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Neighbours Episode 3434 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3434
Australian airdate: 11/11/99
UK airdate: 3/2/00
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Charlie Thorpe - Katrina Baylis
- "CMon Lets Do It" by Ol' 55
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Desi tells Libby that she knows she's a journalist and wants to know what she's doing in Grease Monkeys.
Joel and Lance come in having enjoyed a meal at the scullys and find Bob eating Joel's coursework. He is not at all amused.
Toadie and Charlie come in laughing together. They tell Lance and Joel that they've found a flat and they're moving in next week.
Karl and Drew are telling Libby that she has to run the story. Libby is worried about putting Grease Monkeys out of business and the kids losing their jobs - she'll think about it.
Karl asks Drew how the restoration of Harold's motorbike is going. He wants Drew to put a good word in for him with Harold as someone worthy of owning the bike! But Libby says Drew must put in a good word for her too as her boyfriend! Drew says he himself might be in with a chance considering he's done all the restoration on the bike!
They tease Libby about not being able to ride the bike because she's going overseas. Libby says she'll get the tickets soon.
Joel and Lance are having lunch and giving Toadie a bit of a cold treatment. They're upset that they have to find another flatmate and think Toadie might be being a bit hasty. Toadie says there's no competition between them and Charlie's talents.
Joel says maybe he should wait until he knows Charlie a bit better - moving in together is a big step.
Outside Lou's
Lou hides in the bushes just as Harold comes back from his powerwalk and whistles like a bird. Harold looks around everywhere but finally gives up and goes in. Lou sniggers.
Lance and Joel are studying when Charlie calls round. Toadie and Charlie are off to a medieval feast.
While Toadie goes to have a shower, Joel tells Charlie that they're glad she and Toadie have found a flat. Charlie suddenly turns nasty and tells them that she knows they don't like her so they can drop the pretence. She says she doesn't like Joel and Lance either and she doesn't care what they think. Joel and Lance are stunned at her change in tone.
The Garage
Lou is relating to Drew how he tormented Harold by imitating the bird(!)
Libby comes in and Drew wants to know if she's picking up the travel tickets. Libby says she's still got a few days. She's also avoiding the Grease Monkeys story - she wants to talk to Desi again first.
Drew whips a cover off Harold's motorbike and Libby gets all excited and says it's to die for. Drew tells her that it won't fit in her luggage!
Grease Monkeys
Libby comes in to see Desi. She says she's been thinking about what Desi said but has decided to run the story after all. She says it'll just be an honest report with no melodrama. Desi says it doesn't matter anyway - as of next week, Grease Monkeys is closing. Her mother and her partners are pulling out. So Libby can write what she wants.
Madge is painting a bird and tells Harold that she's helping Paul with a school project. But then she has to admit that really it's for Lou - she wants to plant it in his backyard. Harold tells her off - they should just ignore Lou.
Karl calls round to see if Harold has made a decision about the motorcycle yet. Harold says he'll announce his decision later on this afternoon.
Medieval Joust
Toadie and Charlie are dressed up and doing swordfighting. They mess about and then kiss each other under a tree. Charlie says she's a happy woman and Toadie is a happy man. He says it's good to see Charlie getting along with Joel and Lance!
The Coffee Shop
Takings are up in the Coffee Shop and Madge and Harold are very pleased. Libby comes in and asks Harold about the motorbike. Harold is fed up of people asking about it!
Libby tells them that Grease Monkeys is going out of business and Madge and Harold are ecstatic.
Medieval Feast
Toadie and Charlie are tucking in to the food and having a great time. Toadie tells Charlie that he's been really happy these last couple of weeks and thanks Charlie. She kisses him.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is full of good cheer and Madge tells him off for scaring the customers(!)
Desi comes in and tells them that some of their shop fittings will be going on sale and wants to give them first refusal. They say they'll come round later.
The Garage
Karl is confident that Harold will chose him to have the bike, but Lou thinks Paul is a more likely choice.
Harold arrives and expresses his delight in seeing the motorbike in such good condition. He thanks Drew for his hard work. He tells them that he's giving the bike to Lindsay - the best thing to do is to donate it to the Salvation Army for auctioning. Karl and Libby are not pleased and Libby realises that Drew knew all along. Lindsay says they could come to the auction and put in a bid!
Karl and Libby are being sore losers about the bike and Drew tells them off.
Grease Monkeys
Madge and Harold are having a look around and admit to Desi that the shop is beautifully fitted out. Desi says that the place will be sold to new owners. Harold asks Madge quietly if they should ask about taking out a loan and she agrees. They look around the place thoughtfully.
Medieval Joust
Charlie is a bit quiet and Toadie asks her if she's having second thoughts. She says she isn't and suddenly tells him that her parents got married a month after they met and they're still together. Charlie tells Toadie that she loves him and wants to marry him.
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