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Neighbours Episode 3452 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3452
Australian airdate: 25/01/00
UK airdate: 29/02/00
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Allie Bentley: Jade Butler
Tim Harrison: Tim Budge
Jane: Vanessa Sim
Simmo: Gregory Costaras
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Harpoon" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Susan helps Teresa collect her stuff together from the house she shared with Brendan. Susan asks Bill if Felicity knows that he and Anne are back together. He asks what that's got to do with anything. She says quite a lot.
Felicity hangs around at Bill's workshop while he works on designs for the new table. He settles on one and she takes it home to show her parents. Joe thinks it's good but suggests that he might like to make the table himself. Felicity tries to talk him round and continues to praise Bill, Joe asks her if she's made any promises. Felicity asks him to define promises. Joe sees right through her and says this is all about her liking Bill Kennedy. He says Bill is too old for her. Joe says she'll just have to tell him that he can't make the table. Felicity slopes off to see Bill and breaks the bad news. He's fine about it. Felicity says she'd like to make it up to him and invites him to see a movie. He says he's busy but she says she's free any time. Bill thanks her for the offer but says he likes to spend all his free time with his girlfriend, Anne. Tense moment all round then. Poor Flick!
Lance and Anne talk about Amy. Lance says he's sure she's keeping something from him. Later, she meets Amy at Lou's Place. She tells her that Lance thinks she's keeping secrets from him. She goes on to say that she's not seen any evidence of a rift between her and her Mum, Amy says they just put on a front when other people are around. Anne asks if there's anything wrong between her and Lance but Amy says everything is fine. She then tells her that she's one to talk anyway, especially after the way she treated Bill while she was with Fanto.
Tad and Paul are getting excited about their party. Harold calls and Tad tells him that they're going to have a night in front of the TV.
After hearing all the noise and seeing people arrive, Lyn realises that Paul and Tad are having a party and then cottons on to why she hasn't seen Michelle in a while. Her and Joe head over to No.24 to get Michelle back. Meanwhile, the party is turning into a bit of a disaster - everyone's being sick (that'll be out-of-date Coffee Shop hot dogs) and Michelle and Allie are fighting over Paul. In the midst of all the madness, Harold calls - cue fake house-in-Queensland set. Paul pretends the background noise is just a video they're watching. He manages to get away by pretending a pizza has just arrived for them. In reality, Joe and Lyn have arrived looking for their daughter. Or as Joe gruffly puts it - "where is she?" Michelle returns from the bathroom looking slightly worse for wear.
Susan gets up during the night and finds Teresa looking out of the window. She asks if she couldn't sleep and Teresa jumps. Susan asks if she wants something to drink but she says she should get back to bed because they've got school tomorrow. Susan says they're still on holidays. Teresa laughs and says she must be half asleep before wandering off back to bed leaving Susan confused.
Anne spends the night at No.30 and doesn't want to face going back to the Greenwoods. Bill arrives and says he's got to help Teresa move into No.32 today so it might be a good time for her to get her application in. Bill asks her why she's fighting with Amy - Anne tells him that Amy said some dumb things, it's the usual thing, she twists her words around and things get completely out of hand. Bill says he's sure it wasn't that bad but Amy walks in at that moment and says - "actually, it was." She tells Anne not to worry, she's not there to twist her words anymore, she's come to see Lance.
The next morning is party clear-up time. No.24 is a mess. Tad says the hot dogs must have been off which is why everyone was so sick. He says it was still one hell of a party but Paul says it was a disaster. Harold calls yet again and leaves them in shock when he says that he's at the airport about to hop into a cab home.
Amy tells Lance that he's got his study and she's got her work. Lance says that's not so unusual. Amy says it's going to get worse, she could be travelling indefinitely overseas and could be away for weeks at a time. Lance says he can handle it. She says she doesn't think that it's fair, which is why she thinks they should break up, for both their sakes. She says she doesn't want to do it, but sometimes you've got to step back and look at the big picture - how can their relationship work if they hardly see each other? Lance says it can if they want it to. He hugs her and asks her to please not do this to him.
Bill and Anne help out Teresa. Joe gives them a hand with the sofa and then takes Bill aside and says he really liked his table design and if he's still interested, he'd like him to make it for them. Bill is more than happy to. Anne talks to Teresa and asks if she's thought about whether she's going to live on her own. Tess says she hasn't given it much thought. Anne says she's looking for somewhere to live and this would be perfect. Tess sounds out while Anne is speaking and has to be snapped out of it - she says that it sounds fine, should be great but asks if she can give her some time to think about it. Anne says sure. Teresa then helps Susan carry the bedside table but drops it as she's carrying it. She keeps apologisiing and says she's completely useless. Susan says it's no big deal.
Paul and Tad manage to get the house back to normal but Tad notices something is missing from Harold's tuba. He has to quickly put it back though as Harold arrives home. Tad tries to create a diversion by saying that someone at the Coffee Shop has called as there's been a catastrophe down there. Harold says he'd better get changed and head out. Tad tells Paul that they've got to take the tuba to a place that does spare parts, but where do they find one? Harold heads down to the Coffee Shop where he finds there is no crisis and everything is running smoothly.
Teresa seems happy with the idea of Anne moving in but reminds her that she has just separated from her husband so things could sometimes be a bit awkward. Anne says it's fine, she lived through her parents divorce and that was pretty messy. Teresa welcomes her aboard. Meanwhile, at the Coffee Shop, Brendan bumps into Susan and asks how Teresa is. Susan says she doesn't think it's appropriate for them to talk about it but he says that if she's going to help her it's best to know what she's up against. Brendan tells her that Teresa's Mum died a year ago and after that everything changed between the two of them. Susan says this is really none of her business, but he continues and says that Teresa hasn't been the same since and everyone who knows her will say so. She took a long time to go back to work and during that time had periods of confusion. Susan says that she really doesn't want to know this.
Brendan tells Susan that he's just trying to help - he loves his wife and he knows she has problems but he wants to do the best thing by her. He says that if she doesn't want to talk about it, that's fine.
<<3451 - 3453>>
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3452
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3452
Michelle Scully

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3452
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

Susan Kennedy, Brendan Bell in Neighbours Episode 3452
Susan Kennedy, Brendan Bell

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