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Neighbours Episode 3458 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3458
Australian airdate: 02/02/00
UK airdate: 08/03/00
UK Gold: 28/04/05
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Pat Lennon: Ruth Schoenheimer
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Libby asking Lou about the Mayor and after his response, Geri telling her they're onto something.
Karl asking Amy if she could be pregnant.
Steph asks Drew if he is ever going to take the day off that they spoke about, since she has the day off. She wants them to go polish up their cricket skills for the forthcoming match.
No. 32
Anne takes a phone message from Brendan just as Tess comes home. She isn't particularly pleased and tells Anne to screen the messages first in case he calls again. Anne resents this saying that Tess is over-reacting, but she tells Anne that she doesn't know Brendan.
No. 28
Susan is asking Libby how Drew is since she turned him down. Libby says he's accepted it and adds that he said he would ask again later. Geri calls round with a cryptic message "scoop of the century".
Drew has obviously given into Steph's persuasion and has shut the garage just as Lou arrives. He isn't happy but Drew stands his ground and tries to blame Steph! Drew reminds him that he is an equal partner in the garage and if he is that concerned he can run it! Lou tries to wriggle out of it and winds Drew up even more until he tells him that he was joking and to enjoy his day off.
No. 32
Anne is re-telling Amy the conversation she had with Tess earlier but Amy isn't listening so Anne asks if she is all right. Amy replies that she has a lot on her mind so Anne asks if she has been to see Karl. Amy is evasive but eventually tells her that the diagnosis is that she's been burning the candle at both ends but to be on the safe side, Karl is running some blood tests. Before they can talk more, Lance calls round and they chat idly before Lance asks Amy when she is coming round to see him and she says she will soon.
No. 28
Libby is looking through the photos Geri gave her wondering why, so she explains that they show the Mayor kissing Pat Lennon and suggests to Lib that is why her company won a recent council contract. Lib tells her not to jump to conclusions and that they will need more proof. Geri suggests showing them to the Mayor and asking for comments! When Libby is reluctant to answer, Geri asks if she's scared to take on the big stories, but Libby tells her she's got a plan!
No. 32
Lance returns with a coffee for them and before he leaves, he asks Amy out on a date. When he leaves, Anne wants to know what is going on, so Amy tells her of Karl's suggest that she may be pregnant.
Anne says she should tell Lance, but Amy is denying the possibility of being pregnant. Anne says they could go and buy a home pregnancy test but Amy doesn't want to since she is still denying it, so Anne tells her to pull her head out of the sand and that things will be okay.
No. 28
Geri has rejected Libby's idea of talking to Pat instead of the Mayor, so Libby pulls rank on her much to Geri's annoyance.
Lou's Place
Tess is explaining to Susan about having to screen their calls in future because of Brendan phoning.
No. 32
Lance calls back to see Amy, so Anne explains that she left earlier. He asks if everything is okay and she replies yes, but he doesn't believe her and asks her to tell him what is wrong with Amy.
Geri and Libby are sitting outside TCS when Pat arrives. After the intro's, Libby starts asking questions about her company and how they won the council contract. Geri doesn't like the answers, so she shows Pat the photo's of her kissing the Mayor and asks if that is how she won the contract. Pat is shocked and tells them that she is an old friend of the Mayor and the kiss was innocent before leaving.
No. 32
Anne is trying to get out of telling Lance what is wrong with Amy and he should ask Amy not her. To appease him, she tells him that Amy has been to see Karl for an examination and the only thing wrong with her is exhaustion. Lance then thinks that Amy's behaviour is something to do with him and asks her what he did wrong.

Anne informs Tess of the food options for supper so they quickly decide on take away. As Tess leaves to get the food, Susan comes round with kitchen utensils for them. They chat about having to screen the calls both puzzled by Tess' decision.
Lou's Place
Lou asks Drew if he is going to turn up at work tomorrow or will he be taking more cricketing practice. Libby and Geri come in and Geri comments about the sleaze and corruption in Erinsborough. Steph shows surprise at this, so Geri tells her to read all about it in the paper tomorrow. Geri comments that she is looking forward to her name being on the front page but Libby bluntly tells her that she only took the photos and didn't write the story. This doesn't please Geri, so she tells her that if she doesn't get the credit for it then there will be trouble.
Amy dials Lance's number but when he answers, she can't speak and hangs up on him.
<<3457 - 3459>>
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