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Neighbours Episode 3461 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3461
Australian airdate: 07/02/00
UK airdate: 13/03/00
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: David Myles
Guests: N/A
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Toadie telling Tad he had no idea that Tad was adopted. Karl telling Amy that her pregnancy test is positive.
The Surgery
Amy is in tears, in shock, and very, very upset over her positive pregnancy test. Karl offers her a counsellor, but she refuses. Karl says she should see someone soon for a proper check up, though. She leaves and meets Anne in the waiting area who escorts her out of the surgery.
Number 32k
Anne and Amy return and Amy's still in denial, but Anne says Karl won't have got it wrong. Amy tells Anne not to fuss over her, she doesn't know what she wants right now. She says she's in shock and feels sick, and has to go. Anne asks her to sit down and talk about it, but she doesn't want to. As she leaves Tess returns home.
Ramsay Street
Tad is sitting alone outside when he hears Flick calling Rex the dog in. Flick stumbles upon Tad and asks if he's seen the dog, apparently he's dug a hole under the fence. Tad tells her that he doesn't want to go home - he went for a walk and hasn't been home yet, so he thinks he's either in trouble or everyone will be very understanding.
Flick asks if he's okay after the alcohol poisoning, and Tad says he's fine. Just then Rex appears. Flick leaves after offering a shoulder to cry on whenever he needs it.
The Kennedys'
Lolly is showing off her new school uniform to Karl and Susan with Lou there. (I just watched the 20 Years Skit, and I can't see Jackie and Alan together now without thinking of seeing them rapping on stage together - quite disconcerting.) Susan tells her she looks so grown up and starts to talk to her about school - she actually asks Lolly if she has a great big hairy spider to scare the teacher with! I'm so distracted by Susan and Louise in the background that I have to rewind to hear the *actual* conversation in this scene which is Karl and Lou.
Lou asks Karl if he heard about the cricket - he did. They both make fun of Joe's coaching as a result.
Karl gives Lolly some money for school to buy herself something and - this bit is JUST SO GREAT - Susan says "ooh, I'll just get that moth" and claps her hands together. Now - I don't get that, although I get the gist of it, but it's so great because it looks so completely unscripted, Alan Fletcher looks as if he's about to crack up, and Jackie and Alan look at each other in a completely adorable way as if to say "see - this is why we have such great chemistry on screen." In fact, I'm not sure it was scripted - it just looked more JackieAndAlan than KarlAndSusan.
Karl teases Susan about being all sentimental watching Lolly in her new uniform, and cuddling, they walk to the table, SO in love. Susan asks Karl if he remembers Libby on her first day at school coming home so excited because she'd been made the 'Blackboard Thermometer.' Susan wishes she was that excited about school, and Karl puts his arms around her and asks if that means she won't wear her school uniform to bed. He starts kissing her neck and she moans about all the paperwork she has to do before school. He tells her to ignore the paperwork, but she says it has to be in order, ready to hand over to someone else.
There's a knock at the door which is a shame, as I was looking forward to some more neck kissing, but it's Tad, so I don't mind that, because I know what's coming up, having had the advantage of seeing this before I recapped it.
Tad wants to see Susan, and Karl subtly says he'll pop to the shop to get something for dinner. Tad says that Karl takes a hint well, and Susan says it's years of training.
The Bishops' where we find a Worried Harold
Paul says that Tad hasn't come back from his walk yet, and Harold is getting concerned now - he's been gone for hours. Paul says he'll be fine, and just needs some time to himself. Paul asks after Harold's shift as a Salvation Army worker. Harold says that there was a fight - he didn't get involved this time - and he thinks he should do some self defence classes. Paul suggests Tai Kwon Do.
The Kennedys'
(Tad paces around Susan, who's sitting at the table)
TAD: Maybe I shouldn't be so upset. I mean, how many people wish they could just disown their parents? Now I can. It just, it doesn't go away. It just hangs in the back of everything you do, and you think about, and you talk about... It's like I was this one thing, right, and now there's this voice telling me that was all junk, and I'm this other thing and I don't know what that other thing is. Do you know what I'm talking about?
SUSAN: Yeah.
TAD: Would you mind explaining it to me 'cause I don't know what's going on.
SUSAN: Tad, this is a huge thing to deal with for anyone. It's okay to feel the way you do.
TAD: (angry) But I hate it! I hate feeling like this, I just wanna know what's going on.
SUSAN: And you will. You will. You have to give it time...
TAD: What the hell were mum and dad doing not telling me. What the hell bit of stupid logic told them to keep it to themselves?
SUSAN: Did your dad tell you why?
TAD: Yeah. He just gave me a dumb excuse about not wanting to worry me and then he just put it off and put it off and now...
SUSAN: Maybe it wasn't a dumb excuse, maybe it was the truth. And yes, I agree, it was unwise but Tad, come on, they're human. They made a mistake and they regret it. That's why your dad told you when he did.
TAD: Yeah. Like sixteen years too late. It's like, if I'd have had known for a long time it would be normal. I wouldn't feel this feeling of...I've gotta go...
