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Neighbours Episode 3453 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3453
Australian airdate: 26/01/00
UK airdate: 01/03/00
UK Gold: 25/04/05
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: T.Grant Fenn
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Alan & Tracy C /Alan
Previously on Neighbours
- Anne suggesting she moves into #32 with Tess.
- Brendan trying to force Susan to talk about Tess and her issues despite her telling him its none of her business.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is enjoying looking through the photos of Libby and Drew in Sydney but her mind is on other matters - Tess and the "strange things" Brendan was saying. She admits that she doesn't know who to believe and Lib suggests neither and no-one!
Steph drops off a delivery to Drew and is after a favour to see if he knows where to get t-shirts printed. Drew doesn't know but knows a man who might, Lou, who he is picking up from the airport later and promises to ask him.
Drew is still struggling with his injuries and Steph comes to his rescue and lends a hand. Steph suggests he takes a sickie as he is struggling but he doesn't want to, until she reminds him that he is the half-owner too and can't afford to let himself get crook.
Number 32
Anne gives Susan the good news when she pops in, that she is moving into #32 and she is pleased especially for Billy who will like her being nearby rather than at the Greenwoods. After Anne heads out, Tess confirms to Susan that Anne knows all about Brendan and Susan brings up that she's just run into him at The Coffee Shop.
Lou's Place
Over a beer, Lance asks Bill if he thinks he got too serious with Amy. He wonders if she might have got cold feet thinking he might propose or something. Billy tells him to stop trying to second-guess her and tries to tell his friend that his relationship with Amy is weird!
Number 28
Billy is happy to hear that Anne is moving into #32 as she chats with Susan. Anne isn't too fussed about the whole Brendan thing and Susan offers her services any time she wants. "She'll be here half the time," Billy reminds his mum before he offers Anne a hand to move her stuff into #32.
Number 30
It's a hit and a miss as Lance listens to the answering machine - he's lost out on a gardening contract he was after and his sister is moving into #32.
Erinsborough News
Geri takes delight in telling Libby who Chas Hancock is having an affair with - Pat Lemon who happens to own a landscape gardening company that have just won the council gardening service contract. Both think that it's just too much of a coincidence.
Number 28
Lou is back home and Lolly rushes to greet her dad. He is very much relieved to see she's in one piece after what she went through. Susan asks about the trip and he thinks that Lauren and Mark (changed to Matt in 2013!) will be okay and confirms that they are back together.
Erinsborough News
Libby and Geri discuss the council contract and Lib pulls rank by reminding Geri that she's the investigative journalist and so the story is hers to publish.
Number 28
Billy finally admits to his mum what is annoying him - he's fed up stuck in a job he doesn't like and feels his big dreams he had are slipping away from him. She reminds him that everyone has to make sacrifices to live and if she were in his shoes, she'd to do as much woodwork as she could and very little other work, just enough to keep her head above water.
BILLY: If this is what adult life is all about, I'm not sure he likes it.
Susan replies that's what you call life!
Number 32
Tess freaks out when she gets home to find a vase of roses on the mantelpiece and her childhood teddy in her chair.
Number 28
Tess arrives in an agitated state and asks Susan to come over to #32 with her, she thinks Brendan has been in the house.
Number 32
Anne is surprised to see Tess, Billy and Susan arrive on-mass and equally Tess is surprised to see her, so she explains about wanting to move her stuff in and bought some flowers as a thank you. "I feel like such a fool," Tess admits after Anne said she was the one that moved the teddy but Susan reassures her that it's understandable to think he'd been in the house.
Number 30
Steph is over looking for company although Lance says he isn't in the best of moods. Lance unloads on her about how weird Amy has been lately and asks if girls get to an age where they outgrow their boyfriends? "Only if the boy doesn't get there first," is Steph's reply and after Lance explains the reasoning behind the question (Amy said he was childish), her advice is for him to stay cool.
Number 32
Tess apologises for jumping to the wrong conclusions and Susan reminds her of the big step she's just taken and it's bound to leave her jumpy for a while. Billy opts to stay for bubbles and dinner at #32 instead of dinner with mum at home.
Number 22
Lolly is sound asleep in her own bed and Lou can't but help think about Cheryl.
Number 32
Anne admits to Billy that she is glad she isn't in Tess' shoes and it's no wonder she's a neurotic mess because Brendan sounds like a freak!
Number 28 (next day)
Lib isn't happy to get a call from Geri on her day off but agrees to meet her at The Coffee Shop.
Lou swaps places with Lib and reports to Susan that both he and Lolly both slept like a log when she asks how their first night home went. She also tells him that both she and Karl feel guilty about what happened to Lolly. "She's alive," Lou reminds her and refuses to listen to her saying that she feels they let him down, if anything he owes them a debt of gratitude that can't be repaid. Lou isn't looking forward to going over to chat with the Scullys about the fire, knowing that it was Lolly who started it.
The Coffee Shop
Libby arrives to meet Geri and she wants to know if the council story is true. "It checked out," Libby confirms and Geri is glad to hear that as they can get writing on the story now.
LIBBY: Yes, I will when I am ready.
GERI: Lib, I don't think you understand. I've spoken to Simon and he wants us to work on it together.
Geri denies Lib's accusation that she persuaded Simon to say that, apparently he thinks their talents complement each other! Lib isn't buying it but Geri threatens to work on the story alone!
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Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3453
Libby Kennedy

Geri Hallet in Neighbours Episode 3453
Geri Hallet

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