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Neighbours Episode 3441 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3441
Australian airdate: 22/11/99
UK airdate: 14/02/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Barry Reeves: Fred Barker
Jock Finch: Reg Gorman
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl and Casserole: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Jeremai
Harold tells Karl how he got beaten up. Michelle tells Paul that Tad has been taking all the credit for setting up the Muck Up Day party. A tearful Madge gets the news that her grandson Daniel has been hit by a car and is in the operating theatre.
Harold tells Madge she should go up to Queensland and see Charlene and Daniel; she says that she can't do that whilst Harold is hurt. Karl kindly offers to help in whatever he can, whether it be looking after Lolly or the boys. Just as Karl's leaving, the boys arrive home, arguing over Muck Up Day. Harold shuts them up and Madge explains about Daniel. Paul apologises and goes to help Harold with dinner whilst Tad checks on Lolly.
Karl tells Susan that Daniel's accident seems quite serious, and she's very sympathetic towards the situation. Karl says he offered to help out if he could. Susan says that it never rains but it pours - she had a run in with Teressa Bell earlier where she made a casual enquiry about how she was and Tess thought she was prying.
KARL: Oh well that's simple, don't pry.
SUSAN: I wasn't!
KARL: You just said you were.
SUSAN: Oh, Karl - don't take such a simplistic approach to this...can you get the steaks? I made an enquiry, I got my head bitten off, it was an inappropriate response and it threw me.
KARL: Ok, ok - don't bite my head off. There's no steaks. That's an observation, by the way, not a criticism.
SUSAN: Look behind the lettuce.
Because it's always the lettuce that steals the steaks.
Karl suggests that Tess is stressed because of school. Susan says it's only been one term - whilst she searches and snatches something from the fridge - and if Tess has no more stamina than that, she should never have employed her. Susan comments that she herself is exhausted, and maybe her stamina needs some help.
KARL: Come on, you're on holiday. Lie back, relax, put your feet up, play Lady Muck to your heart's desire.
SUSAN: I don't wanna play Lady Muck.
KARL: Ooh, nothing I say is right today.
SUSAN: Not so far, no.
KARL: Mmm. Seriously, I know you want a change, but before you go planning a whole new future, give yourself a week off, clear your head before you look at the alternatives.
SUSAN: No, you're right, you're right. Did you find that steak?
KARL: Ah, here we go. (bangs a frozen steak onto the work surface)
SUSAN: Oh well, didn't want to cook it anyway.
KARL: Good idea. I'll turn the fridge down from Arctic and we'll eat it tomorrow night. In the meantime we dine in fine style.
Joel and Lance are on the veranda toast to final exams, and talk about how they went. They decide to go and have dinner at the Scullys' - apparently it's Seafood Risotto tonight, according to Lyn's list of meals on the fridge. Joel says the only reason Lance doesn't want to eat at No 30 is because he can't stand the sight of dirty dishes. Lance denies it.
Toadie arrives and tells them that the agency wants one month's rent for the flat he was going to take with Charlie. He's feeling fed up about it, and apologises for his behaviour over the last few weeks.
Lance and Joel turn up at the Scullys' and question whether it's right to just turn up each night and expect to be fed. Lance thinks that Lyn has a mother thing going on. No-one answers the door.
LANCE: You don't think they would have gone out without telling us, do you? (they knock again) I am definitely speaking to the manager about this.
They walk away.
Lassiters Complex
It's a stock shot and we're taken straight into Lou's Pub.
Lyn and Joe are arriving to sit down, and see Tess eating alone. Lyn wants to ask her over; Joe doesn't. Toadie comments to Tess that she seems to be a regular here now. I guess we should take from that that things are not as straightforward with her as we imagined. Very clever plot device. Ahem.
Lyn and Joe order their drinks and ask Toadie if there's any news from Lou. There isn't - he won't be home for a while, apparently. They talk about the Street Party for the Millennium and think it's a shame that Lou won't be able to help arrange it. Joe casually mentions that he is planning fireworks and Lyn is really excited about it all.
Madge is on the 'phone to Charlene who tells her that Daniel's condition is critical, and there's no word on the long-term prognosis. Charlene's at the hospital with Daniel and Scott's at home with Madison.
I didn't know there was a Madison.
Anyway, (Madison?) Harold suggests that Madge fly up there, but she's not having any of it. Harold says that they could ask the Kennedys to look after Lolly, and he could look after the boys. Bless him.
Lou's Place
Karl and Susan promise not to talk about school or the cricket club tonight, and playfully banter with each other at the bar. Toadie approaches Tess and asks her why she hasn't finished her meal - she's not hungry. Fair enough, I suppose. I just can't get into Tess.
Tess calls Susan over and offers her the table she's at as she's about to leave. She apologises for the afternoon and says she'd like to explain. Susan sits down.
What are you doing, woman? You'll get sucked into her life, and all the time you have a GORGEOUS man waiting for you at the bar. Sure, he becomes an idiot later on in life, but you're not there yet. Enjoy him while you can.
Lou's Place
Karl is getting drinks whilst Tess explains to Susan that she's been staying with a close friend lately who's been wearing her down with emotional problems, and she's been snapping at everyone since. Susan apologises for sticking her nose in. Aw, Suse - you didn't, you're just perfect. J Tess says she appreciates Susan's concern, and Susan invites her for a drink, but she has to go see her friend.
Karl comes over and asks what that was all about. Susan tells him that she's not buying Tess' story at all. Lyn approaches their table and asks if they'd like to all eat together. Susan enthusiastically says yes - Karl looks horrified. Joe looks just as horrified as the Kennedys sit down.
No 30
Lance and Toadie are whinging that there's no food in the house, and the whole place is a completely state. Tad bursts in and excitedly tells Toadie that his dad is coming down soon - apparently he has something to tell him. Tad asks Toadie if he knows what it's about, but he has no idea. Tad thinks that it must be that his parents are getting back together, and he is thrilled about it - he might even go back to Tindara.
Lou's Place
