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Neighbours Episode 3438 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3438
Australian airdate: 17/11/99
UK airdate: 09/02/02
UK Gold: 14/04/05
Writer: Bill Searle
Guests: Simon Palomares
Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Jeff Greenwood: Brad Flynn
- "Lie" by Chris Pettifer
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie telling Charlie it is over.
Anne asking Bill why relationships have to be hard.
Anne and Bill are bantering with each other when Karl arrives to remind Bill about the cricket club meeting for which he'd like Bill's support for any changes. Karl comments that he is pleased to see that the two of them are getting along fine.
Lib calls round to see Drew before heading to work (and admiring the view). He reminds her that today is the last day to pick up the tickets - hinting if she has changed her mind or not. Libby doesn't reply before leaving.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is reminding Joe about the cricket club meeting. He compliments Lyn on her appearance and she tells him about the job interview. When Karl leaves, Joe calls him a "patronising idiot" and suggests that he is all talk as far as cricket goes, and going even further calls him a "glorified pill pusher"!
Fresh from sitting his exam, Toadie arrives to see Bill. He asks if Toadie has heard from Charlie - he hasn't and questions whether he should hate her guts or not. Bill tells him he can do a lot better than Charlie and suggests going clubbing to try. Toadie notices the frames Anne has been doing and wonders if they are mates again. Bill replies that it looks like it and that he is good about it.
Lou's Place
Libby is late meeting Drew, as she has been to collect the tickets for her trip. He is shocked/surprised at this and Libby picks up on this straight away. Libby leaves and Toadie asks if he is happy at her going off on her trip. Drew says he doesn't mind but the body language tells another story and Toadie doesn't believe him either.
Geri runs into Libby and they chat idly before Libby asks what she is doing here. Geri tells her that she's applied for her old job, which shocks Libby.
The Coffee Shop
Bill is jubilant - the owners of the salon have just called him, as they want him to do a quote for refitting the shop, when Amy enters. He wonders where Lance is since they are usually joined at the hip, but she tells him that she is letting Lance study. She subtly asks how he is getting on with Anne before asking him how do you know when you've met the love of you life? Bill wonders who she is referring to at first then tells her he doesn't know how you tell.
No. 28
Karl just about decapitates Libby when she comes home practising his cricket swings. Billy arrives home excitedly too wanting to say about his phonecall but Karl herds him into the shower first, so Libby tells him about picking up the tickets. Karl wishes that he'd travelled at her age and Libby tells him that she wishes Drew felt the same too. He tells her that if the relationship has lets, then it will survive.
Lou's Place
Everyone is gathered for the cricket club meeting. Drew pledges $500 from the garage to club funds and when Jeff (the chairman) wonders if Lou will match it and Drew agrees this on his behalf.
No. 28
Susan and Lyn are making arrangements for the Millennium party when Toadie calls round looking for Bill. Lyn asks him how his exams went and he likewise how her job interview went and both reply that they have to wait and see. Lyn leaves and Susan tells Toadie that she heard about Charlie. Toadie says it was for the best and questions if he'll ever find Miss Right.
Lou's Place
Due to the racket the men are making, Amy and Anne give up on the pub and head to a nightclub instead! Back to the noisy men and Karl is pitching his hat in to be club coach. Joe pitches in too, and tells of his prior experience. Karl snidely says that they should get a pro, so Drew asks where the money will come from. Jeff tells Karl that he has a week to find the money and the coach or Joe will get the job.
Amy and Anne are talent spotting when Bill and Toadie arrive (they too gave up on the pub). Coincidence or what?
Lou's Place
Karl is bragging about what a good player he is and of his extensive knowledge about cricket until Joe catches him out brilliantly.
Bill comes over to Anne and they pretend they've never met before going up to dance, and it looks like they are enjoying it too.
No. 28
Susan and Lyn are chatting when Joe comes out and gives them the bad news - their water heater is knackered. Karl thinks it will cost about $1000 to replace, so Susan tells Joe to get on with it. Joe says he will get a contractor do to it for mates rates, which Karl scoffs at too. When the Scully's leave, Susan tells Karl they should have accepted Joe's offer. Karl politely says you should never accept the first quote, so Susan issues an ultimatum - get one in 24 hours or she'll give the go-ahead to Joe.
Libby runs into Geri again - she's now got Libby's old job. Lib offers her congratulations but Geri tells her that she's been dating Simon the editor and that Libby has been selected to show Geri the ropes.
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