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Neighbours Episode 3439 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3439
Australian airdate: 18/11/99
UK airdate: 10/02/02
UK Gold: 14/4/05
Writer: Roger Dunn
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Geri telling Libby she's dating Simon the editor and that Libby has been chosen to show her the ropes.
Tess gives the class some bad news - their dance has been cancelled because the school hall has dodgy wiring. Paul says they will just have to find somewhere instead.
The Coffee Shop
An exited Harold arrived back to show Madge photographic proof of the bird that he has been looking at. Unfortunately, all of the photos are blurry except for the ones of the neighbours!

Drew is suggesting to Libby that perhaps Geri got the job genuinely and not through dating the editor. Libby quizzes Drew as to why he is standing up for her again and comments to him that it is nice he isn't bagging his ex behind their backs.
Tad is telling Paul they won't be able to re-schedule the dance in such a short period of time but he says he isn't giving up and that he is going to try and get them into a proper nightclub. Tad thinks he's living in lala land but Paul says they may be glad of the additional business since it is going to be in an afternoon when it would normally be closed.
Libby is trying to show Geri how to do the gossip column but she isn't enthusiastic about it. Geri reassures Libby that she didn't get the job because of dating the editor and she is going to be good at it.
No. 24
Paul is trying to find a club out of the Yellow Pages. Madge arrives home and asks the boys about their future careers (since they have to choose their options). Tad replies he's going to be a lawyer, so Madge asks what happened to being a video producer but he assures her he can do both. Michelle comes in to see what progress there is on the dance and to let Paul know that Joe has agreed to pay Paul to give her guitar lessons.
Geri gives Libby an update that Simon now wants her to work on the same article that Libby is investigating, which goes down like a ton of bricks.
No. 24
Paul has been successful - he's found a venue for the dance. Tad comments that Flick will be pleased and Paul has a "love look" on his face, so Tad bets him his bike that he can't get a date with her. Paul tells him that he's lost his bike.
Steph calls round with parts and asks Drew if he has told Libby yet that he doesn't want her to go away on her trip. Drew doesn't answer and instead asks Steph about her trip instead. Geri arrives to get her car checked and is introduced to Geri.
No. 26 bathroom - yes they do have one!
Flick is cleaning the bath when Michelle comes in to tell her that the clothes that were missing have now turned up. A knock at the door interrupts them - it's Paul with news of the dance. Michelle is enthusiastic but Flick plays it cool by asking him to clean the bathroom!
Lou's Place
Libby catches Geri eavesdropping on a customer's conversation and stops her. Geri says she's waiting for Simon so they can go to dinner and celebrate her new job, so Libby makes a snide comment. Geri says she saw Drew earlier with a pretty girl who hangs around the garage, which Libby says is Steph and quickly adds that Steph is a good friend of them both. Geri tries to imply there is something more between Steph and Drew, but Libby doesn't bite. She now tries a different tact - by "suggesting" a reason why Drew doesn't want to go with her on her trip. Conveniently, Drew walks in so Libby tells her to ask him, but Lib does it instead by suggesting to Drew that the minute she is on the plane he is going to have an affair with Steph. Drew looks angry and Geri wants the floor to swallow her up.
No. 24
Madge still thinks Tad has picked the wrong career option and asks the boys what subjects they've chosen. They tell them and now Harold asks if Tad really wants to be a lawyer. Tad says yes as it is in the blood and comes up with - Reeves and Rebecchi Barristers & Solicitors!
Lou's Place
Geri is trying to defend herself over what she implied - that Drew and Steph were getting on like a house on fire. Libby says she said more and asks her to repeat it. Thinking quickly, Geri says she may have misconstrued what she said or that Libby has a suspicious mind and adds that since they are now working together Libby will have to discuss things but Libby quickly says "not everything" before adding that her private life is not up for grabs.
No. 24
Madge and Harold discuss tactics on how they can get the money to buy Grease Monkey's.
Lou's Place
Geri comes off the phone to give Libby the news that Simon wants to discuss the story they are going to be working on tomorrow. Libby coolly says fine before Geri leaves. However as she is leaving, Steph walks in and when she gets to the bar wonders what she's missed. They say nothing but eventually Libby tells her that Geri insinuated that there is something going on between her and Drew. This surprises Steph and she offers to slap Geri! Lib says no, so Steph has an idea of giving her something to really gossip about.
No. 28
Libby is looking at her passport photos and Drew wants one for his wallet, but she won't give him one. She asks him if he's going to miss her and how he really feels about her. Drew says he loves her so much.
No. 24 early next morning
Harold arrives home and it looks like he's been beaten up as his clothes are dishevelled, he has a black eye and his nose is bleeding.
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