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Neighbours Episode 3451 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3451
Australian airdate: 24/01/00
UK airdate: 28/02/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Damien Smith: John Ridley
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Lance suggests to Amy that they should move in together. Amy tells Lance she's tired and she's stressed and she needs a good night's sleep, she hurriedly leaves.
Amy is talking to Anne at Lou's Place. She tells her that she feels like she's breaking away from Lance - he's got no money, he lives in a pigsty and it's all so immature. Her mobile phone rings and she pretends it's her Mum when really it's a call from Damien. She takes it outside and is shocked when Damien appears behind her. They talk about Lance and Amy says she doesn't want to hurt him, Damien says it's better coming sooner rather than later. He says that if she's got to spend all her time with Bill, Anne and Lance, then they may as well call off their relationship now. When she goes back into the pub, Amy pretends she's got to leave to see her Mum but she bumps into Lance on the way out, then her mobile rings again and she tries to make out it's her Mum when it's obviously Damien, telling her to talk to Lance. She hangs up and then leaves abruptly, brushing Lance off.
Michelle tries again to talk her Dad into buying her a guitar, Joe tells her to get off his back about it. Felicity suggests that Bill could make them a new kitchen table, Joe doesn't seem too interested though. Later, Felicity goes to see Bill anyway and aks him if he'd make them a new table - he's happy to do it and says he'll come around and take some measurements. Susan overhears and asks Bill if Felicity knows he and Anne are back together again. Bill asks what that has to do with anything. Susan says quite a lot. Later, Felicity takes Bill some design books that she got out of the library, Bill says he might not get a chance to look at them. This doesn't deter Felicity who continues to flatter him about his work. After what Susan said, Bill is obviously getting a bit worried about all the attention he's receiving from Felicity.
Lou talks to Susan on the phone, he's coming back home tomorrow.
Toadie talks to Paul and Tad about what they can't do while Harold's away - no staying up all night, no leaving piles of dirty dishes in the sink for days and, most importantly, no parties! They agree but immediately after he's gone, Tad is on the phone to his mates about coming to a party there that night. Paul tries to talk him out of it but it doesn't work - he starts to come around to the idea himself though when Tad suggests inviting Felicity. Paul tries to invite her but she turns him down.
Anne tells Bill that Amy and her Mum seemed to be getting on fine last night, she doesn't know what Amy's on about. She says that Josie (Amy's Mum) can be quite hard to live with though and she would like to find somewhere else. Susan suggets that she could look into moving into Number 32 with Teresa, as she doesn't yet have a flat-mate.
Susan checks up on Paul and Tad and invites them around to dinner. Paul says they've already ordered take-away, even though it's nowhere near dinner time yet! Michelle turns up and as soon as the door's opened she says something about the party. Susan asks what she's talking about but Paul and Tad spin her a story about it being a party they're organising for Harold and Madge's return, but they've decided not to do it because it would be too much work. Susan is obviously still suspicious but lets it go and leaves. They both have a go at Michelle and tell her she can't come to the party, but she suggests she could invite her Mum or her Dad along or accidentally tell them something about it. Paul and Tad cave in and say she can come.
Joe bumps into Susan at the Coffee Shop. They get chatting - Joe says his place is looking pretty awful but there are some blokes working on it. He says the kids are getting in the way a bit and it'll be good when they go back to school. Susan says she might get to teach them because she's applied for a down-grading. Joe says that's 'good on 'er' as there's no point being stuck doing something you don't like for a few extra dollars. Susan says Karl thinks she's mad, in his book you just climb higher and higher.
Toadie and Joel think about trying to get into the upper class nightclub, Foxies, to meet more women. They think about buying some new clothes. Anne tells them they have no taste in clothes, so Joel says she should put her money where her mouth is and go with them to the charity shop to get some new stuff. After a bit of persuading, she agrees.
Amy takes the new Dominator Sports calendar, featuring Joel, over to Number 30. He's thankful they haven't used one of the naked pictures (but are we?!), it just shows his chest. They chat about it for a while but then Amy makes another quick exit, avoiding Lance yet again. This time he goes after her and asks her what's wrong. She says that it's her Mum, things are really crazy - she drives off. Anne appears and Lance asks her how Amy is getting on with her Mum, Anne says they seem pretty normal to her. Lance then jumps in the ute and drives off after Amy.
Amy sees Lance following her and pulls over. He gets out and walks up to her car. She says she can't believe he was doing that, he obviously doesn't trust her. He says he would if she told him something he could believe. She says she's told him again and again, she's having problems with her mother and if he can't believe that simple thing then he may as well find another girlfriend. She speeds off.
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Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3451
Joel Samuels

Amy Greenwood, Damien Smith in Neighbours Episode 3451
Amy Greenwood, Damien Smith

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3451
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3451
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

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