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Neighbours Episode 3457 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3457
Australian airdate: 01/02/00
UK airdate: 07/03/00
UK Gold: 27/04/05
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Cal Salmon: Justin Marsden
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Hold On" by Kaye Harrison
Summary/Images by: Alan & Tracy C/Alan
Harold telling Tad that he knows it must be difficult with his parents divorcing but this is not the way to deal with it.
Tad replying that they're not his real parents and it's like he doesn't know who he is anymore.
Toadie arrives at the hospital, extremely concerned about Tad and Harold reassures him that he is okay now. "What happened?" Toadie asks.
Meanwhile in Tad's room, Paul asks his friend what he is going to do now but is met with silence.
Lou's Place
Joel wonders why Toadie isn't behind the bar (he should be working) as he plays pool with Lance, but the lad has other things on his mind - Amy and what is wrong with her. "They don't think like us," is Joel's explanation and goes over to see if Anne and Tess want to play pool but they turn the boys down and with nobody to play with, decide to go home instead!
Toadie tries to go down the cheery route when he goes into see Tad who isn't exactly playing along.
Number 30
Steph joins Lance and Joel to practise for the darts comp and trying to come up with a strategy for Lance on how to deal with Amy. Toadie arrives home and explains about why he wasn't working but lies about the real reason Tad is in hospital, putting it down to a bug rather than alcoholic poisoning.
Number 24
Harold looks for reassurance from Paul that Tad trusts himself and Madge (he thinks they are ace) and admits that he is unsure whether to contact Coral and Barry but is fearful of upsetting Tad more than he currently is. Paul wonders what story Harold is going to come up with to explain the ambulance and both agree that the priority is to protect Tad's privacy and Harold also decides to hang on about contacting Coral and Barry too.
Number 28
Susan calls the hospital to check on Tad but is told he is sleeping. Like Harold, the K's are unsure about contacting Coral and Harold.
Changing conversation, Karl asks if Tess will be ready for the new term and Susan replies that she hopes so but will try and give her a light workload. Karl wonders if they've heard from Brendan (no) and then wonders if what Tess claimed was true or not.
As Live Through This begins, Tad receives a very late-night visitor - Susan, who sits by his bedside while he sleeps.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Lance spots Amy leaving #32 after crashing there for the night. She admits that she still isn't feeling well and Lance suggests seeing Karl but she thinks she is just simply tired.
Number 24
Toadie drives Harold, Paul and Tad home from the hospital and Harold goes into protective parent mode with the lad.
Tad isn't impressed at what he perceives is Toadie now taking an interest in him and wanting to do things together.
TOADIE: Because we're family mate.
TAD: No we're not.
TOADIE: We're not blood related no, but you're still my family.
Tad wants to know why Toadie kept quiet that he was adopted.
Amy is in for a check-up with Karl and he suggests some blood tests.
Number 24
Tad doesn't believe that Toadie didn't know he was adopted. "Why would I lie to you?" Toadie asks and Tad replies it's because "you're ashamed of me." Toad immediately rejects that accusation and tells the lad that he loves him, to which Tad points out that he was quick enough to dump him onto Harold and Madge!
TOADIE: As far as I'm concerned, I am still your cousin and you're still as big a pain in the bum as you ever have been.
Toad wants to know if he's told Barry and Coral and he replies no as he doesn't want them to know about being in hospital or that anything happened.
TOADIE: You can't do that mate.
TAD: I just told you I don't want them to know.
TOADIE: Well they're going to find out sooner or later and it is better coming from you.
Tad doesn't get what he is meaning so Toadie clearly spells it out that "Barry and Coral may have adopted you but that's because they wanted you." The lad doesn't agree though because they packed him off to Erinsborough "and after a couple of months you showed me the door too."
TOADIE: I know it's a lousy thing to find out but they are still the parents that raised you and I'm still your cousin and nothing is going to change that mate.
TAD: I just told you I don't want them to know. Now, they can look after their stuff and I'm going to look after mine.
TOADIE: You couldn't get it any more wrong, they deserve to know and if you're not going to tell them, I will.