Susan tells Joe that she's a genius with streamers and balloons. Lucky Karl. Joe says that that can be her job for the Millennium Party, then. Lyn also tells them about the fireworks, but looks worried as Joe comments on their expense.
Karl thinks it's a shame that they can't organise the cricket club with the same efficiency - Joe thinks that recruiting a coach is too expensive. Joe offers to sort out the coaching problem, and Susan asks if they change the subject, so Lyn asks if they're going on holiday this year. Susan says she'd like to go to Bali, and Karl suggests Darwin to see Ruth and Phil. Joe says that he and Lyn will rent a caravan - they're not into the jetsetting life. Lyn looks embarrassed and uncomfortable.
Karl says that he got one of his patients to fix his boiler for $250. Joe just laughs and says that you get what you pay for.
SUSAN: Well, he'd better fix it, I can tell you that now. I've had it with cold showers.
Karl makes a face. And - oh, we're back to...
The Kennedys
What a great ep this is turning out to be. Karl answers the door at seven o'clock in the morning to fix the boiler. Karl thinks it's too early, but Jock tells him that he's lucky he managed to fit him in at all. Karl says he'll go back to bed, and Jock says he'll be as quiet as a mouse. Susan comes out and Karl explains what's going on. He suggests going back to bed as Jock is going to be quiet, just as:
JOCK: (loud clanking noise) Oh hell and damnation! (more clanking) I'm alright! Just pretend I'm not here (more clanking).
Susan gives Karl TheLook™.
Madge is sitting at the breakfast table in tears when Paul comes out of his room. He sits with her and says that Madge should go to Queensland, and Paul and Tad will look after Harold if Lolly goes to the Kennedys'. Madge is grateful for the help.
She thought Paul was going to see his father, though, this holiday. Paul says he can see his dad anytime, and actually, you know, by the way, would he be able to stay with Madge and Harold next year, too? Madge says they'd been hoping he'd stay with them. Paul's delighted.
The Kennedys
Jock is listening to music and clanging around when Karl brings him a cuppa. At least, I think it's a cuppa, it could be coffee. Karl asks him if he can turn the music down, just as Toadie and Joel look over the fence and complain about the noise.
Jock recognises their names, and says he was going to their house later in the day to enquire about the room they had advertised, but Joel tells him it's now taken, as Toadie's not leaving now.
Back in their kitchen (we were in their garden before then, in case that wasn't clear) Karl is writing a cheque for $250, and Jock is trying to wheedle more work from them, but Susan thanks him loudly and hands the cheque over. She sees him out the door, and Karl points out that Susan will thank him now for getting a second quote. Susan says she'll thank him when she's had a hot shower.
There's a knock at the door and it's Lyn who excitedly asks if they have any coloured lights for the party - they don't, but Karl has a number of someone who can help. Lyn updates them about the party, and asks about their boiler. Karl says that Jock had nine cups of tea. See - it was tea. I can spot a good cup of tea anywhere. And anyway, says Susan, he had three cups.
Lyn comments that Jock isn't actually the most reliable sort of bloke - Joe's had some dealings with him before. Lyn leaves and Karl and Susan banter over each other to the point that you can't actually hear what they're saying, but it's obviously very funny and they're completely ignoring what each other's saying until:
KARL: You have no faith, woman.
SUSAN: I wonder why.
A Park in Erinsborough
Tad cycles down some steps with his father watching, and his father thinks that Tad's done really well for himself, and is pleased that he came to Erinsborough. Tad says he'll consider moving home when his parents get back together. His dad tells him that actually, they're not getting back together, they're getting a divorce. Tad is shocked and pretty upset.
TAD: No, no, it was only a trial separation.
DAD: Well your mum likes things the way they are.
TAD: What about you?
DAD: I don't like to make a fuss.
TAD: Make a fuss? Dad, sometimes you have to make a fuss if it's something worth fighting for.
Dad then says to Tad that he's here to tell him the truth. There are some mistakes you can make in life, but others you have to face up to...
Cut to:
End Credits
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Madge Bishop, Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3441
Madge Bishop, Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop, Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3441
Madge Bishop, Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop, Paul McClain

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3441
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3441
Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3441
Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson

Tess Bell, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3441
Tess Bell, Toadie Rebecchi

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3441
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Harold Bishop, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3441
Harold Bishop, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Tad Reeves

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Tad Reeves, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3441
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Tad Reeves, Paul McClain

Tess Bell, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3441
Tess Bell, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3441
Toadie Rebecchi, Tad Reeves

Susan Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3441
Susan Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Karl Kennedy

Jock Finch, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3441
Jock Finch, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3441
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul McClain, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3441
Paul McClain, Madge Bishop

Jock Finch, Karl Kennedy, Casserole the sheep in Neighbours Episode 3441
Jock Finch, Karl Kennedy, Casserole the sheep

Jock Finch, Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3441
Jock Finch, Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Jock Finch in Neighbours Episode 3441
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Jock Finch

Karl Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3441
Karl Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Tad Reeves, Barry Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3441
Tad Reeves, Barry Reeves

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