SUSAN: Tad, no, no, please - please...listen to me. (Susan takes his hands in hers.) It is alright to feel the way you do. You've got to ease up on yourself and you've got to remember that you're not alone. (Susan strokes his hair.) Tad, you are surrounded by people who love you.
TAD: (upset) Um...Harold reckons that I might want to find out who my real parents are.
SUSAN: Do you?
TAD: No, no - I couldn't careless actually.
(Karl arrives home)
KARL: Sorry, I can come back.
TAD: No, no I was just going. (Upset, to Karl) Look, you should take better care of her. She's always, er, crying on my shoulder about her problems. It's getting embarrassing.
(He leaves. Karl looks at Susan, who looks despairing.)
Wonderful, wonderful acting by Jonathan Dutton. I love the bit at the end where he tries to explain how embarrassed he is by turning the situation on its head. Just so beautiful.
Number 32
Anne is telling Tess that if Amy's pregnant then Lance is the father, which puts Anne in a really difficult situation as he's her twin. Tess says that it's not Anne's place to tell Lance; Anne agrees, but when he finds out that she knew, he'll be really cross with her for not saying anything - she's completely stuck in the middle.
Anne says that Amy and Lance are not getting on at the moment either, so she doesn't know how it's going to turn out.
The Bishops'
Harold sees that Tad has returned and asks to talk to him. Tad thinks he's about to get a lecture on alcohol and what he did, but Harold says he won't do that. Tad says he didn't kill many braincells when he drank the whisky because he didn't have many to begin with. He also says he's ruined his chances of ever being able to drink again, because he only has to look at alcohol to feel sick now. He's worried that if he doesn't drink again he'll turn into Harold, listening to Gilbert and Sullivan. Harold laughs at him.
Tad says that it just happened, because he was in pain. But the pain didn't go away. Harold tells Tad that it won't always be like this - and Tad knows he's right. He spoke to Susan today who said the same sort of thing. Harold asks what Tad was watching - something about two beauty queens who are trying to kill each other. Harold says it sounds terrible - and puts the TV back on.
We cut to the next day and it's the boys' first day back at school - Year 11! Harold tells them to eat breakfast before they go, and asks what happened to the picture of Paul in the frame on the sideboard - it's missing (cf Recap for episode 3460). Tad says he took it - he sleeps with the picture under his pillow at night.
Paul tells Tad that he needs his help - he's going to just be friends with Flick, so if he does anything stupid, Tad is to kick him.
Ramsay Street
Harold asks Paul on his way to school if he could keep the conversation about self defence to himself - he doesn't want people laughing at him. Aw - poor Harry.
Paul and Tad run into Flick - and they all discuss how they've had the Year 11 - Time To Study Hard lecture from their parents and guardians.
Harold wishes Louise the best of luck on her first day.
Flick tells Tad and Paul that Year 11 is really important.
Erinsborough High
Susan is telling the Year 11 class - apparently the only Year 11 class - that this will be hard work, and they need to work hard, make a plan and stick to it.
The Coffee Shop
Karl runs into Anne and asks how Amy is. Anne says she's alright but pretty upset. Anne asks if Karl has said anything to anyone else - he says he hasn't.
Erinsborough High
The bell goes for the end of class and Tess tells her class to read ten chapters before the next lesson. They look horrified. She reminds them that this year will be hard work and they should get into good study habits. On the way out the classroom Flick asks Tad if he wants to do something later on. Paul interjects and reminds them about homework, but Flick brushes him off. She says she'll go round to theirs, but seems to only really be directing this at Tad. Paul stands in the background.
We cut back to the classroom where Susan greets Tess and asked how it went, and how she is. Tess says she has no intention of falling apart - she's fine and doesn't need to be checked up on.
The Coffee Shop
Tess says she feels like everyone's waiting for her to fall apart. Susan says she doesn't doubt Tess' professionalism one bit. As they leave TCS we cut to Flick, Tad and Paul who are seated and eating. Flick is complaining about Michelle - if she'd never been born then Flick wouldn't be the middle child. She can't believe that Michelle told their mum and dad about her sneaking out with Tad.
Paul interrupts - seemingly desperate to join in the conversation - and asks if anyone is going to see The Mummy this weekend. The what? The 1932 Boris Karlov version of The Mummy. Tad and Flick smile at each other in a "bless him" way. Flick says she only likes foreign films with subtitles so - no.
Number 32
Amy turns up at Anne's house and asks to come in. Anne hugs her. Amy says she's been thinking and she doesn't know what to do. She's confused. They sit on the sofa and Anne tells her she doesn't have to do this alone. Amy says she knows - Anne's been great to her.
Actually, Anne was talking about Lance - he'll be there for her but Amy has to tell her. Amy looks uncomfortable and says that Anne doesn't understand - it's not Lance's baby. Anne is gobsmacked. Amy says it's Damien's.
Hit Me Baby With:
End Credits
<<3460 - 3462>>
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