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Neighbours Episode 3440 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3440
Australian airdate: 19/11/99
UK airdate: 11/02/00
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tom McKay: Geoff Dawes
T-Rex: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Miriam
RecapTad tells Paul there's no way he'll get a date with Flick. Steph suggests that she and Libby should give Geri something to gossip about. Harold comes home and has been attacked.
The Bishops' where we find a Bloody Harold
Harold is bleeding a lot from his face, and is trying to clean it up. Tad comes out of his bedroom and immediately goes to help him, but Harold doesn't want to be helped. Madge wakes up and tells Tad to go and get Karl. That makes me a happy girl cos it means we're off to...
The Kennedys'
Karl is asking Tad if anything's broken - as if Tad would know. And line of the week has to go to Susan for "what sort of person would bash a salvo?" That's the sort of thing she'd've said in 'Prisoner,' but here? Surely the line should be "what sort of person would bash ANYONE?!" Anyway, I laughed a lot at that. Karl and Tad go back to...
The Bishops' where I'm Not Convinced that Karl's A Doctor
Harold is in the lounge saying he shouldn't have left the kitchen because he's bleeding all over the couch. Karl and Tad come in and Karl teases Harold about picking fights. Karl's an amazing doctor, you know. He asks Harold to wiggle his fingers, and without even touching him or looking at his wrist he's says it's just sprained. Does he have X-ray vision, or something? He then takes one look at Harold's nose and says it's broken (it doesn't look it - they should have asked to borrow something from the prosthetics department in Holby), and that Harold's in shock. He has the quickest diagnosis EVER.
Karl says that Harold needs to go to Casualty now for X-rays (hurrah - he does use modern technology) and to see if his ribs are broken...wait a minute, we haven't mentioned ribs yet. He did look in his eyes, though - maybe they're an indication of ribbiness?? I don't know.
Karl leaves to get ready, Harold stays on the sofa, Madge goes to get dressed, and the boys will get Lolly up later.
The Scullys' where the Grey Jumper Reappears
A rare shot of the Scully bathroom, with all three sisters inside it where Michelle is STILL tap dancing (cf recap for episode 3431). Steph is losing her patience with her. So am I. Steph says that her grey jumper has miraculously turned up after she lost it last week (cf episode 3431) - Flick denies borrowing it, and I for one believe her, because I saw Susan in that jumper in ep 4695. Shell and Flick leave the bathroom to Joe's delight, but Steph isn't quite finished.
We also find out that this is muck-up day on the last day of school. This must be one of those filler scenes, although I'm impressed with the continuity of the Grey Jumper from nine episodes ago.
(I'm even more impressed with the continuity of it 1255 episodes later.)
The Bishops' where Tad and Paul are Being Responsible
Paul is on the 'phone to Madge who has told him it's a broken nose, and they're waiting on X-rays for the ribs and wrists. Paul will open up The Coffee Shop and get Lolly to the Kennedy's (hurrah!), so Tad's concerned that he might miss muck up day, but says he'll go with Paul to help him out.
The Scullys' where Things are Not Looking Good
Joe's complaining about not being able to get in the bathroom. He asks Lyn how she's feeling about her interview this morning; she's nervous because people look at her like she's some old crone. Aw, poor Lyn. They need the money, too. Steph overhears Joe and Lyn talking about finances and how bad they are right now.
The Kennedys'
KARL: So I said to myself, 'cholesterol be damned. This is her last day down the coalmine, she'd appreciate a hearty breakfast!'
SUSAN: I'd appreciate a hearty shower more.
KARL: Oh, is that still playing up?
SUSAN: You know it is! What are you gonna do about it?
KARL: Oh, don't worry the matter is in hand.
SUSAN: If you would just accept Joe's very reasonable quote it'd be fixed by now.
KARL: Reasonable? You know what reasonable is, do you? You're a full blown hot water service...
SUSAN: Oh, as full as you are...
KARL: Ok - I doubt it. This is very much a guy thing...
SUSAN: Oh, please, spare me...
KARL: I'll be able to tell you what reasonable is when I get Jock thing's quote, Jock, Jock...
KARL: Jock...er..Jock, what's his last name? Oh, he's a patient. A friend of Lou's.
SUSAN: Well, with all due respect to Lou (Susan covers Lolly's ears and whispers) that should have alerted you immediately.
KARL: Oh don't you start that. How could you say that about the man in front of his *daughter*!
SUSAN: I am warning you, Karl if we end up with water shooting out of the gas pipes...
(Lolly covers her own ears now)
KARL: Did you hear what Susan said about your daddy? Tutututt.
SUSAN: ... it will be on your head. Come on, Lolly, let's quickly go to the car.
(Karl brings breakfast over)
KARL: What do you mean? Come on, I've just made brekky!
SUSAN: Yeah, well I'm running late.
