Bill goes to the fridge. Seriously - EVERY time he's stressed he goes to the fridge. Check out my other recaps if you don't believe me.
BILL: Way to crush me, dad.
KARL: That's my plan!
BILL: Alright, you're right.
KARL: I *love* it when he says I'm right!
SUSAN: I love it when the two of you agree. I'm going shopping.
BILL: For ice cream?
SUSAN: If you're lucky.
BILL: I *love* it when she goes shopping!
A Random Place
Joe and Steph are walking and Steph is explaining that although Joe supports her in cricket, sometimes that support feels like pressure. She needs to know that if sometimes she doesn't measure up, then that's okay. She wants to have fun un cricket and be social - she doesn't want it to be something that stresses her out. Joe apologises to her and promises to ease the pressure. They walk off side by side and run into Susan. Susan says she heard that the cricket's going well, and she's pleased they have a woman on the team.
Joe then goes into one about Steph not just being good, she's a completely gifted sportswoman. Her teachers thought she was a future champion. Steph looks really uncomfortable.
The Scullys'
Michelle is now trying to play the guitar - very badly. Lyn and Flick look horrified. Michelle says she can't get the middle part of the song, so Paul shows her again. He just plays, and she watches, looking thoroughly bored. "See?" he says when he's done. He then says that her time's up for today, and Lyn asks Michelle to get a jug of cordial out of the fridge. Cordial? What happened to good old juice? So I'm a snob.
Michelle leaves and Lyn subtly tells Paul that she thinks the lessons ought to be left for a bit - Michelle doesn't seem to be progressing. Paul agrees, and says he doesn't want to be paid for today, and quickly leaves. Ouch.
Lyn tells Michelle they need to have a talk.
Steph and Joe arrive home, and Lyn and Michelle are shouting at each other in the kitchen. Flick explains what's going on, whilst Joe asks Steph if she wants to watch a video with him - she'd love to. As he asks, Flick leaves the room - Joe's apparently getting paranoid about this. Just as Flick leaves, Michelle storms out of the house - she's going to apologise to Paul.
The Bishops'
Harold arrives home and realises that Tad isn't back yet, but tells Paul not to worry, as he just needs some time.
Paul asks Harold how the meeting went, and he's just saying how excellent it was when there's a knock at the door. It's Michelle who comes to apologise about her mother, and maybe Paul could still teach her in secret. Paul disagrees - he thinks that her mum's right, that he's not experienced enough. He says that she needs some sheet music back. Paul says he doesn't have it but Michelle says she can't find it, so please can he check.
As Paul goes to check, Michelle steals a photo of him from the sideboard.
The Surgery
Anne and Amy are there to see Karl, and Anne takes Amy's hand. Karl asks Amy through and Anne waits outside.
The Scullys' where we find Three Angry Sisters
Steph is on the sofa and Flick comes out of her room and Steph asks her why she always gives their dad a hard time when he tries to talk to her. Flick says that it's none of her business. Michelle returns home and we cut to Joe in the kitchen making popcorn. He says that the surveyors are coming again tomorrow. Lynnie comments that she doesn't think the neighbours are going to like it... and we're left in suspense as to what's going on.
The Surgery
Amy is sitting the surgery with Karl who has obviously done a pregnancy test. He tells her that the test is positive. She's devastated.
<<3459 - 3461>>
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