Harold sends Paul into the livingroom with some soup for Tad so he can talk to Toadie privately in the kitchen. He admits that he is having the same quandary too about whether to contact Coral and Barry and thinks it's best to wait a few more days to get used to the situation would be wise, to allow Tad to sort out his thoughts. Toad thinks Barry and Coral are going to be mighty upset at not being straight with them and Harold comments they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.
Lance and Joel arrive (for Toadie) and ask how Tad is after "his rough trot" and the lad simply replies that he will be okay. The boys want to take Toadie away to the pub for the darts comp but he is reluctant to go, wanting to stay and spend time with Tad but he tells him to go, he will be fine.
"Jarrod really does mean the best," Harold tells Tad after seeing the trio out of the house. "I know," Tad replies and Harold explains that it's going to be up to him whether he calls Coral and Barry or not.
TAD: I'm not going to change my mind.
Lou's Place
The darts comp is in full swing with the Ramsay Street players being slaughtered so much that the opposition suggesting they give up! Steph interjects to propose they play double or nothing and after a bit of debate, spokesman for the opposition remarks that it's their money they're going to lose!
Number 24
Susan drops round with some choccies for Tad and asks how he is doing now and he replies he's just got a bit of a headache. Harold and Paul make themselves scarce to allow them to chat and Tad thanks Susan for visiting him last night - the nurse told him she had. "That was really nice of you," he manages to say before starting to cry, so Susan pulls him to her for a comfort hug.
Lou's Place
Competition take 2 is on and this time the Ramsay Street players are playing so much better that of course they win and take the money. The opposition realise too late that they've been had and the spokesman comments favourably on Steph.
Number 30
Lance leaves a message for Amy asking she gives him a call.
Number 24
Harold thanks Susan for coming around, commenting that it was just what Tad needed and right enough when she leaves, Tad does look a bit more like his old self.
With Susan has gone, Harold and Tad have a chat. Tad admits that he wouldn't blame Harold if he just told him to get out, but Harold replies that he wouldn't do that. He then suggests to Tad that he tries to find his biological parents, to help give him peace of mind. Tad is fearful of doing that in case he didn't like them or they didn't like him. "Both of those are possibilities of course," Harold concedes and of course can't guarantee the outcome but thinks it would be a fresh start for the lad, comparing it to when he lost his memory.
HAROLD: Nothing more frightening than not knowing who you really are.
Tad can see where Harold is coming from and agrees to think about it. "Good lad," Harold acknowledges and assures him that both Madge and himself will be right behind whatever decision he makes.
Surgery (next day)
Karl is grateful for a brief visit from his wife as she brings him his pager that he left behind at home. She trades places with Amy who is in to see if Karl has got her results back. He replies that they aren't in so can't give her a definitive diagnosis but is sure there isn't anything to worry about.
AMY: I'm not worried, I'm just wondering.
Karl then gets her to run through her symptoms - she is very tired, has had the odd bout of vomiting and her nerves are on edge. "Yes, that's right," Amy confirms and wonders if he knows what is wrong without the results of the blood tests being back. "There are a lot of options," Karl replies so doesn't want to alarm her by running through all the possibilities when it could just simply be too little sleep and too much work. "But what do you think is the most likely cause?" she pushes and he asks, "if there's any chance you could be pregnant?" That question is met with definite "no!" Amy follows that up by saying it's impossible before thanking him and exiting the surgery.
Lassiters Lake
Amy makes her way to the lake and sits by the edge thinking.
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Tad Reeves, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul McClain, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3457
Tad Reeves, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul McClain, Harold Bishop

Tad Reeves, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3457
Tad Reeves, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3457
Karl Kennedy

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3457
Amy Greenwood

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