KARL: Susan, you're the boss, it's your last day!
SUSAN: Yeah, and I've got to get to school before all the muck up day pranks get out of hand!
KARL: What am I going to do with 4 eggs and 16 kilograms of bacon?
SUSAN: You'll think of something.
The Scullys' where Steph is being a Trouper
Everyone's eating breakfast round the table and Flick wants to go onto a school camping trip - which sounds expensive. Michelle asks about her new sneakers and when she can get them. Steph butts in:
STEPH: Will you two just listen to ourselves? Gimme gimme gimme - it's disgusting.
MICHELLE: What's up your nose?
STEPH: Just the way you two are always on the take. If you want these things so badly, how about looking for part-time work?
JOE: Steffi - take it easy.
Flick and Shell leave to go to school, and Shell asks for money for her guitar lesson on her way out. Steph kisses her parents and tells them she loves them both very much. Joe and Lyn aren't sure what's up with her.
The Coffee Shop where Paul is trying hard
Cassandra is on her way to TCS, so Tad's going to school while Paul stays behind.
Erinsborough High where Muck Up Day is Happening
Susan arrives at the school to see Tess in her car making herself up. She comments that her shower was intermittent and luke-warm - again. They both wonder what's going to happen at school today. Michelle and Flick notice Tess, and comment that she's in the same clothes as yesterday.
The Coffee Shop where Lyn is Nervous
Paul is serving Lyn and her coffee gets knocked over, but misses her suit. She compliments Paul on his willingness to teach Michelle the guitar.
Ramsay Street where there are Builder Mates
Steph is leaving for work, and Joe is talking to a builder mate of his. Steph offers to pay rent to Joe and Lyn now that she has a stable job; Joe won't have any of it. Blimey - he's way too soft. Karl is also leaving for work and yells to Joe that he's had the place surveyed twice now - what's going on? Joe doesn't reply, and tells his builder mate not to say a word. Joe's also agreed having a street party with the council. Karl lets him know that he's looking for a coach for the cricket team, still, and Joe comments that he's still available.
The Coffee Shop where Paul wants to Leave
Paul is still at The Coffee Shop as Cassandra forgot she had a dentist appointment. How careless of her. Karl comes in and Tad asks if he can hurry up Harold's treatment - but Karl can't really do anything.
Erinsborough High where we find Lots of Disco Lights
The kids are all dancing at the disco and Susan asks Tess if she's ok - she says she's just a bit tired, that's all, so Susan tells her to go home. She doesn't want to. Tess tells Suse that Tad was the one who decorated the place, and he's done it really well. Michelle is asking Tad where Paul is, but Tad's not interested...he'd far rather talk to Flick who is fed up with a disco. Tad gives her a dressing down and tells her to stop acting as if she's better than everyone else.
The Coffee Shop where Joe is a Good Samaritan
Madge and Paul can't get in touch with Cassandra, and Harold comes into TCS, even though he's supposed to be waiting in the taxi. He says he can't rest knowing that Paul missed out on muck up day, but Paul kindly says that he doesn't mind - he's happy to help. (Incidentally, Harold has this cast-like thing all over his face to hold his nose in place, presumably.) Joe comes in and asks Harold how he is, just as Madge ushers Harold out of TCS. Joe offers to take Harold home so that Madge can mind the shop, and Paul can go to school. Aw - the two men are bonding.
The Scullys' where Joe is being a Sweetie
Joe gets home to find Lyn cooking anzac biccies, and asks her how the interview went - it apparently went really badly, and she said she knew she sounded desperate. She feels old. Aw. Joe calls her bugalugs - which I'm not really sure about. Lyn asks Joe to promise that he won't go mad on spending for the party, and he says he'll do his best.
The Bishops' where Karl is a Good Doctor
Karl is telling Harold that he has a sprained wrist and a cracked rib, and Madge gets back to let Harold know that Cassandra eventually turned up to work. The 'phone rings and it's Charlene who tells Madge that Daniel has been hit by a car, and is seriously ill in the operating theatre. Poor woman looks distraught.
Erinsborough High where we still find Lots of Disco Lights
Hurrah - more Susan. She walks away from a conversation she's had with Tad, smiling, and sees Tess leaving the disco. Susan follows her out of the hall just as the camera pans onto Tad, dancing - Flick goes over and joins him. They dance together - and you just know what's going to happen. Yes! Paul comes in and see Tad and Flick dancing - well, that was predictable.
Tess is in another part of the hall shouting down the 'phone, presumably at Brendan. She slams it down in a huff. Susan approaches her and asks how she is, and tells her to go home. Tess doesn't want to, and Susan asks if she has problems at home.
TESS: Susan, I work with you, I like you, but that doesn't mean I have to share my personal business with you, does it?
Susan looks rather cross as Tess storms off, and just in time, we're hit by:
End Credits
<<3439 - 3441>>
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